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October 28, 2008


Joe Barone

I wish the Conversantlife article had been entitled, "WHY do we sanction slander?"

I find that a more interesting subject. I think we sanction slander because by slandering others we build ourselves up. Just yesterday the older folks in our coffee shop were talking about an email or something that says Barack Obama is not an American citizen, a new one for me.

One person tried to foist that idea off on me, and I told him, "If you want to vote against him, vote against him, but don't make stuff up. This is the United States of America. You don't have to make stuff up to vote against people."

We need something sensational to make us feel important and righteous. I think we often have a similar motive when we gossip. Simply saying that we shouldn't slander people, as that little article did, isn't very helpful. If you don't deal with the root cause, pride and the need to have power, you won't change.



I read a very disturbing article in the KC Star on 10-26-08. CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK. Hindus in India are killing Indian Christian Converts, scattering them to the wind and destroying churches unless they convert back to Hinduism. I find this a shame of humankind from many perspectives.

I would pretend to be a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, or whatever to save my, or my family’s life, and silently pray to my God of choice, or none at all, which is my case. Because I believe this is the only life I have, and I have more to do before I die!

Unlike people who want me to think like them, I’ve tried to mind my own business until lately. Then I see this Personal God Business trying to run the world and innocent people told how to run their life and killing some. Enough!

If God is God, and Jesus Is Jesus, they will understand because they see all. And love you for this. If you truly want to spread your Belief, then get a message to these people to silently pray wherever they are and stay alive.

Get a life…and keep it as long as you can, there may be no Heaven.

“For the Sake of Goodness.” Cole

Joe Barone

I've always said that you can't use the Bible to prove the Bible. That's why arguments never go anywhere. People want to quote Timothy or the like and say, "It says here the Bible is true."

What we believe about the Bible comes down to faith. People who quote the Bible to trump you in an argument, as well as those who quote other sources on the other side, are all using opinion. They are speaking from faith. It is better just to say, "This my opinion based on the Bible (or whatever other source I use). Here I stand. You need to stand where you need to stand."

IGGY - www.KCFreeThinkers.org


On more than one occasion, I've asked ministers/pastors to run a mental excercise - imagine your children are born in America in your religious family and are then immediately adopted into a Hindu/Muslim family overseas. What are the chances of the kids becoming Christian and not worshipping a false god. You get blank stares, puzzled looks or (my favorite) blabber about "god's spark" or "god's mysterious" ways that somehow this kid will be Christian. It is most amusing when you have the minister commit that Allah is not the same god as Yahweh and that Koran is abomination. When you tied it up together then you get what I call "Hannibal Lector" moments.

May he in his glory clone these Chritians a new brain!

I'd worship HL at any time, who wants to have Jesus telling you to eat your new born babies? - did you folks actually know that? Yes, check your Bible.

IGGY - www.KCFreeThinkers.org


Tomorrow Wed 8 a.m. KCFreeThinkers.org will be having our bi-monthly breakfast at IHOP in Olathe (119th & Strang Line).

As always parsing the Bible for historica and MOST IMPORTANTLY THEOLOGICAL, RATIONAL AND LOGICAL accuracy will be part of it.

This group has invited ministers and exministers come and chat, also tomorrow we are expectinga Lutheran from the Bible Study group we've been involved.

Any members of the Bill Tammeus' blog are invited to come too.

We'll have an "Atheist? Agnostic? www.KCFreeThinkers.org" sign prominently displayed to identify ourselves.

For more info about KC wide freethinking activities visit http://www.KCFreeThinkers.org/calendar.htm

IGGY - www.KCFreeThinkers.org


I came across this in KC Star in response to Chuck Lunney's column earlier this year. It shows you how "confusing" it is for theists to encounter something that contradicts their view of the world. You and I have encountered this already at the Lutheran Bible study. What else would you expect among others who are much less educated? - in the third world countries (I say this not to demean their lack of opportunities, but rather to comment factually).

Here is the post
I’m having a hard time understanding why Chuck Lunney’s piece about his dog is included in “Faith Walk” (7/5, Faith, “Souls exist only in the memory of those who remain”). I assume these articles are about faith, and yet he mentions that there are no souls and no imagined heavens to go to and that all that exists of the departed are memories. That, to me, is a sad statement for those of us that do have faith that somewhere down the road we will be reunited with the ones we love, whether they be pets or humans. I find this a very confusing piece.

Kansas Bob

I agree with this Bill:

"But my guess is that such events merely serve to convince people of their own already drawn conclusions."

