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Perhaps you've been keeping up with some of the hype about the movie "2012," which opens next week, and its focus on the Mayan calendar.

One interpretation of that calendar is that the Mayans predicted long, long ago that the world would end in 2012.

Oh, brother. Another end-times date setting effort. One thing we know about the date setters is that they've always been wrong. Always. (Pretty obvious, eh?) Many of these date setters get all twisted up in the New Testament book of Revelation, which has become a playground for bad theology and date setters.

But, of course, the Mayans weren't exactly exegeting the last book of the Bible. Nor, says a professor and Maya scholar at the University of New Hampshire, is it accurate to suggest the Mayan calendar calls for an end of the world in 2012.

Eleanor Harrison-Buck, assistant professor of archaeology at New Hamphire, says that misinterpretation has come about because the Mayans' calendar system envisions cycles of time, and the current cycle ends December 21, 2012.

“Rather than simply ‘the end of the world,’" she said in a press release from the school, "the Maya would no doubt have viewed the end of this great cycle as an important and powerful time of reordering and renewal of the world. The current push for sustainability and renewable resources suggests that perhaps the ancient Maya were not that far off in their predictions for this time period, that our world by 2012 would need a time of reordering and renewal.”

But, of course, that wouldn't make a very compelling movie. So the movie imagines that the Mayans called for the world to end on Dec. 21, 2012. The movie Web site calls the film "an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world. . ."

I remember writng a longish piece for The Kansas City Star (you can find it in my book, A Gift of Meaning) about all the end of the world hype happening as we moved toward the year 2000. Again, it was all nonsense (not my piece, which was naturally brilliant, but the predictions).

That doesn't mean there might not be a cataclysmic end of the world some day. What we know, however, is that each of our individual world's will end when we die. And if you ask me, that's the end for which we should be prepared.

(The image here today is from

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Did you see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, either when it was in Kansas City a couple of years ago or elsewhere? Well, it opens in the Twin Cities next March, only this time the exhibition will include some pages from the St. John's Bible, the fabulous hand-written work of art being done at St. John's Abbey in Minnesota. I own a couple of the completed books of that Bible and they're simply amazing works. Look around on the St. John's site.


Just Thinking

It is fascinating how hard people have uselessly worked to discredit and eliminate Christianity. The original Apostles were ruthlessly persecuted. Romans lit crucified Christians as human torches. Now you would think such things would be enough to deter potential followers, especially in Rome. But it didn't. Instead, the very seat of Roman power by which Christians were ruthlessly killed became the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. 2000 years later, Christianity is going strong.

Christians have not been silenced. The Truth is still saving people, and setting them free from the bondage of sin. Sayings of Jesus remain as valid as ever. Lessons of life remain as valid as 2000 years ago.

Christianity isn't about the ability to predict future events, or predicting when the world will end. It's about preparing for eternal life with Creator God, about overcoming sin that separates people from God, and it's about serving God in caring for others. It's about faith and the grace that God shows to those who act in faith.

It's about seeing real, meaningful transformation in those who do not believe, not because of forceful coercion, but because of the kindness that God shows people both directly and through the Church. Imagine how much less there would be in this world without the Church. Every hospital in Kansas City, except one, was started by religious organizations. Missions played a pivotal role in bringing early quality education to the City. Etc.

Someone yesterday commented on how Christians become slaves. How blind are those who cannot see the difference between being enslaved by sin, and being willingly enslaved by gratitude to God. Those who ask themselves "What is the right thing to do?" know the difference, though. And they see that the ability to overcome enslaving evil as real freedom, and as a genuine gift from God.

Will Graham

KCF's 6:25 pm post is one of the most deceptive ones of his I have seen in a long time.

He claims there have been great changes in the "behavior" on this blog in the past two years...because of his rational efforts.

This is of course nonsense, because he ignores:

1. The changes in the KC Star that affected Bill's column, no fault of Bill's, and thus the links it would get from readers reading the religion page.

