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March 12, 2008



Islamophobia is justified at this point. You can speak up about the practices of Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. and even make fun of Jesus Christ (as many do) without fear of being killed for it. But poke fun of Islam and you may well end up hiding from assassins for the rest of your life, you and anyone who is remotely connected. There is a Dutch cartoonist who has much to say about this. Islamophobia shouldn't go away until there is no reason to be phobic--that would not be smart.

It took the Catholic Church a long time to grow out of killing people who oppose them. Even the idea of a radical Catholic seems absurd any more. So there is reason to hope that the radical element of Islam will disappear with time, too. The hatred in Islam is punishing every Muslim.


No doubt that any initiative - Islamic or Christian - to stop hunger or perform charitable good works is worthwhile. But I think that responses like Jean's point to the need for Islamic leaders to do much more on a community level in the West. It's about interpersonal relations and not about public relations campaigns.

There are too many Americans who self-righteously believe that their bigotry toward an entire religion or race of people, is warranted. Until they meet and understand that there is a broad range of people and beliefs represented by Islam, there is little chance of the bigotry being effectively eradicated.

I sat at a meeting, only a week ago, with two women spewing bile against the possibility of a mosque in the Midwest being able to call to prayer in an Arabic language. All intolerant arguments ultimately led back to their notion that this is a Christian nation and, therefore, non-Christian Moslems were not due the same freedoms. Of course, neither woman has any interaction with the Moslems in their community.

And on the subject of America as a Christian nation. Fascinating discussion on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday with a founder of beliefnet.com

Joe Barone

I don't think Islamophobia is justified. In fact, for me one way to fight Islamic radicals most of all is to accept and support Islamic moderates. We as Christians have had our Crusades and our Jim Jones'. Any legitimate religion can be distorted (even violently) by a misuse of its Scripture. An us-them mentality only increases tension. We should condemn violent misreadings of Scripture across the board, and then we should work to find some kind of unity among all religious moderates.

Dolores Lear

How do we change the violence, in the Bible and in All religious Scripture and Myth? How do we Unite Moderates in other religions, when Moderates do not agree within a Denomination?

The translations of Scriptures of each religion and its divisions, cannot Unite, so how could different religions work with other religions? How long have Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and Muslims be at War with each other?

We now have High Tech Science Supernatural Knowledge, to put Nuclear Bombs on land and sea. We all agree with this Killing technology, but not on a Peace Technology with all religious divisions.

Killing each other did not change Human Nature, and will not, until the End Times 'Arm'ageddon Nuclear War, between these four major religions. A religious prophecy? How did Humans Know, how to write about this years ago?

Religion has not changed Fallen Human Nature, to become Caretakers of our Home Planet. It is covered with all types of pollution, and nuclear waste on land and sea. Oil spills and other chemicals will contribute to the Planetary Judgement Day Fire.

This will destroy our Ozone Canopy, and Life as we Know it will end. How did Fallen Humans Know, how to write about this years ago?

These supernatural writings are revealed. We again have the High Tech Science Knowledge of Colonizing a Planet, making a Human fetus in the lab without the sex act, and making fiery chariots that travel out into Space.

High Tech Science describes the Supernatural Gods, of religion and myth? They and Jesus will return to Save the ones that remain, to take them to a new Planet, like Earth was 'in the beginning'.

Will this also prove true by the writing in the past?

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