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In the interest of complicating your thinking and punching some holes in stereotypes, today I'm sharing with you this article about seven big business CEOs and their religious affiliations.

WorldReligions-1In this list, you've got your Hindu, your Southern Baptist, your United Methodist, your Buddhist and more.

And, as I say, we're talking some huge corporations here, including PepsiCo, Tyson Foods and Aflac. (The disappointment is that we don't learn of any religious affiliation of the Aflac duck. Maybe it's a Birdhist -- or some wing of that tradition.)

Many top executives don't say much in public about their religious affiliation -- and sometimes when they do (I'm thinking of David Green, son of an Assemblies of God pastor and founder of Hobby Lobby) it leads to lots of controversy.

As a business professor quoted in the Time article to which I've linked you says, “They specifically hide their religious faith, precisely because they fear people making a big deal out of their religious views.”

In the end, I'm not sure it matters much what religion CEOs of this or that company are, but in a time of growing religious diversity in the U.S., perhaps stories like that remind us not to make assumptions about the faith of anyone, CEO or worker bee.

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Christianity and Islam actively recruit converts to those religions. Judaism not so much. Here, however, is an interesting argument from an Orthodox rabbi (twice a convert to Judaism) that Judaism should be much more open and welcoming of converts. I find him persuasive.

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P.S.: The decision by a St. Louis County grand jury not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting death of teenager Michael Brown is too complicated for me to make sense of immediately after it was announced last night. But I expect to take up the matter -- including what people of faith are to make of all of this -- later in the week. Sometimes snap opinions are wrong. I'd rather think about it a bit. Thanks for your patience.


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