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For Memorial Day this year, I want to offer two brief thoughts.

First, let's give thanks that the hospice movement has spread to so many communities. Well-run hospices -- whether nonprofit or for-profit -- help countless families cope with the end-of-life issues for their loved ones.

I happen to serve on the board of Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care, a nonprofit I consider to be the jewel of the hospice world in KC. It sponsored the "Circle of Lights" remembrance ceremony on the Country Club Plaza the other night -- the gathering you see in the photo here today.

Second, I want us all to remember that Memorial Day isn't about just BBQ and the opening of swimming pools. Rather, it's a time to pause and give thanks for the members of our military who have served and secured our freedoms.

Especially we remember those who lost their lives doing that for our sake. Take a few minutes of silence today for that -- maybe after you read this Wall Street Journal piece by the father of a soldier who died in Iraq.

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George Washington's famous, but seldom seen, religious liberty letter to a Jewish congregation will go on display soon, it's reported. Maybe some current politicians could read it. And pay attention. What a good idea.

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