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In this season of adjustment after the vile presidential campaign, there still is much for which to give thanks. For instance, the reality that the United States is a nation of immigrants who are adherents of many faiths and of none. It's one of our many strengths, though recent rhetoric about deportations and registry lists for Muslims has threatened even that deeply held truth.

ThanksSo today I thought I would remind myself (and you) of our pluralistic society by saying thanks in several languages, though far from all spoken by U.S. residents and citizens, starting with my native language, English:

-- Thanks.

-- Merci. French.

-- Dankie. Afrikaans.

-- Dzięki. Polish.

-- شکریہ. Urdu.

-- Tack. Swedish.

-- Vielen Dank. German.

-- ありがとう。Japanese

-- شكر. Arabic.

-- Gracias. Spanish.

-- Obrigado. Portuguese

-- תודה. Hebrew.

-- Grazie. Italian.

If some of those spellings didn't come out exactly as you think they should have, I invite you to complain to translate.google.com.

In the meantime, I'm thankful that you're reading my blog today. But you can stop now and go back to your family, even if that family is just you.

* * *


A man has sued Kentucky after state officials there denied his request to have a vanity license plate that says "IM GOD." If the guy really is God, couldn't he settle this by just sending the bureaucrats to hell? 


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