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The connection between religion and health has been studied many times with different -- and sometimes contrasting -- results.

But now the Templeton Foundation Press has created a new Web site called Spirit-Health Connections that is designed to give health care providers, spiritual counselors, patients and others help in understanding the spiritual needs of people with illness and how to assist them.

It appears to hold promise, though I'm guessing it will develop more offerings and become more useful as time goes on.

So far it provides fairly basic information, including a section about the roles of chaplains and others, and it creates a place to ask experts questions.

Naturally, because it's sponsored by a book publisher it offers you a chance to look over some of its books in this field and buy them.

This may not be the be-all, end-all site on health and spirituality, but it seems like a good addition to the arena. Surf around the site and let us know what you think.

* * *


When I read here that the Vatican was considering making Newman a saint, I thought that was pretty quick for Paul. But It's not Paul, it's Cardinal John Henry Newman. By the way, watch for a piece I've written for later this week in the FYI section of The Star about when Paul Newman lived with my family. Oh, he did, too.

* * *

P.S.: When I wrote here about a decade to celebrate Martin Luther the other day, some of you wrote comments about some anti-Jewish and other things Luther wrote. Some of that is covered in my longish essay, "Anti-Judaism in Christian History," which you can read by clicking on it under the "Check this out" headline on the right side of this page.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here.


Just Thinking

What is it going to take for this country to realize that continuing to deficit spend massive sums of money is THEFT. This country is spiritually very, very sick. We don't want to deal with today's problems today. We'd rather spend future generations' money today. Greed has taken hold of this country. And there just doesn't seem to be anyone willing to do anything about that greed. We have political candidates telling us that we don't need to tax, that we don't need to pay our debts, and that somehow it is okay to STEAL from children year after year.

And now the solution to the greed problem that has caused our financial woes: defecit spend even larger sums of money to buy bad paper for the next generation. What happens after Wachovia fails? What happens if Citigroup fails? Where will it all end? When will the people of this country realize that greed is destroying this country? When will the people of this country start acceping responsibility for the debts that we incur?

Of course economic times won't seem as good if we're finally paying our debts. Duh! Of course. But what kind of excuse is that for our sick, money-addicted government to continue to STEAL from future generations? There is no free lunch. We can start paying now or watch our economy completely collapse.

Isn't it amazing that nobody saw the current financial crisis coming. But as soon as it unfolded and we were in the midst of it, then suddenly everyone was convinced that the solution must involve printing a bunch of money! Huh? They couldn't see it coming a month earlier, but suddenly and instantly they know the solution. And that solution is to spend massive sums of money to buy bad paper!!! WE'RE SICK!!!

adam harrison

In my own family's experience, doctors without faith who are open about their atheism are much less likely to fight to the utmost for the very old or severly handicapped.

I learned this too late to help my dad, but when I saw the same thing going on with my mom, I got her the heck away from that guy.

She is doing quite well now being checked regularly by a physician with faith in more than just himself.

adam harrison

As a secondary question in this regard, atheists are clearly more likely to be in favor of abortion for any reason whatsover, but especially for those with any defects of any kind, euthanasia for those with poor quality of life (rather that improving that life) and "assisted suicide".

The convicted murderer Doctor Kevorkian was a committed atheist.


Thanks so much for the link to the Spirit-Health Connections site, Bill.

I know there's a good deal of controversy regarding whether or not the prayers of others help when one is sick, but I just don't see how anyone can deny the power of personal prayer in meeting most crises, including sickness. Prayer can create optimism. And optimism HAS been proven as having the ability to create a healing environment.

On this subject, I'd like to recommend a book that Unity Temple is currently exploring: Greg Braden's "Secrets of the Lost Art of Prayer"
Braden makes the point that these methods were edited out of the Bible.
Thanks also for the link to your anti-Judaism essay. I hope you will remind us again.........on a not-Monday. A weekend would be good, although I've put this on my to-do list.