IGGY - www.KCFreeThinkers.org

There has been talk in the news about assasination plots against Obama recently. This is from one of the groups I belong to. Perversion of logic and humanity in just even "thinking" about killing someone ties up nicely with the religoius twist. Boy, I'd take the "wrath of Hannibal Lector" on Christian brains any time to clone them a new brain in one millionth of a second and they would not even notice it vs. killing someone and then making a joke about it.

This was on the news this morning as well. It has been stated by "right wing" friends of mine months ago that if Obama was the Presidential candidate there would be assasination attempts on him. There was even a joke about Obama in heaven saying to St. Peter that the last thing he remebered on earth was accepting the nomination. Activist people who hold racist views are still among us and, as has been pointed out, they are not too bright.


I had Prof Chavalas several years ago. He knows ancient Near Eastern history like the back of his hand. His expertise is in Assyriology and Akkadian language. He gets called to archaeological digs when they dig into a cache of Akkadian texts and need someone to read them and explain them out in the field. He's a very respectable scholar.

Prof Chavalas does not use the Bible to understand the Bible. He uses all the various genres of literature available to the writers of the Bible to understand the Bible. It seemed the other party in the debate used the Bible exclusively in his argument. Sometimes what seems to be a contradiction on a plain, uneducated reading of the Bible can be worked out by using ancient Near Eastern parallels.

IGGY - www.KCFreeThinkers.org

Why "Whaz'up?" Budweiser commerciall is what Hannibal Lector is sending to Evangelicals as a sign from the only true god - "rationality?" - gotta watch the thing till the end.

Vote Nov 4th! Vote Early & Vote Often.


5 of us are going to Chicago to Obama's Bash on election night (win or lose, rain or shine).

I am making a sign "KC Atheists for Obama - KCFreeThinkers.org" - hope it will catch attention of TV Stations :o) locally and nationally.

Dolores Lear

Until Scriptures and Myth are translated, with a High Tech Science Understanding, it is impossible to make a Reliable Account of Earth's Past Supernatural God History.

Most Old Writings, are about the Lifestyle of High Tech Born Human Clones, and their 'Fallen' Killer Body Birth Children.

These Religious Gods, Goddesses and Angels, are Mixed Up with the High Tech Science of the Noah/Atlantis Killer Society, before the Planetary Flood.

We Know how to start Colonizing a null and void Planet, like Earth.
We Know how to Reproduce Human Life in a High Tech Lab, the 'Higher Nature' of the Human Species.

Reproduction by Heterosexual Body Birth, is the 'Lower Nature' of Human Species.

The Higher 'Being. Gods of the Bible, in Genesis, did make Human Male and Female Clones, by High Tech Birth, in 'their Human Image'. Most religious Humans today, oppose making Humans in the Lab,

What caused the Male Clone to inseminate the Female Clone, and make Killer Children, is still a Mystery.

Sitchin has Humans coming from another Planet, and they worked on Evolution prehumans so they could reproduce. Sound similar to Lucifer with Adam and Eve?

I accept in Sitchin Books, about the Anunnaki from Space on the Tablets, were the History of Lucifer in Genesis.

Eternal Physical Human Life After Birth, is possible for the Human Species to Live on Planets and fly in Spaceships.

Dolores Lear

On my web site, I have all types of references to back up my statements about the High Tech Science in the Bible.

The only sections posted are Creation, High tech, Flood, Fall, Evolution and Civilization.

Just put Dolores Lear on Google, and High Tech and other places I post comes up.

adam harrison

Cole, I have only met you once, but you seem like a bright guy.

Why do you associate with a guy who likes to refer to "Hannibal Lector"...a mass murderer...even in jest to support his points?

Even Chuck Lunney yesterday said that he thinks these tactics are wrong.

As to the breakfast, I would like to come, but it is well known in blog circles that one of your guy videos people and puts blurbs on the net to make them look bad. He did it to Bill Tammeus. That is a serious reason why several people I know will not attend your meetings.

And KCF, I read on a local blog that you asked a girl to park in a parking lot and leave her blinkers on to receive further instructions from you?

If that is true, I think you need help.


adam harrison

Cole, are you aware of the role that militant atheists have had in torture and murder of Christians?


And as to your breakfast studies, I would be afraid to attend, frankly, but not for the reasons you think. I have legitimate safety concerns about someone who continually refers to "Hannibal Lector moments".

But I would like to know what sources inform your discussions. Are they simply atheist sources, or do you strive for any balance?

If you decline to answer, I think you will be answering the question in the negative.

adam harrison

By the way, KCF, I like the sign about "Atheists for Obama." Heck, I might even post a few around town myself!


adam harrison

By the way, KCF, it looks like someone is on to your tactics at the "Faithwalk"!

Have a nice day!

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