2. The fact that Bill had to introduce limitations on posts and moderating because of KCF's vicious posts.

He states that he does not disrespect anyone, but this we all know...a lie as evidenced by the standard he himself sets; his behavior. As to what is going on "in his head", who knows? But his behavior repeatedly demonstrates his lack of respect.

But the two final ironic points are:

1. The "freethought forum" that KCF frequented COLLAPSED TWICE during this time, and is now abandoned.

2. And on the website he maintains, there is NO PLACE on that site for people to post comments.

Now, his "tactics" MAY have had SOME effect but the changes were not due to his "rational" actions. In fact, he stated MORE THAN ONCE that he wanted to see this blog SHUT DOWN, not "behavior changed".

And in that he has failed.

I wonder why so many doom and gloom people want to focus so much on the end of the world. Our punishment? For what,…to pay for the sins of Adam and Eve? Please, stop the fairy tales.

The dead sea scrolls are far from any kind of complete work. Mostly bits and pieces. Even if it were complete, what would that say? Just that people, a long time ago, wrote some words.

Bill wrote, “What we know, however, is that each of our individual world's will end when we die. And if you ask me, that's the end for which we should be prepared.”

Prepared for what? That last HONK before the truck of DEATH runs over us? How can anyone prepare for death other than a Will in this real, natural, world. More fantasy?

Time to yank the covers off and get out of bed,…and face the real world!

#6, Ravi. We have to do it, we people. Jesus never wrote a word, remember? It doesn’t matter how much red is in the King James bible.

Funny dog chasing tail comedy

Peace For the Sake of Goodness Cole

Dolores Lear

Susan: Yesterday 3:29 PM.
"..but others, whether religious or Atheist, excitedly move into a bigger view of the world, and live a life of complete reverence for people, for love, and for all life including our whole ecosystem."

Earth's Eco System is Dying from all the Pollution from a Population Explosion. Too many Humans make too much pollution, for our Land area and Oceans to process.

We are running out of land area that has water; Humans are stacking up in High Rise Apartments.

The divisions between the Haves and Havenots, are at a Critical Place in their Killing Lifestyles, whether Civilians or Military. God/Us said 'Thou Shalt Not Kill.'

"but others, whether religious or Atheist, excitedly move into a bigger view of the world, and live a life of complete reverence for people, for love, and for all life including our whole ecosystem." - ("similar to how drug dealing and prostitution wind up in neighborhoods like mine, I guess because we don't support the police as well as the folks in Johnson County do)."

How many Good Christians around the Planet are in Military Service with Weapons of Mass Destruction, that Kill God's Children and our Planet, for their Government?

All 7 Billion Humans, are caught up in Hate, Greed and Getting more than the next Human. Adults and Children are Starving, while the Haves Garbage dumps are Overloaded.

'Christian' America, that loves the Peace God, and Jesus the Prince of Peace, is in a 7 year Illegal War in Iraq. To build the Military Base in the MidEast Green Zone, to protect Israel?

What happened to Turning the Other Cheek that Jesus taught? There have been Wars ever since. The Celibate Males and Females that follow Jesus, ended up in Monasteries and Nunneries.

Dolores Lear

Bill: (About Judgment Day)
"One thing we know about the date setters is that they've always been wrong. Always."

The Last Planetary Destruction, The Noah/Atlantis Planetary Flood, did have some Saved Humans, in many parts of the Destroyed Planet, with Genetic Memory of that Period of Life on Earth.

Prophecy has a Planetary Flood Disaster, which happened, and a Planetary Fire Disaster. Maybe in 2012, the Planet is set up with our Pollution and Nuclear Bombs and Waste.

Humans have been setting up the Planetary 'Arm'ageddon' Nuclear War Fire Disaster, for the Past 100 years of High Tech Science, Pollution and Weapons.

Humans get so caught up in their Killing and Unequal Planetary Lifestyle, that these disasters creep up on them. But we do have the Knowledge of the Planetary Flood, that most Humans accept as 40 days. Why?

