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VENTURA, Calif. -- I was thrilled the other night when my friend Jonathan Nicholas (pictured here) received the annual Will Rogers Humanitarian Award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.


Jonathan, who late last year left the Oregonian, Portland's newspaper, after about 25 years as a columnist, is, like me, a former NSNC president.

More than 20 years ago, Jonathan helped create an event called Cycle Oregon, a bike trip to raise funds for various great project around his state. For the fascinating history of this event, click here. Today Cycle Oregon has a foundation of about $1.6 million and is able to give away $100,000 or more a year.

Anyway, several years ago NSNC member Bob Haught created the Will Rogers award to honor columnists who have been doing wonderful things for their cities or states. It's one more way that people with whom I spent my career are living moral lives.

And it's one more reason to bemoan the trouble so many newspapers are in. These columnists, who make such a difference in people's lives, now must reinvent themselves in various ways. And they will. And as they do you can bet that many of them will continue to be ethical people who give a great deal to their readers and their communities.

Yes, there are unethical people in the media, including the newspaper business. But people like Jonathan and previous Will Rogers winners put them all to shame.

* * *

P.S.: Sorry it took time the last few days to post comments. I was traveling to and from California. But I'm back now so things should go more smoothly. Bill.


adam harrison

Iggy's last post yesterday indicates he is VERY UPSET!

He always ramble like that when he is angry. I don't know if the post is so confused because

1. English is not his first language.
2. He is disoriented, or,
3. He is just trying to misrepresent.

But it SEEMS like he is saying that he beleives space aliens communicate with people. If you look up old stuff on yahoo, you will find that back in 2003 or so he was involved with the RAELIANS.

Now, I used to think all this stuff about aliens was just a joke on his part that he used to make fun of Christians, but now I wonder if his last post is a THREAT.

Is he saying that if space aliens ordered him to kill me, he would? After all, Iggy is the only one here who has ever bragged about the guns he owns.

As for the Bible studies he claims to attend, he never offers any proof or says where. When a friend of ours asked for directions, he gave her convulted directions that ended with her sitting in the PARKING LOT of Peters Clothies with her BLINKERS ON!

LOL! Thee are no bible studies, and the RECOVERING RELIGIONISTS group is sponsored by a guy who wrote the GOD VIRUS...a piece of idiocy passing as science that is based on anecdotal evidence and smears.

adam harrison

Cole Morgan, you claimed yesterday to have had several "death expereinces" and to have witnessed a murder by a drug dealer.

Do you have ANY MEDICAL REPORTS or POLICE REPORTS to back these claims up? And if so, can you link to parts of them? (Identifying info could be deleted, of course.)

After all, you say you rely on reason and PROOF.

Lets see your PROOF!

By the way, the Book the GOD VIRUS by Darrell Ray, in claiming that GOD is a VIRUS reminds me of HITLER calling the JEWS A BACILLUS. Sweeping claims like those simply fuel bigotry. Further, the book itself contains almost NO references to scienctific studies, but relies on anecdotal evidence.

With all due respect, why would people want to "REVOVER" if they are going to be like YOU and your little Russian buddy IGOR?


The other day I caught a piece on TV about the business of newspapers - it is not doing well as you may know. I, for one, don't remember the last time I ever read newspaper - maybe at a hotel when we traveled last year the free paper they put by your door. I bet you my pinky younger demographics 19-40 to say nothing of younger peeps are abandoning newspaper for the Internet. Which I think is a "blessing" as less and less paper is going to be wasted as a huger % of newspapers (I read numbers of 70-90%) are NOT recycled and trashed. Bad side for newspaper reporters is that they are not the only game in town anymore and choices make it easy for people to hop from one site/news service/blog to the other.

The developing world is also a factor as they are leap frogging through many steps the developed world had to go through. Their internet penetration is still low, so papers will play a role for a while till they catch up. But if history proves us right with cell phone penetration in developing countries (it is rather high as land lines take time to build and cell towers can be put up quickly to offer a wide coverage), then the same will happen to the Internet there and newspapers will also die out.

There are already protoypes of LCD based computerized sheets that will have color - they are extremely thin now, it appears you will have robotic cars in 10-50 years and the time for people to absorb informaiton will increase (as if we don't have enough of an information onslagut).

