June 27, 2008
June 30, 2008

June 28-29, 2008, weekend


On Friday here on the blog, I talked about the potential split in the Anglican Communion, mostly over how to deal with the question of gays and lesbians in ministry. That same day, it turns out, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) (my denomination) voted to amend the church's constitution to allow ordination of gays and lesbians. This amendment must be approved by a majority of the 173 presbyteries (regional governing bodies) over the next year before it can take effect, and I frankly have doubts about that happening, though I believe it should. I think eventually nearly all Christian denominations will recognize that there is no biblical warrant for denying ordination to otherwise qualified gays and lesians, though I doubt that will happen in my lifetime.

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Knowing how to handle religious issues in the workplace can be tricky at times. This report suggests that it's been a particular issue in Canada, though, again, look at the headline someone put on this. "Wars"? Oh, come on. That sounds like people of faith are bringing tanks and rifles to work. Besides, consistent, constitutional and fair rules can take care of nearly all these workplace issues.

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What are the values -- by which I mean moral values -- behind America's politics?


I know some of you are wondering what I'm smoking because you think there aren't any. But hang with me here.

It's a good -- if perhaps impossibly broad -- question, and a new University of Michigan research project is scheduled to launch on Monday to try to provide some possible answers. But with your help.

You'll be able then to go to www.ourvalues.org (earlier I had this listed here as .com because that was the way site organizers had given it to me, but that was in error, and the .org site seems to be working now) to read and participate. I have given you the direct Web site address here and not just an embedded link in case the site goes off-line until its official launch on Monday. So, if you can't get to it now, come back here then or save the address now and visit it Monday.

The site will be operated by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research and guided by Wayne Baker (pictured here), a professor in the Ross School of Business there.


Baker, a sociologist, plans a daily topic (sort of blog-like) with a chance for people to respond to it. There also will be quick polls and other features. I gather that he's hoping for a national conversation.

He's been working to develop the Web site with the help of none other than a journalist who specializes in religion. No, not me, but David Crumm, for a long time a writer for the Detroit Free Press and now founding editor of ReadtheSpirit.com, a Web site that seeks to promote interfaith dialogue. Check it out. It's high quality stuff.

"Dr. Baker's project is a new way for concerned Americans to let leaders know what they value, and why," David says.

So I hope you'll bookmark the new Our Values site and participate as a way to helping to shape a national discussion about ways in which our common values can help to guide public policy. It's a discussion we really need.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. (My Saturday column this weekend talks about why some people confuse patriotism with commitment to religion.) 


Just Thinking

Christians get tired of hearing about sexual conquests, drunk-fests, and other similar behaviors in the work place. There's nothing a Christian can do about such conversations in the workplace. Just mention the name of Jesus to someone who doesn't want to hear about it, though, and all hell breaks loose.

The theory is that someone could be coerced or pressured into religion, or discriminated against based on a difference (or lack) of religion. However, those who live for the party will presumably not discriminate against those who are different from them. And we should believe this? Based on the application of what ethic should we believe this?

Dolores Lear

Religion in the work place, involves many different views of God, just as religion in government does. In a Country with a State Religion, this is not a problem, unless someone tries to change that State religion.

In the USA which was not supposed to have a Federal or State Religion, the Christian rites, icons, prayers, Holidays, etc., were voted into law, by the Christian Majority in Congress. All religion have the right to Congregate.

Some laws have been changed, such as swearing on the Christian Bible in court. Christian prayer in schools, and Christian religious pageants at Christmas and Easter were stopped. Any place that all citizens of many different religion or no religion congregate, should not be forced to be Patriotic to one favored Religion.

There are also recognized Atheists, that also complain about the Inequality of the Christian religion in Government. Many Christians still say, Christian rites were always in Government.

So is our Fame as a Christian Nation, true or false? Do Citizens of all Governments give their allegiance to God or Country? Is it time to Serve the Peace God of Religion, or continue being a good Patriot and Killing our Brothers/Sisters of Life, for our Country? No one can Truly Serve Two Masters, God and Mammon/Religion and Government.

What is Godly about the USA Government? We have the most weapons of mass destruction and military bases on land and sea. Where is the Protest? If we are for the God of Peace, why do we have Brother/Sister Enemies?

Dolores Lear

My Granddaughter lives in Livermore, CA, and works at the
Lawrence Livermore Lab. It is a Federal Lab that has a
laser, that they are making to work for intercepting enemy weapons.
But they also are working on fusion technology, for energy.

Quest has a video about the Lab's fusion, that is


It takes lots of money for this work, so too bad they use
the laser money for weapons, and for the Iraq War, instead
for fusion energy., that has a money crunch.

But like all our High Tech project, most of the money goes
into weapons of massive destruction instead of for Life.

Just Thinking

Dolores, you seem to have this naive idea that if you devote enough money toward a fusion reactor, then we will produce one. That's not how science works.

The clip you reference indicates that they don't know if there'll ever be a fusion reactor! You see, Dolores, that's something else money cannot buy: new science. If science will not allow a fusion reactor, then no amount of money is going to change that. Apparently they don't know if a fusion reactor is possible, which would clearly indicate the absence of any theoretical physics that would indicate that a fusion reactor is possible. So they're just shooting in the dark, pun intended.

