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The Holocaust for Iranians: 7-25-13

When Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn and I were writing our 2009 book about the Holocaust, we gave only passing thought to that strange group of people known as Holocaust deniers.

AhmaThe stories we told in They Were Just People: Stories of Rescue in Poland During the Holocaust would, of course, make Holocaust denial even more unbelievable than it already was, but our primary goal was not to educate deniers.

However, the author of new Farsi language books on the Holocaust must have had those deniers more in mind, given that the out-going president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (pictured here), has been prominently among the deniers.

This story from The Tablet describes the long, hard work that Ari Babaknia, an Iranian Jewish physician who lives in California, did to produce his four-volume work on the Holocaust and other genocides, writing in Farsi, the language of Iran.

In the end, it is truth that will defeat lies. And the bigger the lie, the more efforts to spread truth are needed.

Dr. Babaknia obviously has done the Iranian people a great service through writing these books. May Ahmadinejad and his hateful kind, in turn, slink away shamed.

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The Associated Press found a 16-year-old who waited all night in a cold rain to see Pope Francis in Brazil. With that kind of rock star appeal, the wonder is the pontiff isn't followed by even more poperazzi.

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