March 6, 2008
March 8-9, 2008, weekend

March 7, 2008


Get this: An Israeli scientist who once took mind-changing drugs says he now thinks Moses was high on similar drugs when he spoke with God and received the Ten Commandments. Ah, so it wasn't the parting of the Red Sea but the partying at the Red Sea?

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More than 20 years ago, I read most, if not all, of The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah by Alfred Edersheim (pictured here), regarded as a classic work of 19th Century theology.

Edersheim_alfredIf you have this thick volume (my copy runs 828 pages), today would be an appropriate day to drag it off your shelf and have a look because today is the anniversary of Edersheim's birth in 1825. He was born a Jew in Vienna, Austria, but converted to Christianity at age 20 and eventually became a Presbyterian clergyman, though, as a Presbyterian myself, I hope you won't hold that against him.

One of the striking aspects of his famous book, at least to me, was his effort to defend even small and theologically insignificant aspects of the traditional story of Jesus' life.

For instance, when he writes about the Nativity he says Jesus was born on Dec. 25, obviously the day Christians celebrate Christmas. Most scholars today would argue that there is no way of knowing exactly when Jesus was born, and it really doesn't much matter whether it was Dec. 25, Jan. 18 or June 11. Except that it mattered so much to Edersheim that he put this footnote on his mention of the Dec. 25 date (all the oddly placed commas are his, not mine):

"There is no adequate reason for questioning the historical accuracy of this date. The objections generally made rest of grounds, which seem to me historically untenable. The subject has been fully discussed in an article by Cassel in Herzog's Real. Ency. xvii. pp. 588-594. But a curious peice of evidence comes to us from a Jewish source. In the addition to the Megillath Taanith (ed. Wasrsh. p. 20 a), the 9th Tebheth is marked as a fast day, and it is added, that the reason for this is not stated. Now, Jewish chronologists have fixed on that day as that of Christ's birth, and it is remarkable that, between the years 500 and 816 A.D. the 25th of December fell no less than twelve times on the 9th Tebbeth. If the 9th Tebbeth, or 25th December, was regarded as the birthday of Christ, we can undestand the concealment about it. . . ."

Doesn't that strike you as protesting too much? Well, whatever Edersheim's purpose in such prose, it's intriguing to drop back a century-plus and read what folks then were reading about Jesus, about whom more has been written than probably any person in history -- well, except maybe Paris Hilton.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. (My column tomorrow will talk about religions'  remarkable reliance on ancient words.)


Dolores Lear

Moses had contact with a 'God' that rode in a High Tech spaceship/pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, who led them to the Promised Land/Jerusalem.

November 20, 1947, the UN Resolution (GA 181) divided Palestine into an Arab State and a Jewish State. The UN countries, the Gods of today, also have Spaceships.

The God with Moses, was the Noah/Atlantis High Tech Science Society, like the UN is today. The Moses event, was before the Noah/Atlantis Planetary Flood.

Our High Tech Science Ancestors Colonized Earth, and Reproduced the Pure-bred Clone Colony of Adam and Eve. The Pure-bred Colony of the Brother/Sister Clones started In-bred Body Birth.

The resulting Mis-bred Cain and Abel Society, fought, and Killing Began. What Body Birth does to our Home Planet, is our History.

We need a High Tech Science Translation, of all Scripture and Myth, and accept the Peace 'God', our Pure-bred Ancestors from Space, that Colonized Earth. And accept the High Tech Body Birth Mis-bred Human Killer 'God' of the Noah/Atlantis Society, was before the Planetary Flood, and was like our Killer Society today.

The Creator/High Tech Peace God of the Bible said, Thou Shalt Not Kill, and any reference to God Killing with Supernatural power, was the High Tech Science Noah/Atlantis Society, like we are today. It
was atom bombs, at Sodom and Gomorrah, like ours in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

All Supernatural Actions of 'God' need to be translated, with High Tech Science Knowledge, to Find the Truth of Eternal Life After Birth, not Eternal Human Life After Death.

Jesus, a Pacifist, is with the Peace Ancestor God, and Will Return Before the Judgement Day Fire.


We could study our entire life away, building a fortress around us with our own knowledge, and it wouldn't mean anything to God. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.

The person who loves as God wants does not waste their time. That is a foundation built on Jesus Christ, but the foundation built solely on knowledge is one built on own ego and defended with our own ego, often with hatred, sometimes even by murder.

Accusations of drug use against Moses, or questions about the date of Jesus' birth may shake the house built on sand, but not the house built on Jesus Christ. The love that God shows all people through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is not undermined or diminished in this way.

Knowledge has its place. Knowledge affirms our hope and strengthens our faith, but love is still greater.

Dolores Lear

Until we accept that the supernatural power of God in Genesis, is High Tech Science, that colonized Earth and reproduced Pure-bred Perfect Human Clone Humans, we will keep Killing our Brothers/Sisters of Life, and our Eco System.

If we have to Die, to go to be with God and Jesus, then are they Dead also. If alive, they are in Human Form, not Dead. We are in their Humans Image.

All the mysteries about how Life began on Earth and Moses and Jesus, can be translated with High Tech Science Knowledge.

Maybe we do not get to accept this, until after the Nuclear 'Arm'ageddon that will do away with the Overpopulation, from our Sexual Revolution.

If Humans do accept Pure-bred Birth in the lab, how would we keep Humans from all this Uncontrolled Body Birth Reproduction we have experienced in the past 100 years?

Faith had it's place, but Knowledge can affirm Eternal Physical Perfect Life After Birth.

What kind of Life is it After Death?

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