People will always be looking for better ways to get to information, ratain it more and use. iPhone and all the smart phones are a perfect example. I, for one, see no use for it as typing longer messages than 1 paragrphan is a problem with them, however, for convenience of reading incoming messages they cannot be beat. Also, the size of screens is increasing, so newspapers can be read online with fast speed connection easy nowadays.

Newspapers per se will not go away, they will morph, become some sort of a cooperative as their margins will be slimmer and slimmer.

One thing is clear, technology will march on. I envision times when all this information will be downloaded into our brains overnight when we sleep and then while you are drinking cofee in the mroning you just scan through the headlines and "read" (whatever that will mean then) and you are off to go.

Dolores Lear

Red Biddy. Last Night.
"Honestly, Dolores MISBRED ??? You sound like a complete racist - guess you didn't approve of blacks marrying whites because they might be misbreeding ?"

Since I accept the High Tech Purebred Reproduction, of Adam and Eve Clones, Any One Born by Body Birth is Misbred like Cain and Abel.

Jesus and many Monks and Nuns, in many Religions are Celibate. Why?

Whatever Genetic and Physical Defects we get, from Body Birth along with the Environment as a Child and an Adult, makes Misbred Humans and Defective Lifestyles.

I know Michael was a Good Person, but he did have problems, in his Environment and Genetic Health, from Body Birth.

No one has a Perfect Life. No one has Perfect Health. Family or friend problems do occur, beside other Flesh Lust Life Experiences, to some like I mentioned yesterday.

All Humans Generations die. Jesus did not Die, and did Go Alive, up into Space with the God/Us in Genesis.

They are our Male and Female Celibate Clone Ancestors, the Higher Human Nature. They did Reproduce Clone Humans in their Image.

All Supernatural in Religion and Myth can be explained with High Tech Science. Why would Humans write, copy, and hand down from Generation to Generation, all these Supernatural Events and Celibacy? Did High Tech Evolve in 1900?

There are High Tech Human Male and Female Clones, our High Tech Ancestors in our Image in Genesis, that Colonized Earth and Reproduced the Adam and Eve Clone Colony.

Then these Brother/Sister Clones started Reproducing by Body Birth. All Humans since are Misbred, Divided into many groups, and Kill Each Other and their Eco System, and Die.

Is this being a Racist? Or the Literal Truth, of a High Tech Human Species, with Eternal Life After Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships?

High Tech was on Earth 'in the beginning', by our High Tech Human Ancestors. Not Evolution.

Dolores Lear

Humans today fly up in the air and out into Space, supernaturally, like the Gods in Scripture and Myth?

Why did Humans take such Care, to keep handing down supernatural Gods, Generation by Generation, if Life Evolved on Earth?

Why all the wasted Human Energy to build Religious Buildings, for Supernatural Gods, if Life on Earth Evolved?

What does it mean in Genesis, God/Us Created Life as we Know it on a null and void Planet?

And Reproduced Humans in their Image, Male and Female Clones. Supernaturally, they Reproduced the Female from the Male Rib, not by Body Birth. Not by Evolution.

Since the Peace and Killer Gods in Religion and Myth, were both Supernatural, they could not both be the Same Loving Father God of Religion.

All past supernatural writings were put together, by past Human Societies, without High Tech Science. The Killer God was the Noah/Atlantis High Tech Society like Humans today.

All Supernatural Writings and Myths with a High Tech Translation, Will Prove the Past High Tech History of Life on Earth.

If Life Evolved, then there are many wasted years of Human Endeavor, to keep translating all the Old Time Religious Writings and Myths, and building Temples made by Human Hands.

If Life Evolved up to our High Tech for the first time, in the last 100 years of Life on Earth, what are these writings about, called Scripture and Myth?

Where did All the Science Fiction come from, in Religion and Myth, if Life Evolved on Earth up to today?

Why have Humans had Supernatural Gods, that flew in the air, if High Tech life was not possible before the 1900s?

This is a Mystery for Religious Columnist to Solve.


Bill, I'm happy for your friend Jonathon Nicholas.

And I agree with KCFreeThinkers that newspapers are not going away -- just maybe the "paper" aspect is going away, or gradually reducing. Overall, I think it will end up being better for newspapers, because without all the overhead/production costs, they'll have more proceeds to pay their writers.

