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You may have heard that the executive search committee, otherwise known as the College of Cardinals, of the Catholic Church recently selected a new leader, who goes by the name of Pope Francis I. (He's pictured here.)

Pope-Francis-1It's been in the news. You could look it up.

As time has gone along, however, I've run across a series of intriguing pope-related items floating about the Internet that you may have missed.

So today is Pope Francis catch-up day, and we'll start with this interesting popes-through-the-years site that you can spend all day reading if you want.

Next, did you know there's already a published biography of the new pope? I've heard of speed reading, but this clearly is evidence of speed writing. You can read about the book in this press release.

The Daily Beast, aka Newsweek, has put together its choice of the best six pieces about the new pope. It's no surprise that one of the articles is by John L. Allen Jr. of the National Catholic Reporter. But here's an Allen piece not in that collection that should be.

Even fellow (to the pope) South American Leonardo Boff, a famous proponent of Liberation Theology, has written this hopeful piece about Francis I.

And my friends over at ReadTheSpirit.com have done this work about the rise of the Global South and what it means for human development in the context of a new pope.

When you get done memorizing all of this material let me know and I'll give you some more. Oh, and don't miss this gallery of pope photos from Religion News Service.

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Can a Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage get the Republicans out of the corner into which they've painted themselves on this matter? This writer thinks so. For much more on how misguided church teaching has helped to create the current mess, come back here tomorrow.

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