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As regular readers of this blog know, I frequently write about and encourage interfaith, or interreligious, dialogue and understanding.

Interfaithlogo2So when I find a new resource that can be helpful with that necessary cross-connection, I like to pass it along.

Some of you may already have discovered the Journal of Comparative Theology that comes out of Harvard University. But if not, have a look.

As its "About" section says, the Journal "was established in 2009 by three graduate students at Harvard Divinity School: Josh Daneshforooz, Axel Tak√°cs, and Paul Nicholas.

"The Journal solicits articles from graduate- and doctoral-level scholars that seek to understand a particular faith in theological dialogue with one or more other religious traditions. As such, it endeavors to:

*Foster learning across religious borders;

*Engender interreligious understanding between faith traditions on a theological level;

*Offer a venue in which scholars can remain current about recent work in the field;

*Expand Comparative Theology as an academic discipline."

And here's a story about the journal from The Interfaith Observer.

Let me say something about interfaith work and comparative theology that I've said before: The idea is not to convert someone from one faith to another. The idea is to know and be known. And, ultimately, the idea is to respect one another so we can live in harmony and not kill each other. Seems like a small enough goal, huh?

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When politicians and aggressive capitalists start claiming divine authority for their thoughts and actions, beware. This good piece by a Princeton history teacher alerts us to how this is happening in the current presidential race and how that connects to previous efforts to suggest that God is a free-market capitalist.

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P.S.: What looks like it will be an excellent workshop to help churches do better ministry to the poor is scheduled for March 24 in Kansas City. For details, click here.


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