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A short break from the blog for a wedding

DORSET, Vt. -- I'm here to officiate at the wedding of my wife's nephew and his fiancé on Saturday. The weather is New England fall gorgeous as it has been on nearly this whole trip.


My wife and I also are taking time to visit family and friends and just breathe a little, as family and just breathe a little, as my grandson Jacob recommends in his song called "Take a Breath 1." (The link takes you to a story about Jake, but the story contains a link to the song.)

If you're looking for news about religion while I'm gone, let me recommend Religion News Service. I also suggest that you look under the "Check this out" section on the right side of this opening page (if you're looking at it on a laptop or desktop computer). Lots of good stuff there. And maybe you've never read some of it.

I expect to return to this space on the blog with a new entry the weekend of Oct. 8-9. See you then. Well, unless I see you in New England.

* * *

P.S.: If you missed my latest Flatland column when it posted this past Sunday, it's here. It's about Indigenous life in what is now the U.S. and what we need to know about it.


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