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Doing ministry at sea: 6-7-13

Earth laughs in flowers: 6-6-13

VICTORIA, B.C. -- "Consider," Jesus said, "the lilies of the field." And I take his choice of lilies to mean not just all flowers but any plant.

IMG_1794So I've come here to the famous Butchart Gardens in part to consider the lilies and the amazing variety of other plants and flowers on display in a setting that got its start in 1904 as a way of reclaiming land that had been mined for limestone to make Portland Cement.

IMG_1798There are, of course, many ways in which to consider the lilies: As examples of simple beauty, for example, or as representatives of the amazing variety in nature that caused author Annie Dillard to write that "the Creator loves pizzazz."

I invite you to consider them in those or any other way today as I share a few photos of what I saw here in Victoria.

And I invite you to put this place on your bucket list.

* * *


Has there ever been anyone quite like the Rev. Will D. Campbell, who just died at age 88? Not hardly. And I expect never to see anyone quite like him again. But while he was here he certainly stretched the boundaries of what it means to be a Christian pastor.


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