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A thoughtful new blog: 10-21-11

The Internet, as you know, is awash with useless information, soul-numbing blogs and other sites that are a colossal waste of time -- along with some high-quality offerings.

BoleWhenever I spend time on one of the former kinds of sites, I leave thinking, "I'm now (blank number of) minutes closer to my death."

So when I find an excellent site that really is helpful and thoughtful, I like to pass it along.

Which is why today I'm introducing you to a new blog called TheoPol by journalist William Bole (pictured here). In it, he covers the intersection of theology and politics, and does it in an enlightening and compelling way. You won't waste your time reading TheoPol, just as it won't be a waste of time to visit with my friends over at ReadTheSpirit.com, headed by David Crumm, former religion writer for the Detroit Free Press.

In fact (I say with no modesty at all), you could stay pretty well up to speed on religion and ethics and how they connect with the rest of the world if you read nothing else but Crumm's, Bole's and my sites.

In recent posts Bole has written about economist John Maynard Keynes (Was it Richard Nixon who once said we're all Keynesians now? Yes and no.) , Ann Coulter and Satan (yes, there's a difference) and Abraham Joshua Heschel, a wonderful mind you should know about if you don't now.

At any rate, I commend Bole's blog to you. Just don't abandon mine for it.

* * *


In this compilation of 20 distressing quotes from the now-dead Moammar Gaddafi, pay attention to No. 12, 13 and 17 if you want to know his misguided thoughts about Islam. Oh, Gaddafi, the world will miss you in the way it misses Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Stalin. . .


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