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An old Nativity Scene's Christmas story

For Christmas this year, I'm going to reproduce for you a Christmas tale I told years ago in the now-defunct Star Magazine, which used to appear each Sunday in The Kansas City Star.

In it, I try to get at the heart of Christmas by describing an old Nativity Scene that was present each year in the home in which I grew up in Woodstock, Ill.

The only form in which I have this story now is in scanned pieces. So let's see if I can get them to you here in the right order.







Merry Christmas.

* * *


In Christmas remarks to the cardinals at the Vatican, Pope Francis offered this perfect definition of the difference between people who are humble and those who are proud: “The humble are those who are concerned not simply with the past but also with the future, since they know how to look ahead, to spread their branches, remembering the past with gratitude. The proud, on the other hand, simply repeat, grow rigid and enclose themselves in that repetition, feeling certain about what they know and fearful of anything new because they cannot control it.” Bingo.


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