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Mapping human beliefs: 11-5-12

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Belief-GenomeDo you believe a stitch in time saves nine?

Do you believe Barack Obama is a Muslim? Or that Chrysler intends to ship all its Jeep-making facilities to China?

What about believing that the world will end next month because the Mayan calendar predicted it?

A new project called "Belief Genome" intends to map all human beliefs and their connections.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but the idea seems a bit intriguing and I wanted you to know about it.

Know, too, that the project recently was approved for fund-raising through Kickstarter. For details on that, click here.

This project gives me the opportunity to remind you that when it comes to religions, theologians use two terms to describe their core -- orthodoxy and orthopraxy. The first refers to right belief, the second to right practice or right behavior.

And while belief certainly is crucial, in some ways right behavior is at least as important, if not more so. Belief that doesn't lead to moral behavior is worthless. And it's worse than that if it leads to immoral behavior (see the 9/11 hijackers).

My guess is that the Belief Genome Project won't drift deeply into theology, but nonetheless it may be interesting to follow to see what our fellow humans believe -- if for no other reasons than to help us make educated guesses about what the heck is wrong with those folks.

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Apparently the IRS for the past three years hasn't been investigating churches and other faith communities suspected of violating IRS rules by promoting specific candidates, the AP reports. It's easy to go overboard on such investigations, but if this turns out to be the case (the IRS says it's doing due diligence), no wonder we're seeing an increasing number of blatant political endorsements from pulpits and such (left, right and center).


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