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One of the Kansas Citians who has poured out his generous soul in words for decades, the Rev. Robert Lee Hill, has a new collection of those words just out in book form.

All-need-love-amIt's called All You Need Is More Love: And 101 More Musings, Essays and Sundry Pieces. Buy a copy. Keep it by your easy chair or your night stand. Taste a little each day.

Bob is pastor emeritus of Community Christian Church at the edge of the Country Club Plaza and, since his retirement from that important pulpit, has been working with the Kauffman Foundation to help engage other clergy in educational issues. Well, that and other things. Bob has a tendency to stay in motion.

Wherever he is, Bob has the generative habit of noticing things, of paying attention, of being what Buddhists call "mindful."

And the writings in this welcome volume attest to that skill.

There must be a hundredyskillion definitions or descriptions of love in this book, from "the foundation of what it means to be family" to "at the core of what it means to be human" to "what compels the truest Christmas spirit."

Bob's pretty much in favor of love, though he cautions readers that he's not offering "saccharine declarations thrown out to pacify, numb or evade the tense and tough dilemmas we each and all face daily."

So he writes about pain and suffering, including his own bout with kidney stones. And he describes a church mission trip to smashed up and half-drowned New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. And tells of the murders of nine black people at a church in Charleston, S.C., by a white supremacist. And about politics and war and winter.

And he seeks to see all of this and more through the lens of love.

Bob asked me to read the manuscript before publication so I could, if I were inclined, write an endorsement of the book for the back cover. I did, and you'll find it there.

But now that I have the final version in print, I want to encourage you to give copies away to others, inviting them sip a little bit each day. In a little over 100 days they'll have absorbed ideas about love that may change their lives. Trust me. It's worth the risk of a small investment.

(By the way, Bob will be introducing his new book and autographing copies at an event at The Well in Waldo starting at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 17, and at Community Christian Church after the 10:30 a.m. worship service on Sunday, Nov. 24.)

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Christian leaders from various branches of the faith are urging Americans to act with civility in politics as the nation moves toward the next presidential a year from now. This will require a major reclamation project. Civility, after all, left town when the internet became sheriff.


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