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June 24, 2008


The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life yesterday released the second part of its U.S. Religious Landscape Survey. When you click on the link, I invite you first to go to the "Comparisons" section. Some intriguing material there that points to the amazing diversity of religious belief in our pluralistic society. I'll have more to say about all of this later here and maybe in a column, but poke around in the findings and see what surprises you. For some comments on all this from the religion reporter of the Dallas Morning News, click here. And for the Pew Forum's own press release about the survey, click here.

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For some reason I've been thinking lately about the difficult work that military chaplains do -- necessary, dangerous, uplifting work.


So I thought I'd hunt around to see if any such folks (or members of their families) are blogging about their experiences to give all of us a taste of what that life is like.

I've found several I'll share with you in the hope that all of us can more fully appreciate the job chaplains do to hold together our people in the military.

The first blog I found is by an Assemblies of God chaplain. It's got some interesting posts, but it appears he let it go dormant several months ago. He's got a wife, four kids and is stationed in Alaska.

Next I found a blog by the wife of a military chaplain. It's much more up to date. She and her husband also have four kids, one of whom is also in the military.

I found this blog by an Army chaplain serving in Iraq. Note his wide range of interests. This isn't just a site about his thoughts on God.

Next, here's a blog by a Universalist-Unitarian who, when he wrote this, was considering becoming a military chaplain. He talks about the negative reaction among some other U-U members.

Finally (this is a really brief list for you today) here's a spot for Buddhists in the military, including information on where to find a chaplain.

Well, as I say, this is just a taste of what's out there. If you know other blogs related to military chaplains, pass them along.

But let's remember the important work these folks do to keep body and soul together for our troops.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. 


Joe Barone

To me, the value of something like the Pew Poll is that it shows the incredible diversity of our religious beliefs. Anyone who tells you he or she is speaking for all (or most) Americans on most religious issues (abortion, gays, Jesus only, Mohamed only, or whatever) is whistling in the wind.

Dolores Lear

What is Religion in the USA? Who is the God of all the Religions? What is the most important issue of religion? Eternal Life After Death? Life in the Womb? Life After Birth on Planets and in Spaceships?

How many people are born, and then Killed every day? How many aborted? Any comparison as to which Killing of Any Life on Earth, is the greater Sin, in the 'sight' of God?

Do Religions have a Killer God also, that sets the example for Humans on Earth? What happened to obeying the Peace God and the Prince of Peace?

Obama for President has really brought Faith in question, as to which God is God in the USA. Many accept he is a Black Muslim, only acting as a White Christian for 20 years, since he is Half White?

This change from All White men running for President, should change how we 'see' each other. What color were the first Humans on Earth? Black as Evolution Science says?

We need a High Tech Science translation, to find the basic reason Planet Earth has Humans as the Highest Species, or are we still Evolving?

Humans should be Equal Caretakers. Why be Killers of All Life on our Home Planet. For God? What kind of Living, is Competition for our Necessities and Luxuries. against our Brothers/Sisters of Life? Who else is our Enemy that we Kill?

Eternal Life should be for the Living Humans After Birth, not for Life After Death. What is Life After Death? Who is God After Death?

With High Tech we Know All Life that Dies, returns to the Elements that made our Alive Physical Bodies? Who is the GOD of the Elements? Humans? A Spirit?

Just Thinking

No matter how many different versions of Christianity there may be in this country, there are many things that all of them should have in common. If religion is used to inform hateful treatment of others, then it is worse than worthless. If religion is merely an abstract frontal-lobe-diddling exercise that is not put into practical community service, then it is worthless. If religion becomes an excuse to feel morally superior to someone else, then it is worse than worthless.

If Christianity is not built on a solid love of God through a sincere desire to follow his ways, then it is worthless. Being in love with the ways of God for our own life is not at all the same as grudgingly following rules. Being in love with the ways of God for our own life is not at all the same as demanding His ways for others either through laws or national bullying. Someone who is in love with God will offer their whole being to Him and will allow Him to manage their resources, to become Lord in their life.

If Christianity is not built on a genuine love for others through a strong heart-felt desire for each lost soul to find God, then it is worse than worthless. Believing that any willing soul is beyond God's ability to mold, transform, justify and glorify is damaging and arrogant, worse than worthless. There is a spiritual party in Heaven every time that a soul deeply desires to become a willing follower of Jesus--it's how everyone becomes enabled for a lifetime of change in willful obedience to a new Lord, by a cleansed conscience and a forgiven soul.

Dolores Lear

What is 'genuine' love for others? No one can live or have Equal genuine love, that is made by Body Birth.

Adam and Eve were made in Genuine Asexual Agape Love, with High Tech Pure-bred Genetic and Physical Asexual Bodies. They had Equal Eternal Physical Life After Birth, with High Tech 'Regeneration' Science.

They 'fell' to Flesh Lust Heterosexual Body Birth, and reproduced Cain and Abel by Body Birth. This made Mis-bred Humans, that used flesh lust as love. Physical Death After Birth, resulted for all Humans born in Sin, ever since.

The Adam and Eve Humans had this High Tech, Higher 'Being' Nature of Birth, in a High Tech Womb, 'in the beginning'. This is recorded in Genesis, and handed down as supernatural birth.

Did Life Evolve on Earth up through our 'Lower Being' Reproduction to our High Tech Higher Being Reproduction today? We do make a Fetus in the High Tech Lab, without the flesh lust planting of the seed in the female.
Whatsoever Humans sow, that also will they reap.

Did Humans with Body Birth, Evolve up to the High Tech Science Reproduction of Equal Birth for All Humans, in a High Tech Womb? This will make the Higher Beings, like the Adam and Eve Clones were 'in the beginning'.

Humans have evolved from animals, Unequal males and females, up to our High Tech Science, to reproduce Human Beings in the High Tech Science Womb, Equally. In Religion, Humans were supernaturally reproduced, by Higher 'Beings', not Spirits, in Genesis.

High Tech Science Equal Reproduction, is the supernatural of Unequal Lower Body Birth Human Beings.

Eternal Physical Life if for Living Humans, After Birth on Earths and in spaceships, not for Dead Humans After Death.

Dolores Lear

Where did the information come from, for Humans After Death, to have a Spiritual Party in Heaven with Jesus, who is Alive in a Physical Body?

Is Jesus able to be a Human and a Spirit? He will come back to Earth as a Human.

Jesus did go up into Space with the Father, also a Human that walked and talked and made Humans in their Image, who is also called a Spirit.

We know today how Humans fly up in the air, and go up into Space in Spaceships, and they are not Spirits.

So who told Humans on Earth, about the Spirit Heaven for Humans After Death?

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