Interfaith youth training: 1-23-09
Christians attacking Islam: 1-26-09

Planting a new church: 1-24/25-09


An Episcopal priest I know has been asked by his diocese to create a new church in a suburban area, so he called me the other day to ask if I'd help him think through how one gets the word out about such things these days.

He hopes his new church will be extraordinarily child friendly, with lots of attention paid to the needs of children. So, naturally, he needs to make young families -- and young couples thinking about having children -- aware of what's happening.

As a longtime newspaperman, I of course told him about how best to communicate not just with The Kansas City Star but also with other smaller newspapers in his area. But I certainly acknowledged that newspapers, though still serving an important function, are in many ways "old media." And, as he and I both know, many young people with whom he wants to communicate don't read newspapers.

I suggested that he needs to be thinking about communicating with people in cyberspace not just by creating a great church Web site but by using such social networking sites as, which are highly popular with the people he's hoping to attract to the congregation -- one that so far does not have either a name or a location.

We also talked about using blogs and cell phone texting methods of keeping people up to speed on the church as it creates itself.

But I suggested that he need not reinvent the wheel if he can take advantage of communication methods already in existence. For instance, I told him that if I were in his shoes, I'd go to the public library and ask for space in which he could lead a discussion of the "Faith" chapter of The Audacity of Hope, President Barack Obama's book. Maybe a weekly session for three weeks. (I wrote about that chapter here on the blog the other day. Click here for that.)

In that case, I said, he could avail himself of the library's own communication system -- its e-mails, newsletters, Web site announcements etc. -- to spread the word about the study group. And from that group there might arise a few people interested in the new church.

Well, we spoke about other matters, too, and I gave him some names of other people to talk with. But I'm wondering if you'd give some thought to how you would communicate today with people (mostly unchurched people) whom you'd like to invite to get in on the ground floor of a new congregation -- of any faith. Either by e-mail or by leaving a comment here, give me your best ideas.

(The new church the Episcopal priest in question is to help build is not the one pictured here, which I found just for illustrative purposes at

* * *


Pope Benedict XVI now has his own YouTube channel, this report says. That link will give you a link to the site. Once I got there I asked for the English version but it mostly still appeared to be in Italian. In my March column for The Presbyterian Outlook (see the "Check this out" section on the right side of this page) I plan to talk about the way faith communities use modern means of communications. Looks like the Vatican is getting up to speed.

* * *

P.S.: Don't forget that Newsweek editor Jon Meacham will be speaking at Yardley Hall at Johnson County Community College this Monday evening. It will be the keynote address of the annual Kansas City Festival of Faiths. I'll be introducing him and moderating the Q&A session when he's done speaking. There still are a few good seats left, but hurry. The link I've given you tells you how to get tickets. 

* * *

NOTE: From mid-Saturday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon I most likely will have no Internet access and will be unable to post your comments. I'll get to them when I can. Thanks. Bill.


adam harrison


adam harrison

Following up on Sam Harris advocating torture, we have some information on the atheism of mass murderers...

adam harrison

And following up on Obama, he is going to get us out of Iraq.

In sixteen months.

But here is an atheist who loved the war...none other than Chrisopher Hitchens.

Whats going on? Athesits for torture, carrying out mass murder, advocating war...I thought they were so ethically superior and all?

adam harrison

On ATHEIST REASON, and why the local "Free"thinker group has so many bar nights!


Local atheists who do not respresent the atheists in kansas city by any streth of the imagination want to sue North Kansas City (donations welcome, and heres hoping for a little cash too!) have drunken nights out and show movies calleD Zeitgiest based on fourth rate history.
There jive is not atheism, it is propanganda.

Dolores Lear

What we need is not another Religious Church Building, made by Human Hands, but, Humans need a joining together, to Pledge not to Kill Each other and our Planet, By using GOD, God, and Jesus' Name for this Deed.

GOD, God nor Jesus Kill. All Gods made by Humans, on Earth, teach Peace and Good Will to Men, Women and Children. What does this mean?

We Pledge Allegiance to our Country, and many types of Religions today, but we still keep Killing Each Other and our Home Planet.

