June 6, 2008
June 9, 2008

June 7-8, 2008, weekend


A business school in India has named a Hindu monkey god its chairman. Do you go there to get an MBA -- Monkey Business Administration degree?

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What are you doing with your federal tax rebate check? As this story reports, faith communities from hither to yon are hoping you'll give some of it to them. Isnt' that what President Bush has wanted all along -- tax money supporting faith-based groups?

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Maybe you noticed the story in the paper a few days ago in which Pope Benedict XVI announced that the mysterious Shroud of Turin will go back on display in 2010.

I've long been intrigued by the shroud. I've read a couple of books about it, though I must say I find it difficult to explain my interest in it. Usually relics don't do much for me. And, as you might suspect, I harbor profound doubts that the shroud is what some claim it to be -- the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The odds against that are, frankly, enormous.

And yet -- despite various scientific efforts to determine whether it's authentic -- the shroud remains a mystery. Some suggest it dates from the 13th or 8th centuries or somewhere in there, anyway. But others aren't sure the science is reliable.

So the question I invite you to think about and respond to today is how much of your faith either depends on or is affected by material things. That is, would it make a difference to the Christians among you if the Shroud of Turin turns out to be either a fraud or the real thing? Would it, in other words, affect your faith in some way? Similarly, in what ways do Torah scrolls or ancient copies of the Qur'an or old Bibles or crucifixes or anything material like that add or substract from your faith?

Matter is, of course, different from spirit, but I think there's some kind of interconnection, and maybe the Shroud of Turin provides the opportunity to define that more clearly.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. (My Saturday column this weekend deconstructs the nation's formational religious story.) 


Joe Barone

The "material" things which have strengthened my faith are not things like the shroud. My faith has always been made stronger by others who live the faith in such a way that it becomes real in the world. In fact, I would probably say that is the main way (maybe the only way) I truly know God.

Just Thinking

The only value in the Shroud of Turin would be in proving something about Jesus. But how could a Shroud prove that Jesus lived, for example? If you're not going to believe that Jesus lived, then you're not going to believe that the Shroud was the Shroud of someone who never lived. And you're certainly not going to believe more important facts: that Jesus was Creator God who became flesh and lived among us, who lived a sinless life, who was crucified, dead and buried, and who rose again on the third day, conquered death, and who sits at the right-hand of God. How would a Shroud help that?

What I wonder is how they can find a Shroud, but they can't trace the ancestroy of Jesus' brother James, just as one example. Very suspicious if you ask me.

Dolores Lear

My parents were Missouri Synod Lutherans; I had no problem accepting the Lutheran Faith. For the past 100+ years High Tech Science began, and I lived through that since 1922.

At 49, in 1971, I was given a new understanding of the Noah Flood and the Sinking of Atlantis, as the same Planetary Flood, not a local Flood. We had movies and a TV show about High Tech Atlantis.

Atlantis' land mass was split down the middle and sank; Earth's land mass was split down the middle through the Atlantic Ocean, during the Yearlong Noah Planetary Flood, and sank. The flat world map split, is familiar to us.

In the 1930s, 40s, our High Tech Science made the Atom Bomb. In the 50s and 60s scientists projected Colonizing a Planet, and space cities were drawn. We started making spaceships, and sent men to the moon. Now we have the Nuclear Bomb, the Abomination of Desolation in the Bible.

Ever since 1971, I was given similarities, between the Supernatural/High Tech, in the King James Version of the Bible, of the Gods, and Angele activity, of riding thrones up in the air, and fiery chariots out into space.

So my Faith turned into the Science Truth, of a High Tech Human Species, Our Ancestors, that Live Forever with High Tech Science Male and Female Equal Clones with 'Regeneration'. They Colonize Planets like we hope to do some Day, and Prove they can escape their Planet when their Sun dies.

My Faith is now 'Literal' Truth, that Jesus, My Redeemer, is Alive in a Physical Perfect Human Body, on a Planet and in Spaceships. He will return at the Judgement Day with our High Tech Ancestors, the 'Father/'Mother', of Life as we Know it, on Earth.


Great idea regarding the tax rebate checks. I try to give at least a small portion of "windfalls" to charity.
I agree with you and Joe and JT. Relics do nothing for me, either. But the material and religious will always be two different realms, period. So the answer to your question is that none of my faith is tied up in the material. That's why it's called "faith".

Dolores Lear

Relics, Icons, Statues, Rites, Temples etc., of all kinds, were created in Pagan religions, to compete for members.

The Christian Religion started out a Humble movement, of Equal Sharing, and no violence or killing.

What happened to Jesus' teachings to Love God and Fellowman/Brothers/Sisters of Life, more than Self?

Why replace Equal Life Actions, with objects, to show religious preference, and have Greed, Hate, Patriotism, and Killing, for their Lifestyle?

Is that how Christians follow Jesus?

What is Religion? A Way to Worship in Temple made by Human Hands of all types of Gods?

Do the best and biggest temples have the best God?

Temples, the Shroud of Turin, Crosses, Candles, Jewelry, Rites, are all for Show. They do not make Humans Share Equally, and be the Caretakers of the Life System on Earth.

Our Pollution, Nuclear Bombs, and War, prove none of these religions, temples, rites, props, etc., help Humans Serve GOD, God, Jesus, and Life.

Just Thinking

At the monkey-god school, they take a very primate-ive hands-on, monkey-see-monkey-do kind of approach to education. Those with four opposable thumbs are especially encouraged to apply.

Put a little more fur on President Bush's face and he could be the mascot. Three statues, one with Bush's hands over his ears (hear no evil), one with his hands over his eyes, and another with his hands over his mouth could go right in front of the main administration building of monkey-god school.

Dolores Lear

India's Monkey Gods, may not seem so unreal, when High Tech Science is accepted as how our Planet was Colonized, by High Tech Humans. We do not know the descriptions of their spacesuits, although some drawings on caves do have similarities to our astronauts weird spacesuits, they use outside our iss, and for launching.

The descriptions of the Lord and Angels, in the Christian Bible, sound weird also, but we are into weird today with our Space Knowledge. Once we translate these writings and drawings, with High Tech Science, we can accept High Tech Science Knowledge was on Earth 'in the beginning' and during other writings about supernatural Gods that flew up in the air and out into space.

In the 1940s, the natives without contact to our High Tech Science, on New Guinea, also made a Cargo God Religion, when our pilots landed on their island, to make a base for our supplies, in WW2 with Japan.

It will be exciting to Prove, Life on Earth did not evolve, but was Supernaturally Created by Supernatural Human Gods. Male and Female, they walked and talked, and made the Human Species in their Image. They and the Adam and Eve Colony, using rib material, were Equal Male and Female Clone Helpmeets, not Unequal Mates.

Today, We do have the High Tech Science to Know Humans can reproduce a fetus, in a High Tech Science Lab, without the Original Sin of Heterosexual Sex Act Body Birth.

We do have the Science to Know the First Steps for Day 1 through 3, to Colonize a planet with a soupy water atmosphere like Earth had 'in the beginning'.

So why not translate Genesis and Myth, with High Tech Science Knowledge, and Know we are not the only Human Species in GODs Universes?

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