March 21, 2008
March 24, 2008

March 22-23, 2008


Just in time for Easter, a new book, which I have not yet read, suggests that Jesus would be angry at what has been created in his name. This review, however, leaves me wondering if one more scholar has misread and misunderstood the role of Paul. If so, the author may have everything else out of line, too. Is this the sort of book you eagerly acquire or the sort you avoid, rolling your eyes at another debunking of Jesus?

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Muslims in Afghanistan again are protesting those Danish cartoons. Fine, but doesn't it make more sense to protest the poverty, war and political corruption rampant there?

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On this Easter weekend, when those of us who are Christian (except for the Orthodox, who will celebrate April 27) are celebrating the most sacred time on the church calendar, I'm not going to fill up your time reading lots of my words.

Easter2007But I have found some interesting Web sites that offer lots of information about Easter, not just in its religious meaning but also in its non-Christian sources, which is to say its connections to stories and customs that predated the first Easter, when we believe Jesus was raised from the dead.

For instance, this holiday site has, on the left side of its opening page, a list of almost two dozen topics related to Easter you might find interesting. Tell me if you learn anything there.

For similar information in more narrative form, click here.

The Religious Tolerance site offers this collection of Easter information.

Finally, if you want to read one or more of a stack of Easter sermons from ancient and modern times, click here.

Easter and/or Purim and/or something else blessings to all of you.

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P.S.: Saturday is the three and a half year anniversary of the blog. Not sure what the appropriate way to celebrate is. Maybe e-mail myself congratulations. Or something.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. (My Saturday column this weekend explores the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the body.)



Congratulations Bill.
How to celebrate? Perhaps we all could sing:
Happy Aniversary to you,
Happy Aniversary to you,
Happy Aniversary dear Bill's Faith Matters weblog,
Happy Aniversary to you.

Dolores Lear

Happy Wishes to You for the Three and a half years for your Blog.

Thank You for your patience. Your comments have helped me compact my message, of 'Eternal Physical Life After Birth for All Humans, on Planets and in Spaceships'.

My thanks to all the Bloggers that also had patience with me. I enjoyed all comments, for or against this High Tech Science translation, of religious writings and myth.

Now we must be about our Father's Business of Taking Care of our Home Planet, instead of blowing it up with our Nuclear Bombs on land and sea. But I acknowledge this is also in Prophecy.

So ... on with our Living and Dying experience, till the Proophecy Promised Judgement Day, with Jesus and the Fathers/Mothers, of Life as we know it, on our Home Planet.

Jesus' Asexual Agape Love and Peace to All.

Mary Behr

Congratulations on your perseverence, Bill. I will keep you and your efforts in my prayers this sacred weekend.

Joe Barone

The blog is a blessing for me. It sometimes helps me formulate my ideas by writing them. Thanks for doing the things necessary to keep this blog on this important subject going.


It sounds to me as if the Afghan protests are being fomented as an "excuse", of sorts, when the real issue is that soldiers from Denmark are on their soil. It's certainly true that the conditions are bad enough that they should be the focus of unrest. Along with the corruption and oppression of the Taliban.

On the subject of Denmark.....there is an absolutely wonderful Danish film called, "The Monastery, Mr. Vig, and the Nuns". An elderly Dane wants to turn a castle into a Russian Orthodox monastery. It's a true story; a documentary. The KC Public Library has the DVD. WONDERFUL. Warm. Funny. Real.

I'm wondering, Bill, if recent trials have you counting the days and hours and minutes that you've maintained this blog. : ) Thank you for your enduring INSPIRATION, perspiration, and PATIENCE.


It is not the strength of faith and religion that kills, but the weaknesses. The situation with the Dutch cartoonist is deplorable proof of this. The Muslims that are so weak in their faith that they cannot glance at a cartoon without feeling the need to kill the cartoonist are to be pitied. Their faith means nothing when a mere cartoon rattles and shakes the foundation of their life to the degree that they want to kill. It is not the strength of religion of that kills, but the weaknesses.

Tolerance works the same way. There are those who want to kill anyone different from themselves out of religious weakness. They may see people doing things that they claim would never tempt them, but somehow it threatens their weak faith so much that they kill in their hearts. They are to be pitied for their weakness.

Christians are permitted everything in strength, even though not everything is beneficial. It is not a license to sin, but it is the freedom to be in the world as an angel of God's love. I may go to a bar or I may attend a show or a worldly movie, but I am not bothered unless I am tempted in weakness. I will not go run and hide; I will live in strength. The weak worry about their peers and they condemn, damn and wish ill will on those who are different, but that is because they are not strong enough to be more like Jesus, and they refuse to grow up from being children. Those who are weak and easily tempted should hide until they can grow up because children disguised as adults can do much damage.


Happy Easter tomorrow, everyone.

(The Orthodox Easter is April 27th this year. Pray for us to complete our Lenten fast with righteousness.)

Dolores Lear

Happy Easter All.

Jesus Is Alive Today, In The Same Physical Body, Out In Space, on a Heaven/Planet, the Home of the religious Trinity Gods, in our Human Image. The Chariots of these Gods, that travel in Space, are High Tech Spaceships.

On Bill's referral to 'How Jesus Became Christian'. Listed, 'The Jesus Sayings'.
Both are about taking the teachings of Jesus out of the resulting religions with new understandings.

The New Trinity religions resulted from the Trinity Religion of Father, Mother, Son, in Egypt and Rome, in 300. This movement changed Jesus' One God religion, to God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and the Female God, became the Holy Spirit.

This influenced how the Scriptures were translated and Creeds were formed to back up the teachings. Mary was still considered the Mother of God.

That should make her Equal with the Father. The Son, is literally Worshiped more than God the Father or Mother/Holy Spirit.

Many writings influenced this movement, some accepted, some not. This Trinity teaching, has made many divided Christian religious groups, since the Protestant religion began.

The author of the second book, is trying to take the supernatural, out of the writings.
That is where I come in.

The supernatural of the Human Gods, written without High Tech Knowledge, needs to be translated by our 'supernatural' High Tech today.

Then, the Truth of Eternal Physical Human Life After High Tech Science Birth, can be Accepted On Earths, and In Spaceships.

Eternal Life, for Pure-bred Humans, who Stay Alive, with High Tech 'regeneration', is for Living Humans, not for Dead Humans reproduced by Body Birth.

The Hope of Eternal Physical Life at Easter, like Jesus, is accomplished with High Tech Science Colonization and Reproduction and Regeneration.

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