Papers used to need ads AND paying subscribers, but without production costs I imagine they'll eventually be self-supporting with ads. What does everyone else think about this?

adamh, in answer to your question yesterday, as to why I believe God is speaking through Tao Te Ching -- I believe this because of its wisdom, and because of the sense I felt of coming home the moment I started reading it. You feel that since Jesus came to earth later, His work supercedes Tao Te Ching? Since I believe Jesus has been part of God since the very beginning, these words are part of His work.

I don't know that something being written before something else, means that it's null and void as soon as the new thing is written. It seems to me that Chinese culture may have been ready for some wisdoms, long before Western cultures were. When Jesus came to earth, it seems He came to a people who were focused on a Messiah who'd take physical/political control of the world. And much of what Jesus said about the last being first and the first being last, and he who loves his life shall lose it, seems to be preparing hearts for the wisdom of the ancient Chinese sages.

Here's an example of what Tao Te Ching says about leadership --

"Giving birth and nourishing,
having without possessing,
acting with no expectations,
leading and not trying to control:
this is the supreme virtue."

I honestly don't think the Western world was ready for that when Jesus came to earth.

I get the newspaper at work and read it on my breaks. I still enjoy it. But I also read it on line too as well as other papers. Times change. It all evolves to something else. As is the religion/god business. That is life.

It is good people you know Bill, do good things. I do like seeing good done because it is good not because a supernatural spirit wants us to.

Does god want us to do good things because these are good things to do? Or because these are good because god says so? God certainly sounds deep. He sounds like people. Could it possibly be we –people- invented god?

If a person would like to attend any of our meetups I’m sure you are smart enough to figure out how to sign up and show up. Then again, maybe not. Perhaps Iggy’s dog might come. A dog’s eye view can be interesting…

Jdmahurin can reach me at We can discuss meeting…

Well, I have to go. Iggy and I were talking earlier about today’s posts. We laughed so hard we had to get off so we can vent our anger. Some of you are just too funny.

My philosophy, like color television, is all there in black and white”
Monty Python quote

Peace For the Sake of Goodness Cole

Will Graham

Cole, You say you and Iggy had to "get off" so you could "vent your anger" Hahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! And how do you and Iggy "get off"? (chuckle)

But seriously, although some disagree, I have grown to appreciate Iggy's work. It is quite generally recognized to be quite utterly moronic, as shown by the fact that only the same people comment on it, and that a lot of the other posters like Kansas Bob, Joe Barone, and others hardly ever show up anymore.

And Cole is fire breathing PISSED, as shown by the fact that he keeps remarking about how much he is laughing.

Cole, "Thou protesteth too much". Your Recovery Group is just a little hate group and Darrell Rays book is, well, substandard an best. IMHO only, of course!

This is interesting:

David Gallo: Underwater astonishments

Breakfast tomorrow, 8-10am plus -Weds July 1, at Olathe I-Hop - 15410 119th and Strangline Rd across from Home Depot. All welcome.

Peace For the Sake of Goodness Cole

Will Graham

Breakfast with the atheist trolls?

Can I bring a barf bag?

Sure, Will, bring one for you head.

Peace For the Sake of Goodness Cole

Will Graham

Only if you're buying, sport.

Sure I will buy.

Peace For the Sake of Goodness Cole

adam harrison

Hey Will, remember their word games!

Sure, he will BUY.

HIS breakfast.

He didn't say anything about YOURS! LOL!

adam harrison

By the way, Cole, where is that PROOF of your death experiences and the murder you witnessed?

Can't wait to see it! (After all, you only rely on reason and PROOF, don't you? I am just taking you up on it buddy!)

Not being honest with yourself is a lie. Will and adam do not know this. Paranoia is a symptom. I have offered and they ‘say’ make believe, as their belief is in their head.


Come to breakfast and if you agree with the before terms I will buy. Most likely you will not show. I do not care. You are afraid to talk face to face. Call it what you want it is still chicken.

Oh Lord, please don't burn us,
Don't grill or toast your flock,
Don't put us on the barbecue,
Or simmer us in stock,
Don't braise or bake or boil us,
Or stir-fry us in a wok...

Oh please don't lightly poach us,
Or baste us with hot fat,
Don't fricassee or roast us,
Or boil us in a vat,
And please don't stick thy servants Lord,
In a Rotissomat...
Monty Python

Peace For the Sake of Goodness Cole

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