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Because people have so many ideas about God (indeed, one pollster suggests that Americans believe in more than 300 million different gods), we now and then get weird stories about the encounters people have with what they think might have been God.

Earlier this year, for instance, I wrote here about people who see Jesus on French toast or on grilled cheese sandwiches.

(The best I've ever done in this regard is to have imagined that I saw Judge Robert Bork on a water tower. But it turned out to be Zeus.)

Now comes this story of a man in England who shot a photo (indeed, a series of photos) of clouds while wandering along an estuary between Norfolk and Lincolnshire. The photo, as you can see, seems to show a picture of a bearded man.


Well, that would fit the old stereotype of God. But the photographer wasn't so sure. He's not a religious man, so he said, "The obvious comment is that it looks like God but it could also be Sean Connery or Karl Marx."

Somehow it seems impossible for human beings to imagine God outside of human categories. Which is to say that we anthropomorphize God. We turn God into us. Which, ironically, is what Christianity says God did to himself as Jesus of Nazareth. So maybe we aren't so crazy after all. Maybe.

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New York Times reporter Kim Severson was in a McDonald's in Gaffney, S.C., the other day and found something faith-based on the wall that may or may not surprise you. Have a look here.


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