Why? What Good does it do to talk Peace, Peace. There is No Peace, from Generation Birth, to Death, to Rebirth?

The Same Killing Lifestyle to All Life on Earth, continues from Generation to Generation by those that Love GOD, God, and Jesus.

Today, we have Toxic Pollution covering our Home Planet, and Nuclear Bombs from sea to shining sea. By Gods Children.

When are Humans on Earth going to Accept, they use their Mouths for Worship of many Gods, but use their Hands to Destroy Gods Planet.

They do not Live the Lifestyle of their Personal Gods. Why?

What Good does Mouth Worship do for Anyone, or our Home Planet, from Birth to Death?

GOD, God and Jesus are the Example for the Living, not the Dead. When they say Humans should Share GODs Resources Equally, and Not Kill, What Does That mean?

Will Humans still be in Dispute about who has the Perfect GOD, when our Home Planet Dies, from Human Killers?

Where are GODs Peace Caretakers of Life on our Earth Home, After Birth?

In Heaven?

Iggy -

*** Does anyone have any nation wide statistical research on % of church' budget spend on "running" churches (mortgages, staff salaries, cutting lawn, etc.) vs. actual "charity/humanitarian" (soup kitchens, international ministries, homeless shelters, etc) outreach they do. I don't mean specific charities like "Catholic Charities" I am interested in "individual churches." Please, e-mail [email protected]

*** If you know of any public prayer in schools in Kansas City, KS or MO sanctioned by public school officials (principles, teachers, football, cheer leader squad, basketball, swimming coaches, etc.) please, let us know. Or if you are aware of a teacher who talks about religion by proselytizing or involves religion into explanations in science classes, has Biblical quotes in his school room prominently displayed, e-mail [email protected] or call 913-660-9529

*** Also, if you come across a mention of prayer at Kansas City Metro city council meetings or any government functions (including KS & MO House of Representatives or Senate), please let us know, , e-mail [email protected] or call 913-660-9529

*** Illinois 'Moment of Silence' Didn't Have a Prayer. Judge rules against law on moment of silence

*** Obama to Lift Ban on Overseas Abortion Funding

*** More Gay Sex Charges For Evangelical Leader Ted Haggard

Dolores Lear

This week's Daily promise,1/24/09: Obeying God brings great joy
When did you take your first step of obedience to God?
Then [Jesus] said, "I assure you, unless you turn from your sins and become as little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 18:3 NLT"

When did you take your first step of obedience to God? What does that mean? Become a member of a Religious Organization?

What sins is Jesus referring to, that Little Children cannot do, that Adults do? Today, with all the guns in the homes, little Children do kill with them.

Jesus Movement was about the Males being Celibate. That does not mean, male children were to be Celibate. They could not make a female conceive until they matured.

Jesus was talking to Adult Males, and to join Jesus' Movement, the Males had to be Celibate.

What Males are Celibate that Love Jesus today? Monks?

How many different Christian Religions are there, that have a Celibate Requirement like Jesus had, for his Movement?

What does it mean to be a "Child' of God? A Killer Generation on GODs Temple, Planet Earth.

At one time did only Males become soldiers to Kill for their Country or Religion? Today Females also Kill. What is Godly about this Killing Endeavor for Jesus? Or Any God of Humans?

Do Males and Female today, Love Jesus and then go to War and Kill for their Country?

Does that put Love of Country above Love of Jesus?

A Population Explosion, for the past 100 years, began a Sexual Revolution, for All Humans, not just the Male.

Even before Children Mature, the are using the Sex Act. Maybe they always have, but Movies, TV, and Sex Tapes are in the Home today.


Dolores Lear


How are Sexually Active Humans, going to accept what Jesus taught, about Male Abstinence and Celibacy?

Will Heterosexual Males give up Reproductive Sex for Jesus? Or is Jesus' Rule for Male Celibacy, misunderstood by Fallen Humans?

We can Make a Human Fetus in the Lab, without the Male sex act. Humans could finish making Human Clones, instead of Nuclear Bombs.

The Free Will of Humans today could be... High Tech Science of Eternal Human Life After Birth, or Continue Generation Birth, Death, and Rebirth

It is Time to Literally Wake up, before Earth cannot support Flowers, or Any Life as we Know it, when we break our Ozone Canopy.