"Truths in New Testament" - Part 3 - Matthew

Jesus tells Peter to pay his taxes with a coin that he'll find in the mouth of the first fish that he catches from the sea. Let's all go fishing tomorrow? Who's game? 17:27

Jesus lists the "ten commandments," but his list has only six, and the sixth is not one of the ten. The commandments given by Jesus are secular, not religious, in nature. 19:18

Jesus tells his apostles, "ye shall sit upon the twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel." I wonder which tribe Judas is judging? So, first Jesus commits to Judas and then changes his mind? Or, Judas had the plan after all in the grand scheme of things and in the "Lost Gospel of Judas" which was never included in the cannon we learn that Judas was the dude! 19:28

Matthew has Jesus ride into Jerusalem sitting on both an ass and a colt (must have taken some practice!). This is the classic example of uncertainty principle on the quantum level - one object can be in many places at the same time. Jesus was riding an ass and a colt at the same time! God works in mysterious ways on subatomic level! 21:2-7

Jesus curses a fig tree and the tree dies immediately (showing the world how much God Hates Figs). But in Mark's gospel (11:14, 20-21) the cursed fig tree doesn't die until the next morning. 21:19-20

Jesus says there will be "false Christs" that will "show great signs and wonders." Well, Jesus himself according to Acts 2:22 fits this description. 24:

Joe Barone

Wow! Paul Newman lived with your family. I'm impressed. Truly.

Just Thinking

I can see that you can read the Bible for yourself, KCFreeThinker, think about it and with computer-like precision process ever minute detail and find contradictions. And all on your own, without relying on what someone else thinks. I can see that you carefully check for yourself, check context, and ponder it all. I can tell that you are truly seeking Truth, to ponder and comprehend it. None of that lawyer-like deception and distortion of details for you. Purer unbiased motives of honesty and integrity in a quest for Truth I have never seen. I can see the workings of that brilliant mind of yours, striving to comprehend truth. Truth is all that concerns you. Objectivity, Truth and Substance.

Wow, here's another contradiction I found in the Bible. I'll bet bobody has ever noticed this, and you could publish it as some of your original research. Nobody is as smart as you and I. They would never have noticed these two verses right next to each other in the Bible. That's because they're not geniuses like you and I, KCFreeThinker. This should be enough for anyone to become a disbeliever. It's up YOU to spread the word!!! You make sure to tell people that they must interpret everything in the Bible in the most literal fashion before you let them read this. It will devastate them. They'll become instant DISBELIEVERS!!! "And they read and they disbelived." It can be your secret weapon. That and the cape.

Proverbs 8
4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

Dolores Lear

How can Humans Kill GOD/LIFE? How can Humans Blame the Jews, or anyone of Killing GOD? GOD is Alive or All Life GOD made would be Dead.

GOD, the Creator of LIFE, Not a Human, made the Atom/Body and Electro-Magnetic Force/Soul of Seen and Unseen Elements. GOD joins Body And Spirit/Soul to make the Species of LIFE.

GOD is Not a 'Higher' Human Being. GOD has never walked or talked to Humans on Planet Earth.

GOD is not a 'Person'. God in Three 'Persons': Father, Mother, Son, are Religious Trinity Human Physical Gods, Not GOD.

GOD is Not Three 'Persons': Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Ghost. Physical Humans in Body and Soul/Spirit are not GOD.

'God' of Life on Earth, in our Human Image, is GODs Purebred 'Higher' Human 'Being' Species, Male and Female Clones, reproduced in a High Tech Lab.

They are the Human Gods, Goddesses, and Angels, in Religion and Myth, recorded by Heterosexual Body Birth, Lower Reproduced Human 'Beings'.

Our High Tech Science today, will Prove that Purebred nor Misbred Humans, can Kill GOD, the Source of LIFE. Misbred Humans can Kill All LIFE on their Planet.

Why would GOD Kill LIFE? If the Maker of Living Elements of LIFE is Dead, then All Visible and Invisible GOD Elements Die.

Eternal Physical Life, is for Perfect Living Body and Spirit Humans. Fallen Humans do Kill GODs Elements, on their Planet, but Not GOD.

With our High Tech Science Knowledge, GOD and GODs Universes are still Alive. So are our High Tech Human Ancestors and Jesus, with Eternal Physical Life After Birth.

So, Who Killed GOD/LIFE? Neither the Jews, nor All Fallen Humans. They Kill Each Other, and GODs Planet.


