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Conservatives line up against capital punishment: 1-29-16

Several months ago, I noted here that Nebraska, known as a deeply conservative state, abolished the death penalty there. It was part of a welcome national movement that has seen people who call themselves conservative begin to work hard for getting rid of capital punishment. (Since then the governor, whose veto of the abolition bill had been overridden, has worked to get a ballot measure before Nebraska voters to overturn that abolition. A vote is to happen later this year.)

Anti-death-penaltyThe conservatives-against-capital-punishment movement has made it to Missouri now. Thank goodness. The death penalty is wrong for all kinds of reasons -- including moral and economic. And conservatives increasingly are recognizing the truth of that.

Today I want to connect you with several stories from the last week or two that update you a bit on ways that the death penalty in Missouri is coming under attack and may, eventually, be abolished.

Here is a story that quotes former Eureka Tea Party head Jeannine Huskey, one of the backers of a Senate bill to unplug capital punishment. She says  the government should not spend tax dollars on a system that’s not fool proof when it comes to executing people. Exactly.

Here is a story about a Senate committee that earlier this week passed Senate Bill 816 to repeal capital punishment.

This story describes how a recently formed group of conservatives is working to abolish the death penalty.

And this story talks about a Republican state representative from the Cape Girardeau area who is also working on repeal of the death penalty.

Finally, this link will take you to the Facebook page of "Missouri Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty." 

There is no good religious, ethical, economic or humane reason to favor capital punishment. I'm glad more and more conservatives are coming to that conclusion -- especially in Missouri, where not even the Democratic governor, Jay Nixon, has used his power to stop executions.

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President Obama spoke Wednesday at an International Holocaust Remembrance Day event in Washington, D.C., that honored Poles who had saved Jews, which is exactly the subject of a book that Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn and I wrote, They Were Just People: Stories of Rescue in Poland During the Holocaust. And as the president was speaking, Jacques and I were speaking about the book at Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, Kan. It was the third of four weeks we are leading about this book. Guess we should have streamed in the D.C. event. The final gathering in this free series will be at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 3.


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