Genesis 6-11, describes a 1 year, 1 month, and 27 day Planetary Flood. And Noah's Ark as big as the Titanic Ocean Liner.

Before the Flood, they had a Knowledge and Population Explosion like today, and the Ark was as big enough to last for the year.

Genesis 7:2,3. Noah took 7 pairs of clean animals and fowl, and unclean animals by twos.

Were there some prophecies before the Flood, like the Prophecies today before the Planetary Fire?

Genesis 6:5. KJV. "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

Sound Familiar? Is Earth Ready for the Judgment Day Planetary Fire, with Nuclear Waste and Pollution ready to Burn Planetwide, set down by Humans with evil continually?


Bill wrote>>>>>>I remember writng a longish piece for The Kansas City Star (you can find it in my book, A Gift of Meaning) about all the end of the world hype happening as we moved toward the year 2000. Again, it was all nonsense (not my piece, which was naturally brilliant, but the predictions).

I wonder, Bill, if by saying all the hoopla (prophesies from the Bible, interpretations of the crazies, etc) were nonsense, you should not go further and extrapolate that "nonsense" can come from "nonsense" - i.e. the "sacred texts" these people were basing their "nonsense" on?

It is really interesting to see you slip one day into hard core theism/god's plan and then blame the crazies for the nonsense they are spewing out of the Holy Bible.

At some point, I think it all has to come together to one "rational" conclusion - "these holy texts" are nothing but "literature/poetry/science fiction" of their era.

Here is to worshipping Harry Potter!
I wonder if a single Christian on this blog would voice their concern about this?

Prayer has become the national bromide for generalized suffering. If it can’t be sanitized, domesticated and defanged by prayer then it isn’t worth experiencing. Now, in the midst of the healthcare reform morass, prayer healing “therapy” may become a legitimate form of government subsidized medical treatment. According to the Los Angeles Times, a “little known” provision in the healthcare overhaul bill would authorize coverage for Christian Science prayer as a medical expense.


Before we talk about the "end of the world" in whatever "mythology" one needs to establish "basic facts" of that mode of thinking.

I propose we start picking Xianity as the first target piece by piece as the most prevalent mythology and then move on to tothers.

Prayer/faith to me is the most basic tenant of Xianity.

Would any of you please, comment on "factual" basis how is "prayer" different from any other "pagan/fortune telling techniques" when it comes to "results."

Why if prayer to god works - it is not being used by every person in America. We know that taking showers works and contributes to your hygene, brushing, flossing, cleaning your teeth, changing underware, socks, seeing a doctor regularly, cleaning your house helps to keep your health in check.

Why would god "deliberately" not fulfill prayer requests - IN SHORT, WHY WON'T GOD HEAL AMPUTEES?

It is relatively easy for god to hide in the uncertainty of "placebo effect" when for some "unknown" reason a disease is gone, or if you have a combination of prayer and medicine one can claim god has interfered. The most sofisticated study on "intercessory/third party prayer" (cost $2.5 mln) funded by the Templeton Foundation revealed that people who were prayed for and knew it did worse after heart surgeries, those who were prayed for and did not know had no statistical difference from those who were not prayed for.




So, why don't god EVER reveal himself in AMPUTEES? He reveals himself evolutionary in salamanders that grow back limbs - no problems, but not in humans?

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, ASK IN HIS NAME AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU? - **************but how can it be given to you if human genetics is turned off by god? **********************

Conclusion - Jesus did not know what he was talking about the prayer, lied, or his god did not know what he was revealing to him or in 2,000 genetics of humans has changed dramatically. *****NOT VERY GOOD FOR A GOD*******

Which can be tested I am sure if not already with all the mummies we have from Egypt, DNA of buried Europeans, etc.