"New Testament Truths" - Part 4 - Finishing Matthew and starting Mark

"I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom."
WooHoo! There will be wine to drink in heaven. Mt 26:29

Even some of Jesus' apostles doubted that the allegedly risen Christ was really Jesus. Well if they weren't sure, how could we ever be? Mt 28:17

Mark ---

Although the disciples weren't sure about Jesus even after his alleged resurrection, the "unclean spirits" knew that he was "the son of God." But Jesus told them not to tell anyone. Man he surely wanted to keep secrets. What kind of god is he? He is a foxy, conniving god who plans things in advance. And yes, there is a matter of lying to his apostles that he was not coming to city with them, but then he did. Oh, he did not lie, he was wanting to see how they'll do without him. Or he changed his mind later. Come on, get real! 3:11-12

Jesus' friends think he is insane. 3:21

"Virtue had gone out of him."
Jesus loses some virtue whenever sick women touch him. What? Jesus loses "mojo" because of sick/low in faith women? Man, this reminds me of Jews not being able to win over Assyrians because they had chariots of iron. Looks like god has a limp one when it comes to iron and sick women who are sinners. 5:30

There was much disagreement and confusion about Jesus' identity. Some thought he was Elijah or one of the prophets. And some (like Herod in this verse) thought he was the risen John the Baptist, even though John had just recently died and the people must have known what he looked like. 6:14-15

Jesus puts his fingers in a deaf man's ears, then spits and touches the deaf man's tongue. 7:33



While we are at quantum mechanics, why not a joke?

Q. What's the difference between a quantum mechanic and an auto mechanic?
A. A quantum mechanic can get his car into the garage without opening the door.

Or maybe another one...

Q. How can Santa cover all the Earth giving presents to all these kids and climbing up/down the chimney, eating cookies and drinking milk and not ever being caught in the act?
A. Santa is GOD. Christians just don't get that Santa is The Real God of the Christian gaps. They just got their god wrong, they had the right idea of a god, but were misled by "Devil" - Santa's side kick who manages the North Pole while Santa is away for a "quantum second." Yahweh/Holy Spirit/Jesus cannot be proven on subatomic level, Santa can. There is empirical evidence for Santa. Let me explain...

Kids of rich parents get better presents for Christmas, this proves that Santa is for real. At least for rich kids in this dimension. For kids of poor parents Santa has to go to the other 10 dimensions postulated by string theory and get "el cheapo" presents for them. This is not a "theory/body of knowledge" or "hypothesis/conjuncture". This is the "truth".

Or as JustThinking wrote:
"If it can't pass the '100% truth test' (clearly a "spin" for "lie") on either side, then it should be exposed."

"God is the explanation of why we can do science." Oh, that's right, the Bible tells us so.

Hail critical thinking! Hail logic! Oh, to hell with them all - there is "truth" hiding on subatomic level - it's Santa truth.

Dolores Lear

Thanks for the Anti-Judaism Writings, and who is to Blame? Very detailed and lots of religious history.


The Only Way to keep Body and Spirit/Soul connected in Life is in a High Tech Science Lab/Operating Room.

We are doing many miracles today. As I have stated before, I would not be Alive, and probably Blind, at 86, if not for Regeneration High Tech Science Operations.

None of the repairs I have had, or medications, were available 100+ years ago.

My and my younger brother's tonsils, were taken out at the same time, by our Doctor, on my parents dining room table.

So All Prayer and Psychological help, cannot truly keep Human Physical Life going, without High Tech Science in the Lab.

Today, we Do have the High Tech Science Knowledge to Clone, and make Human Life in the Lab.

In a Mis-bred Body Birth Human Society, there will always be Doctors that are not helpful, and will take advantage of patients.

We take our Lives in our hands during operations, and can only keep positive thoughts when going under the Knife.

There is a Way for God's High Tech Eternal Physical Human Life After Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships.

Humans are on the threshold, if we Unite, and do not Destroy All Life on Earth with our Nuclear Waste and Bombs.

adam harrison

KC, you reference the New Testament and Santa.

I can't find any references to Santa in the New Testament.

Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance.

Just Thinking

To KCFreeThinker,
Too bad you don't have an issue to discuss, KCFreeThinker. It's all just a smokescreen of meaningless detail. Your emotional frenzies are getting more and more out of control here. Maybe you need to take a deep breath and calm down. You're hurting yourself with your anger and hatred and further discrediting yourself.

