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What does religion tell us about pandemics?

A few coronavirus questions for you

Just a quick thought or two today as we feel our way through this coronavirus pandemic.

  • CoronavirusWhenever this crisis starts to seem like it's going away, what will you regret not having done at its start? Maybe not checking on elderly friends and neighbors? Maybe not adjusting your diet and sleep habits to make sure you're as healthy as you can be? Maybe not giving yourself quiet time and space so you don't get sucked into a destructive vortex of one piece of breaking news after another? And what will make you most proud of how you reacted?
  • What resources from your religious tradition, if any, are giving you comfort and wisdom as you face what's ahead? What if you were to share those with others -- and ask others to share such things with you?
  • As you have reacted to this crisis, what have you discovered you have feared? And what have you found about your reaction that hasn't made you proud of yourself? For instance, did this turn you into a hoarder?

That's all. Carry on. Well, wait. Wash your hands, first. Thoroughly.


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