And if prayer doesn't deliver "statistically" why pray at all? Could it be that it is "god's plan" to see to which ridiculous heights her word can be taken when it comes to prayer by her followers?
According to the Christian Science Church, a faith healing internship takes the form of an “'intensive' two-week class instruction in Christian Science healing” after which practitioners “may take patients.” Treatment “may rely on passages of the Bible…or may simply be a period of silent communion. There is no formula and ‘treatment’ can be given in absentia by telephone or email.” Since Christian Science practitioners can hang up their virtual shingles after a two-week crash course why can’t apostles of Frodo or oracles of Pan be similarly credentialed? Ethnocentric bias has apparently banished Pentecostal snakes, Santeria chants, Wiccan spells and animist rituals from consideration as insurable faith treatments.

Dolores Lear

"I wonder why so many doom and gloom people want to focus so much on the end of the world. Our punishment? For what,…to pay for the sins of Adam and Eve? Please, stop the fairy tales."

When Humans understand Past Religious History, and the Past Killing History on Earth, the High Tech Knowledge of Today, can Solve many of the Supernatural Writings and Myth in the Past.

Supernatural Creation of the Universe in Genesis, is High Tech Colonization of Planet Earth.
Supernatural Reproduction of the Female from the Male Rib, is High Tech Clone Reproduction.

The High Tech Translation of the Supernatural Power of Killing Body Birth Human 'Gods' in the Old Testament, are like the Killer Body Birth High Tech Human Gods today.

The Old Testament High Tech Human Gods, Resulted with Killing the Misbred Body Birth Human Society with the Planetary Flood.

God/Us, in Genesis 1,2, does not Kill.

The New Testament will be finished, with all the High Tech Killing God Humans of the Past 100 years, with a Planetary 'Arm'ageddon.

The Planetary Pollution, Nuclear Waste and Bombs of This Evil Civilization, like the Evil Noah/Atlantis Society Planetary Flood, will End in a Prophesied Planetary Judgment Day Fire.

This is the 'Literal' High Tech Reality in Religious and Myth Writings. The High Tech Fairy Tales and Myths today, are about the Evil Civilization History of the High Tech World Before the Judgment Day Flood Destruction.

The Evil History of Humans since the Planetary Flood, have again regained High Tech Weapons of Massive Destruction, the past 100 years, and have set up the Pollution for the Final Planetary Judgment Fire Destruction of Earth.

And so the Human Killing New Testament History Ends, on a Destroyed Fallen Body Birth Planet.

adam harrison

Disturbingly, it now appears that the Fort Hood Shooter had been making vicious, even threatening, comments on internet boards for some time.

adam harrison

"There are three kinds of lies."


2...Damned lied.



adam harrison

There is NO PROOF OF PRAYER that KCF would accept, EVEN IN THEORY. (I could give him examples, but he would reject them.)

I challenge him to PROVIDE SOME SUCH THEORETICAL PROOF, that, if it were demonstrated, he would accept.

I will show you that he CAN NOT and in fact WOUlD NOT accept it, but ALWAYS have an alternative explanation.



Noelle Dildine, Atheist Alliance International's new ambassador will be in town over the weekend. A special get-together is planned for today afternoon (Friday) so she can meet with activists in Kansas City. Everyone is invited.

Date: Friday, November 6, 2009
Time: 4-4:30 to about 6:30 p.m.
Place: Minsky's Pizza, 13404 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS,
Link to map and directions -
(913) 491-5252

After this event Noelle and anyone else interested will be heading for the Darwin Event/Lecture on “Origin of Species” event at nearby Johnson County Community College - SEE INFORMATION BELOW...

After the lecture is over, around 9pm or so, we will go to a local pub which will be announced there.
In recognition of the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species,” the Greater Kansas City Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Kansas Citizens for Science present:

150 Years On, What’s All The Fuss About Evolution, Science Education and Church and State?

Date: Friday, November 6, 2009
Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Location:Johnson County Community College, 12345 College Blvd., Carlsen Center Rm. 234
Campus Map:

The program is free and open to the public.