About Today's Topic: Spiritual Health
Things go wrong when people start entertaining demons in their spiritual home. Spirits of deception and lies, spirits of destruction, spirits of hatred, spirits of assault, spirits of greed, spirits of immorality, covetous spirits, etc. They don't like it when someone with the Truth gets too close. They don't like it when God comes to visit.

Someone can be very, very spiritually sick and yet fail to see what they've become. They can be so sick that it is evident to everyone around them, but not evident to the sick person. "I'm not sick. I could quit drinking any time." "I'm not sick. They deserve to be mistread; I'm moral and they're not; I'm right and they're wrong." "I'm not sick. There is no God and I can behave any way that I want." "I'm not sick. I don't have to refrain what doing whatever feels good. Creating an unwanted child is not wrong; abortion solves the problem." "I'm not sick. I don't have to work; people owe me a living at the public trough because I was oppressed." "I'm not sick. If people are misled by my deceptions, then it's their fault because they're not 'technically' lies, and they deserve it if they fall for it." "I'm not sick. Dishonest tactics are okay in business."

The list goes on and on. People can become physically ill from refusing to deal with the evil within themselves.


Just Thinking,

May I suggest to you the following groups to visit with about demons, spirits, "entities residing in our brains", illnesses and mysticism at to begin deeper exploration of the "demons vs. health" issues. It seems that you are furthering yourself from the "true" spirit of Christianity and you need a "reality check" into another "fantasy land"

KC Esoteric Knowledge Meetup
KC Metaphysics and Mysticism
Lees Summit SpiritQuest Meetup
The Independence Energy Healers The Kansas City Witches Meetup Group
The KC Metaphysics Meetup
Kansas City IANDS (Near-Death Experience Group)
The Independence Energy Healers Conscious Evolution

And while you are at it, why don't you also sign up for one of those "The Secret" groups - you know the "quantum law of attraction" group? When you think of it and wish it it happens?

Also, there is one religion called Scientology - check them out, they are talking about all "thetans" that depress you and all - sounds remarkably like your own version of Christianity. No wonder they say you can be a Christian and Scientologist at the same time. Must be something to do with "uncertainty principle" and "riding both ass and colt" at the same time to Jerusalem and "sensing disturbance in the force" - oh, but this is from "Star Wars" - another "mystical cult". OK, I give up... All roads lead to mysticism and Santa as god of the gaps.

By the way, many of folks who belong to these groups are Christians. I think you guys will get along just fine talking about supernatural, demons and "entities" possessing people's homes and brains. Have you visited a Church of Scientology for a free personality test? Praise Jesus and his reincarnation RL Hubbard!

Just Thinking

Calm down, KCFreeThinker. You are getting worked up and you're going to affect your health. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately?

By the way, KCFreeThinker, have you watched the weather report lately? Have you checked how accurate a 10-day forecast is? Have you ever asked a meteorologist if they believe that it is possible to have an accurate very long-term weather forecast? Based on your persistence ignorance, I think you'd be shocked by the answer. You like to blow wind, but refuse to study it. Your belief that it is theoretically possible to have an accurate long-term weather forecast is your Santa Claus, KCFreeThinker.

Uneducated people with a little common sense suspect that a perfectly accurate long-term weather forecast may be out of the question. But you have this idea that everything is perfectly determined and predictable by science. It is not. Your stubborn insistence on such false notions has, in turn, resulted in your gross misunderstanding of global phenomena. And it is your stubborn refusal to accept things which contradict your preconceived, wrongheaded notions that has made you profoundly stupid. Profoundly, meaning that the consequences of your insistent ignorance are far reaching. They permeate every crack and crevice of your mind, leaving you in error in deep and irreconcilable ways. Your thoughts are inconsistent with science, but you desperately cling to them because your delusions seem to contradict religion. These delusions constitute YOUR religion, and we're all heretics to it, which is why we anger you so.

You know nothing of Science; Science does not conform to your word games. Word games to deceive others doesn't work with science. You believe that it is theoretically possible to have accurate long-term weather forecasts. That is pure delusion.

a theist

OK, we've established, actually, he's established, that KC is an idiot. There is no rational reason for him to post here trying to convert believers to atheism.

As JT has pointed out KC is so much smarter than hundreds of students of various religions over the past thousands of years; he KNOWS they are ALL wrong whereas he has figured it all out.

So he is an idiot, but that won't stop him.

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