Looking for faith news while I'm gone? 7-15-16
A religion-science clash on the road: 7-18-16

Looking for faith news in my absence? 7-16/17-16

ABIQUIU, N.M. -- I'm here, as I am almost every summer, to teach a class at Ghost Ranch, the national Presbyterian conference center here in northern New Mexico.

NewspapersWhile I'm gone I'm going to give you a couple of sources from which to get updates about religious news.

The first is Religion News Service. This excellent group of journalists provides coverage of lots of religious matters. It's a good place to keep up. You can even support RNS with a donation.

Another good source of news and analysis in the world of faith is the Pew Research Center. Lots of studies worth reading can be found there, too.

If I have time this week at the beautiful ranch to write something for the blog I will, but don't count on finding anything new here until probably July 18 or 19.

While I'm gone I also invite you to explore the various essays I have here on the blog under the "Check this out" headline on the right side of this page.

Miss me. See you back here before you know it. Bill.

By the way, many of you know that if you friend me on Facebook, a link to my daily blog will show up in your newsfeed.

(I arrived back in Kansas City on Saturday. The blog returns to normal on Monday. Come back then, please.)


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