You can spend all the money in the world and come up with absolutely nothing. Money doesn't make science materialize from thin air, no matter how much you are willing to spend. And money certainly cannot change the reality of whether or not a fusion reactor is even possible.

Dolores Lear

All the money in the world for Fusion, is the best move for Planet Earth today.

We need energy for the Heterosexual Population Explosion that will be 7 billion in 2011. How many more Humans can Earth hold? Many already live on boats.

Fusion energy does not pollute. Atom and Nuclear energy makes deadly waste, and is ruining our Planet. And it takes more and more for all the Humans alive today.

Most of our Resources are put into weapons of massive destruction, and deadly pollution in many countries, instead of for Life.

If our Killing Society, United, and All the Scientists that work on Death, were put on Fusion, I accept the reality of Fusion Energy as the Peace God's Powers, that Colonized Earth by High Tech Science, and reproduced Pure-bred Perfect Humans.

Spirits did not make Life on Earth, and Humans do. Spirits do not reproduce Humans, Humans do. It is Time to quit blaming God for all the Evil on Earth. It is caused by Mis-bred Humans.

Until we Unite Atoms, instead of Dividing them, as we have so far, we not only Kill our Brothers/Sisters of Life, but our Eco System that gives us Life. Until we Unite as Human Brothers/Sisters, we will Kill all Life on Earth.

Eternal Physical Life is for Living Humans After Birth, on Earths and in spaceships, with Clean Nonpolluting Power, not for Dead Humans After Death.

We need to Change our Focus for Life After Birth, not keep look forward for Life After Death, and Killing each other and our Home Planet.

Joe Barone

The ordination of otherwise qualified gays is a "hotbutton" issue, one of those issues some people use to define which side you're on. The use of hotbutton issues to define people (without regard to where they might stand in other situations) is a part of the nastiness of modern religion and politics. I know gay people who are very religiously conservative. They would have a lot to offer the conservative cause if they could find a place to offer it.

Dolores Lear

Gays are a result of Heterosexual Body Birth Reproduction. All Humans on Earth, are reproduced by Humans, not by God. It is Inhumane how Humans treat Humans, that they have reproduced and rejected, Unequally.

All types of Heterosexual Body Birth Genetic and Physical Defects are born, when the male plants his seed in the female. No one gets a choice on the seed they carry, or the seed they join with to make a child.

Misbred Abusers, Bullies, Pedophiles, Rapist, Killers, etc., are a result of who a person's Misbred parents are, and the Environment where a person is born, and grows up. The Result: an Inhumane Hate/Killer Species of Humans.

Going to Church, temple, synagog, etc. does not Prove we Love God or our Brothers/Sisters of Life. Our Pollution and Nuclear Bombs on land and sea is proof of our Hate of GOD/LIFE, and our Brothers/Sisters of LIFE. Who Cares what we do to Life our Planet, we are going to Heaven when we Die!

GOD, the maker of the seed, joins the seed together, wherever they are planeted, in the High Tech Lab or in the female womb.

God, our Higher Nature Human Ancestors, did make Equal Perfect Human Male and Female Clone Brother/Sister Caretakers in the Lab, in the Garden of Eden, 'in the beginning'. The Big Question: Why did they 'fall' to Heterosexual Body Birth and Death?

Why not spread the News that our Human Ancestors/God, and Jesus, are Alive and Well, on Planets and in Spaceships, instead of the Religious teaching about Eternal Life After Death? Is this really what Religion teaches?

What is our excuse for Killing All Life and our Planet? The Original Sin of making Mis-bred Killing Humans?

a theist

" I know gay people who are very religiously conservative."

Yes, Joe, and the Madrid chapter of the SPCA is holding a charity bullfight. See a contradiction here?

a theist

And Dolores,

"Why not spread the News that our Human Ancestors/God, and Jesus, are Alive and Well, on Planets and in Spaceships, instead of the Religious teaching about Eternal Life After Death? Is this really what Religion teaches?"

Because no one but you believes it.

As you have been told, if one and only one person believes something, that person might be classed as delusional.

Dolores Lear

a theist.

I would rather be the one and only person, that accepts there is a Literal High Tech Science Pure-bred Male and Female Clone Helpmeet Caretaker Human Society, with Peace and Eternal Physical Life After Birth, than be 1 of 7 billion that believes in Eternal Life After Death, in a Spirit Heaven.

I was a believer in God and Jesus, 'before' we had the High Tech Science, to Know Humans can fly in Space, Know how to Colonize another Planet, and Know how to reproduce Human Fetus' in the Lab, without the male planting the seed, like the Lord that made Humans in their Image, in Genesis.

On Easter I sang 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives', and now I Literally Know it for Truth, not for Belief.

And I was taught that the Lord and Jesus would return, and stand with those that remain in the last Days of Life on Earth, not Dead, but Alive.

Can anyone really look at the news on television, and not see the maps that show how our Earth is about ruined? Especially with all our Pollution killing our Eco System, and land area, and Nuclear Bombs on land and sea. Does anyone watch the news anymore?

Is this Literally Living like we Love God, and our Brothers/Sisters of Life?

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