Each grief is unique: 5-27-13
The religions of Canada: 5-29-13

Faith news while I'm gone: 5-28-13

While I'm taking a few days to spend time with long-time friends near Vancouver, B.C., I didn't want to leave you without daily access to what's breaking in the field of religion.

NewsSo I want to connect you to a great site that collects links to exactly that kind of news and information. It's called "The Revealer: A daily review of religion & media," and you can reach it by clicking here.

The fact that "The Revealer" includes a link to my blog just shows how discerning its operators are, don't you think?

Another great source for what's happening in the field of religion is Real Clear Religion, which you can reach by clicking here.

And don't forget the always reliable Religion News Service.

As time and Internet access allows, I may be adding some notes here over the next few days, but mostly I'm in Canada for a breather so don't cry if my additional words from the road are rather infrequent. Or, well, cry if you must. Just don't tell me about it and make me feel bad.


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