Life is for Living Humans on Planets, not for Dead Humans After Death in Heaven. What type of Life is that?

Was that all made up by Humans, that 'fell' to Heterosexual Body Birth, that did not Know that High Tech Reproduction meant Eternal Life After Birth?

With our High Tech Science today and Cloning Knowledge, Humans do Know What Cloning a Female from the Male Rib means today?

Human Equal Cloning and Flying Up in the Air, and out into Space is God Knowledge.

Will the Human Nuclear 'Arm'ageddon, happen, before Humans understand that the Equal Asexual Human Clone Species, are the Highest Species Power on a Planet and in Spaceships.

Will Heterosexual Reproduced, Unequal Male and Female Mates, and Sexually Active Singles on Earth, Accept this Truth, before the Judgement Day Planetary Fire?

God, our Human Clone Ancestors do not Reproduce by Heterosexual Body Birth, nor Kill Each Other and their Planet.

Eternal Life is for the Living High Tech Clone Species of Life, on Earths and in Spaceships.

The Scriptures, Myth, and High Tech Science tells us so.

Will Graham

If anyone knows of a teacher who is denigrating religion in the classroom, or implying that evolution entails atheism, call 816-517-1428

Lynne -


From was obviously a joke. And you are obviously on a campaign to get me to hate another freethinker just because you hate him. You are so upset that he is "representing other freethinkers" but each freethinker by definition represents himself or herself. If you try to control the views of all freethinkers you are not promoting free thought.

I also don't think hate and deliberate attempts to sow discord are consistent with freethought or any thought for that matter. And I am sick and tired of so-called "freethinkers" telling me who I can and can't be friends with. I think we should all be friends or at least be respectful - which means no campaigns to poison other people's minds against other people. That's just plain cruel, Ken - I'm not calling you cruel as a person..I'm saying your current behavior is cruel but you have the power to change it and better yourself as a person if you choose.

And to Bill, sorry your blog is getting cluttered up with this nonsense. I think I have made my point to Truefreethinker, hope that he will turn toward a more peaceful path, and I will try to stay on topic from now on.

Will Graham

Lynne, for all I know "truefreethinker" is one of your tag teams sock know, the good cop bad cop routine.

Whatever. If not, it sounds like YOU are trying to control him/her.

And how can you say hate is not consistent with freethought? Freethought is free, nothing can be inconsistent with it if by definition, as you claim, every freethinker represents himself of herself.

But I agree, its a joke! But probably not in the sense YOU mean. LOL!

Dolores Lear

Will: "how can you say hate is not consistent with freethought?"

Free Thought is what makes the World Go Round. Ever since the Original Sin, Humans have been in Bondage to Heterosexual Birth and the Male.

GOD, not a Human Male, the Creator of the Atom and ElectroMagnetic Elements, that make LIFE as Human Know it, cannot be Known by Humans, except through High Tech Knowledge.

GOD cannot be Known as a Religious He or She Entity. No One Made From GODs Elements that Make Life Species as we Know them, can Know the Force Behind GODs Elements.

High Tech Male and Female Humans that Evolved up to High Tech Science Knowledge, can Know how to Reproduce Purebred Male and Female Human Clones, in their High Tech Labs.

That does not make them GOD. But Humans do have the High Tech Science Freethought, to fly up in the air in fiery chariots, and out into Space, like High Tech Humans do today.

This Science Knowledge is written about in Genesis, and many other Books of the Bible and other Scriptures, Myth, and Stone/Concrete tablets.

These Gods, Goddesses and Angels, were our High Tech Male and Female Clone Human Ancestors, that do Colonize Planets, and travel in Spaceships.

These religious and secular writings are found all around the Earth, from a Past High Tech Society that died on Earth.

So what did Humans, for the Past 100 years, do with their High Tech Science Freethought?

Build a High Tech Science World with Electricity, and learn how to fly in space? Reproduce Human Fetus' and Clone Animals in their Labs?

Why are these Humans against Stem Cell High Tech Correction, to our Physical Defects? Why are Humans against Cloning Humans?

Because that is for Religious Gods to do, not Humans?


