'Civil religion' now promoted by a new president
Worsening anti-Jewish attitudes no longer caused by the church?

Who can fix a divided Christianity in America?

Christianity in the U.S. is a house divided. In some ways it's split into a thousands camps. In other ways of figuring it, it's divided into just a few.

Divided-christianityBut the division I hear about most today is between people who consider themselves conservative and those who refer to themselves as progressive. The problem is that both groups often get labeled simply "Christian," and it causes heartache in both camps, as this 2018 piece reveals.

Two-plus years after this was published, it still reads as if it had come out yesterday.

The author, John Pavlovitz, identifies himself as someone who has "

He adds this: ". . .

Neither group wants much to do with the other group. Which may be understandable, but such division is a terrible model for the world. It's not a unique or even a new model. Other religions, after all, often are at least as divided as Christianity. But it's still a bad model that makes membership in this or that group seem unsavory, something to avoid.

Pavlovitz writes: "


Lots of American pray for whoever is president, even if it's someone with whom they almost always disagree. But what's the best way to do that? This RNS column suggests some good ideas for accomplishing that task. The ideas include this: ". . .we can remind ourselves that the same God who cares for us also cares for him and also has the same desire for him to do well, just as he does me."

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