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The religious demagogues are at it again.

PrayerNow voters in my home state of Missouri are being asked to vote Aug. 7 on a needless measure called the Missouri Public Prayer Amendment.

Why, you'd think that public school students are forbidden from praying in school. Not so. They can pray any time they want to -- and I bet some of them do as they start to take a test.

What is prohibited is school-led prayer -- something that was rightly declared unconstitutional back in the 1960s by the U.S. Supreme Court. And if people of faith would think about this matter, they'd be ardent supporters of the court's decision. After all, why would I as a Christian want to turn over the content and supervision of prayer to a government employee who may not share my theology?

But the folks who are pushing this state prayer amendment are simply appealing to ignorance and to a kind of cultural hegemony that we're much better off leaving in the dust bin of history.

And as The Kansas City Star said in an editorial, "Our main objection is that this amendment simply isn’t needed. It doesn’t do anything."

Well, that's not quite true. What it does is stir up the political waters needlessly to turn out voters who falsely believe their right to religious expression is being stifled.

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Michigan City, Ind. -- Just a reminder that I'm at a family reunion here and will be back to resume full blogging next week.

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