• Josh Rosenau, “Thoughts From Kansas” blogger,
now on staff at the National Center for Science Education (
“Anti-Evolution Efforts Since the Dover Decision and the Defeat of ‘Intelligent Design’”
• Paul Decelles, Professor of Biology at Johnson County Community College
“Some Myths and Misconceptions About Evolution”
• David Burress, retired KU economics professor and a founding member of Kansas Citizens For Science
“Fighting About Darwin: Who and Why”
Harry McDonald, former Blue Valley biology teacher and President of Kansas Citizens For Science

Americans United for Separation of Church and State ( is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to preserving the constitutional principle of church-state separation as the only way to ensure religious freedom for all Americans. The Greater Kansas City Chapter’s website is:

Kansas Citizens for Science ( is a not-for-profit educational organization that promotes a better understanding of what science is and does, by advocating for science education, educating the public about the nature and value of science, and serving as an information resource.


Bill, I think Eleanor Harrison-Buck may very well be onto something, with her theory that the Earth is heading into a new cycle. We've been seeing that many Christians, even some Evangelicals, are getting concerned about global warming. This is a good sign that many folks may be laying aside their ideological differences and getting onto the same page in time to affect a major renewal.

And I'm currently reading President Obama's "Audacity of Hope" (written while he was a Senator). I'm impressed by his desire to team up with people across party lines and work together to solve problems (this is a skill shared by Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, 2010 Senatorial Candidate incidentally :)). Tavis Smiley, in his book "Hard Left," also wrote about this need for progressivism.

In "Audacity of Hope," President (then Senator) Obama, gives a really good overview of how the tumult of the 1960's brought many needed changes but also led to an abandonment of courtesy and respect between politicians. Then the Reagan Era transformed politics from being practical to being ideological, to the point where many of the younger politicians see political discourse as a battle between good and evil, God and Satan.

Which of course presents a barrier for politicians who would like to renew the old traditions of Republicans and Democrats having dinner togther and nurturing friendly relations -- such friendliness would be likely to make many of today's voters suspicious of these politicians' ideoological sincerity, and wonder why they are having dinner with the devil.

Reminds me of some of the "Atheist/Theist" partisanship on this blog, with the stereotypes of "delusional Christian history deniers" and "immoral Atheists" who don't care what's right but just ask "What can I get away with?" And the way those of us who can see both sides get labeled "sock-puppets" or "collaborators."


Iggy, some thoughts on prayer: As I have grown as a person and as a Christian, I've come to see prayer more as me communing with God and getting in touch with His heart and mind. I still do pray for God to "give us this day our daily bread," and what I experience is God giving us the guidance and ability to make ends meet. And also I grow in my awareness that we are God's hands and feet; I feel very limited at the moment in my ability to practically-assist others who are going through hard financial times.

But I can listen and share how we are coping, and care. Sometimes people find it easier to open up to others who are in the same boat, and who don't judge them for not having all their ducks in order. LOL, sometimes I feel like my whole purpose in life is to show others who feel down on themselves for not having it all together, that there is always someone (i.e. me) who is even less-organized and on-top-of-the-game than they are.

I think being able to love and accept yourself right where you are at, is the key to moving forward to greater success in all areas. I feel prayer helps me to get more lined up with my greater purpose in life of accepting and liking myself and encouraging others to do the same. I'm not going to abandon prayer and wait for some study to tell me it works.

Heck, they are constantly finding some new nutrient ... i.e. now we know there is "good fat." I know and believe that prayer works for me. So I'll keep doing it, and I imagine someday after I'm long dead (or maybe before) there will be some study that "proves" what I knew all along. Science should be our help, not our master -- right?


Carrying over from my 12:19 PM post about progressivism and uniting across party-lines, I wanted to add how instrumental I think this blog is, and will continue to be, in encouraging people to build relationships across religious lines.