Dolores Lear


Why do High Tech Freethought Humans today, make Evil Toxic Pollution and Nuclear Bombs, without a Qualm, but say Purebred Human Clone Reproduction is only for their Religious God?

Do they really Freethink that God approves of all their Killing of Each Other and GODs Planet?

If Humans accept High Tech is for Peace Humans, not Killer Humans, can we still Save Planet Earth from our Nuclear 'Arm'ageddon, and the Destruction of our Ozone Canopy?

High Tech Reproduction Freethought is Free for Humans. Nothing can be Inconsistent with our Human Ancestors High Tech, if used for Good and not for Evil.

Why do Humans with Free Will Freethought make Evil Toxic Pollution and Nuclear Bombs, without a Qualm, but say it is not for Purebred Human Clone Reproduction?

When we accept High Tech is for Peace Free Thought Free Will Humans, not for the Killer Human Species, can Humans still Save Planet Earth, from our Nuclear 'Arm'ageddon and the Destruction of our Ozone Canopy?

Did Life After Death in Heaven Freethought teachings, begin after Freethought Humans went against God our Human Ancestors, and started Reproducing by Heterosexual Body Birth, that takes away all Peace Freethought Free Will?

A High Tech translation of all Scripture and Myth, will Prove Eternal Physical Human Clone Life After Birth, not Spirit Life After Death in Heaven. How can Spirit Life be Proved?

All Alive Religious Freethinkers, and Atheist Freethinkers, are the same on a Fallen Planet.

They All are United in Overreproducing the Human Population, and are All United in making Toxic Pollution and Nuclear Bombs to Kill Each Other and our Home Planet.

So what Good is there in Religious or Atheist Freethinkers for our Earth Home while we are Alive?

adam harrison

Dolores, I see you are now including Atheist Freethinkers in you posts!

Please read this article by Sam Harris, Atheist Freethinker of great popularity and frequently quoted by local atheists.


adam harrison

Here is another atheist calling for war...

adam harrison

Darwin Day is coming. Celebrate Darwin in your life, and apply it to dating!

Natually select your mate!

adam harrison

Natural selection, as invented by Charles Dawin.

Dolores Lear

This week's promise: Overcoming discouragement brings great blessing
Do you fall into discouragement after spiritual highs?
"Elijah was afraid and fled for his life.… Then he went alone into the desert.… He sat down under a solitary broom tree and prayed that he might die. 1 Kings 19:3-4 NLT
About this week's promise"
"When you feel let down after a spiritual "high," do what is necessary to restore your inner resources. And remember that God still has a purpose and plan for you."

Where did all this Spiritual Energy come from for Prophets. We are taught it comes from GOD The Creator of LIFE, and from God, our High Tech Ancestors.

So how do we sort all this out with our High Tech Science Knowledge, in reference to our God Religions.

During our return to High Tech Science for the past 100 years, I also say I have been inspired at age 49, by the Holy Spirit, by the Holy Spirit from my Lutheran Religious upbringing.

All the information I was given, over this period of time, and I am still refining it, about Eternal Physical Life After Birth, does not Inspire Hope for others.

I have not had 'let down' as yet, as persons that know me and Blog members notice.

Why does our High Tech Science of Humans Flying in the air and out into Space like the Lord God in Religion, be accepted that they were High Tech Humans?

High Tech was Supernatural, to Natural Humans, that recorded these Writings.

With a High Tech Translation, the GOD that made the Atom and ElectroMagnetic Force, is 'Supernatural' to the Humans Species, and All Life in our Universe.

So far, our High Tech cannot Reveal this Source of LIFE. We only Know we are Alive, not Dead.

We Know what Dead is, the Return of the Elements were are made of, to GODs Element Storehouse our Planet, Solar System and Universe.


Dolores Lear


We Know what Dead is, the Return of the Elements were are made of, to GODs Element Storehouse.

GODs Elements are used over and over, even Element Universes Collapsing into a Black Hole, Regenerate the Elements and make new Universes for Life as we Know it.

The Mysterious Ways that GOD, and the Lord God moved in, could not be Explained, by Humans without High Tech Science. No One Human Know How GOD Created the Universes.

