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As a planning task force I'm chairing at my church thinks about the kind of ministry our congregation should be doing over the next several years, one of the subjects that comes up again and again is how to educate our youth and keep them connected to -- and passionate about -- faith as they move into their college-age years.

Youth-prayer Lots of other people in other settings are thinking about the same thing, too.

One of the most recent projects looking at all of this is coming out of Fuller Seminary in California.

Researchers there have noticed how big a dropoff there is in college-age youth sticking with their faith. The link will tell you about some survey information they've turned up on this subject.

So they are creating various resources at a new Web site called to help churches, parents, youth and others grapple with this issue. (And, as you can see here, there's also a Sticky Faith book.)

Sticky Faith The reality is that teen-agers (to say nothing of the rest of us) are spiritually hungry.

But as they explore life at that age, they're not terribly interested in pre-packaged answers. So they need to be allowed to find their own way to make faith real to them, and congregations (of whatever religion) that allow them to do that -- and yet are in regular, healthy contact with them -- do the best, in my experience.

Anyway, have a look at what the Sticky Faith folks are up to and see if it might be of any help to you and your situation.

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The folks who want to create an Islamic center near Ground Zero on New York will open temporary space there tomorrow. Good. Maybe when people experience that space in a good way it will defuse the anger about the site. In this blog entry in August 2010 I made the case for building this center near Ground Zero.


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