Hearing the other day about the Muslim man in Arkansas who felt led to charitably-construct the Jewish synagogue, as well as about the young people and adults of different faiths getting together to talk and accomplish projects together, and all the other positive developments Bill brings to our attention: this gives me hope that we are indeed moving into a new era where people can retain their individual opinions and values, while connecting with a purpose that transcends each person's individual life and perspective.

Which brings me back to Indra's Net (recently introduced here by Red Bddy) -- and the Buddhist idea that all life is interconnected and interdependent, and we are like jewels, each one of us reflecting all of the other jewels (or one another). May we carry one another's reflection joyfully!

adam harrison

10 Possibilities for The End of the World on any given day!

Dolores Lear

Goldstein Referral 1:14PM - #6.
"All religions have a similar story: a divine force will intervene in the world to bring our history to an end and start a new moral order."

Many High Tech explanations. I accept that Black Holes Made by a Universe that collapses, do re-explode into a New Universe, using the same area. I do not accept Universes, drift and clash together.

With all the religions on Earth, where are the Morals of Equality for All Life. Fallen Humans today, shold Stop Hate, Personal and in War, and Stop Epidemic Human Killing.

What kind of Good Morals is this? Jesus had the answer of Male Celibacy, and Sharing the Resources Equally with Population Control, as to Human Limits on our Spaceship Earth.

Runaway everything, with loss of Morals, include Religions, Population, Pollution, Nuclear Bombs, Starvation, Homelessness, and all the Evil Human's Minds can Imagine, since the www. is one language on Earth.

Genesis 11:1- . KJV. "And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwell there. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth."

This Division happened after Body Birth, and before the Planetary Flood. And those Humans, spread to all parts of Earth, and some made it through the Noah/Atlantis Flood.

Again Humans are building Towers, that take Spaceships up into the Heavens. But the Morals do not Change for Body Birth Killer Humans, and this Time, the End Times Judgment Day Fire, will do away with our Eco System, and then Humans cannot Live on Dead Planet Earth, with No Atmosphere like Mars.

Red Biddy

Coverage of Christian Science Practioners fees under the new Health Reform bill is nothing new. They have been listed as an allowable Medical Expense in the IRS tax code for a long time ! See IRS pamphlet #502.
On the matter of prayer, being discussed to-day, I think it possible that prayer like yoga like meditation probably does the person doing the praying more good than those being prayed for.

Dolores Lear

"..and the Buddhist idea that all life is interconnected and interdependent,"

It is when High Tech Science is accepted with Atoms held together in all forms in the Universes, with the ElectroMagnetic Force. And whether a Universe is Present with Life or Collapsed with Elements, it provides the same Balance to the Whole Universes or the Universes would die or disintegrate.

Just like the Elements stay in a Solar System or Galaxy, visible or invisible, they keep the Universe in Balance. Once this birth and death of a Solar System or Galaxy get too out of Balance, the Universe collapses into a Black Hole.

Then All the Elements, Re-Explodes into a New Universe in the same Area of Space, with the Same Living Elements.

There has to be a Balance of Elements in a Universe, or Space would disappear. Maybe there is an explanation, If all the Universes Collapse at the Same Time. All the Elements would still remain in the Mass.

But first Humans on Earth have to Know about the High Tech Science Human Species, that do travel in Space, and escape their Planet Eco System when it Dies.

With High Tech, Humans can have Eternal Physical Life After Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships, whether in our Solar System or Beyond.

The Elements are Eternal, and the Collapse and Rebirth of Atom and the ElectroMagnetic Force are Eternal.

Today Humans do have the High Tech Science to start doing this type of Eternal Physical Lifestyle, but we are close to Killing Earth, to be a barren Planet like Mars, until our Solar System Collapses and is reborn.

But with High Tech, Purebred Peace Humans can Escape their Solar System, Galaxy or Universe, and Keep Eternal Physical Life Forever on Planets and in Spaceships.

But once Purebred High Tech Humans, Fall to Body Birth and Death, there is an Element Renewing Process to go through, just like the Black Hole is a Renewing Process for It's Unbalanced LIFE Elements.

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