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England's eventual female bishops: 7-24-14

While I was off in New England recently, Old England was making a bit of news. The Church of (Old) England decided, finally, that it would permit women to become bishops.

Church-of-EnglandThe English don't get everything right and what they do get right it sometimes takes them a long, long time to accomplish.

But finally in 2014 -- 40 years after the American expression of Anglicanism, the Episcopal Church, ordained its first women priests -- female priests in England were poised to break through the stained-glass ceiling.

(By the way, I have written about those 1974 renegade ordinations of 11 Episcopal women in Philadelphia in a cover piece in the July 18-31 print edition of The National Catholic Reporter, though I don't yet know when the piece will be posted at NCR's online site, where you can find my regular NCR columns here.)

At any rate, it's taken me a bit of time to catch up with the British female news, and I'm glad I waited. It allows me to give you this link to a delicious piece about it in The New York Times by an English woman.

I loved the sentence in which she said that ". . .in Yorkshire for a thousand years we had formidable female saints who could eat any number of male bishops for breakfast. . ."

Well, the Church of England has fallen on hard times. A state-established institution, it has become pretty moribund. Perhaps some of the current wanna-be female saints who could eat male bishops for breakfast can stir a bit of life back into the old thing. We'll see.

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For people who erroneously say that Muslims never speak out about terrorism and other outrages done in the name of Islam, here's another example of why you're wrong: The top cleric in Turkey is blasting the fools who declared establishment of the caliphate recently and saying threatening Christians with death is a threat to civilization.

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