The Lord God, in our Human Image, did fly in fiery chariots, and Created Life on Earth. Today we call that Colonization of a Planet.

The Lord God Reproduce a Male, and a Female made from the Male Rib in Genesis. Today we call that Cloning.

All this High Tech was lost. The Male and Female Clones started Reproducing Defective Children by Body Birth, and Lost their Free Will.

The Lord God Does not Kill, and left Earth to let Heterosexual Body Birth Humans, go through the Fullness of Time Experience, of Fallen Humans on a Planet.

GODs Elements will not be Lost, and it is an excellent Human Experience, to Live the Heterosexual Killing Lifestyle, generation after generation.

We Know how to send Robots to Mars, and watch on our eyes and ears equipment, as to how this experiment went.

The Lord God also has eyes and ears equipment, and watches as their Earth experiment progresses. They also visit from time to time.

The First Humans' Relatives, the Noah/Atlantis Society, had a Population and Knowledge Explosion like we have had, the past 100 years.

With their Pollution and Nuclear Bombs, they caused the Planetary Flood. Life on Earth began again with the few Saved.

We Know what Dead is, the Return of the Elements were are made of, to GODs Element Storehouse our Planet, Solar System and Universe.


Dolores Lear


Would God Choose Me a Female, to Warn Humans, History recorded as Prophecy was here Today.

No One listened to Noah either, but Planet Earth went through an Axis Tilt, and a Planetary Food, with many changes. And the Killer Human Population Explosion was destroyed.

GODs Elements Never Die, but stay Balanced, by Universes Collapsing into Black Holes, and Renewing the same GOD Elements. Otherwise there would 'Not Be Life as we Know it', on Spaceship Earth.

What do Humans have to Look Forward to, on our Polluted and Nuclear Armed Home Planet, Created by Human Killers?

Does Anyone feel this Doom that is Heading our Way? Can our Destiny be Changed, since it is recorded in Past Human Writings?

Eternal Life 'Literally' is for the Living Humans After Birth, with High Tech Science, on Planets and in Spaceships.

The Spirit Heaven of Religion 'is' GODs Storehouse of Elements that Make Life as we Know it, for Rebirth, or there would be No Life as we Know it.

Isaiah 55:8-9 (KJV) "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

The Higher Ways of the Lord is High Tech Science is on Planets and in Spaceships.

'God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform'. These are the first two lines of the Hymn by William Cowper (1731-1800).

Scripture, Creeds, Hymns, Myth have formed our God beliefs on Earth, when Humans did not have High Tech Science to Know GOD.

How is our Ancestors Colonization Project Advancing? On Schedule?

Eternal Human Physical Life After Birth, is possible for Purebred Human Clones, on Planets and in Spaceships.

Dolores Lear


Humans Hate seems to only get worse, with our High Tech weapons. Why is so much of Earth's Resources put into War and Pollution, while our Brothers/Sisters are Starving and being Killed?

Gandhi was a Good start for Peace and Caring, but did not succeed.

Why are Christians not Joining, in protest, when our Government builds Nuclear Bombs, and goes to War?

Because our Christian Government is Taking Care of Us, instead of God and Jesus? So who do we Obey?

All USA Citizens are Haves and Havenots. This is not Equality for All, as we Claim for the Christian USA.

I get in trouble, even on this Blog, for being a Passivist, and say I will not Kill for my Family or Government. So far, I have not been faced with this.

I am protesting, about Killing Each Other, and letting many starve, but I only do it by mouth, and on Blogs. I do not have any money for Movements.

Most Peace movements cannot do anything about Killing and Polluting, and it is just a waste of resources. Peace Knowledge is needed.

The Green Revolution, is One Hope, but with the Population Explosion, there is not much hope of Overcoming the Greed, Hate, and Killing of our Planet.

Knowledge of our Past should be Helpful, but we are in the Same Boat with the Noah/Atlantis Society.

They had the Planetary Flood Catastrophe, and we now have the Planetary Fire Catastrophe at our Door.

No One Cares. They Only Care about the Other Bad Guy. Killing has not Solved Human Inequality and Inhumanity for 6000 years.

We need to look in the Mirror, and See the Enemy is our Misbred Human Brothers/Sisters.

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