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March 10, 2008


In light of the horrendous death of eight seminary students in Jerusalem at the hands of a gunman last week, I thought the foreign editor of The Times of London analyzed the situation well in this commentary. Seven years later than he should have, President Bush finally is actively engaged in the peace process. We'll see. We'll see.

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When I was still a full-time employee of The Kansas City Star, I wrote a series of articles I called "Conversations with Clergy."

ClergyIt was an attempt to try to help readers understand the complexities of the work clergy do but also to help them understand that these people are like the rest of us -- with fears and concerns, loves and dislikes, pet peeves and passions.

I was struck by all of that again the other day when I was sitting in a coffee shop (I don't drink coffee; I had a cream soda) talking with a Christian pastor about an agency he serves as a board member.

What was on this man's plate? Oh, my. Well, yes, the non-profit agency we were discussing. But so much more than that. And much more than preparing a weekly sermon and making sure the church budget isn't tanking.

* His mother-in-law is quite elderly and frail, and he worries about her.

* He's set aside several hours each day for much of a week to pray in a special and organized way for every member of his congregation, after having asked the members for specific prayer requests. He's found it a fascinating experience that has created closer bonds with members.

* He's been working on the various worship services coming up in Holy Week, but already is issuing invitations to people to participate in a Good Friday service next year.

* A close friend of his, also a member of the clergy (a man I've gotten to know and admire), has been seriously ill in New York, and he's been trying to stay in good touch with him.

* And on and on.

So next time you speak with or even just see a member of the clergy of any religion, keep in mind that this job is a lot more than a couple of hours a week giving sermons and visiting sick people in the hospital. It is, instead, running an aerobically spiritual race.

My own pastor has just returned from a two-week sabbatical in Israel that was designed for him and other members of the clergy to recharge their batteries. Hang around clergy long enough and you'll soon know why they need occasional recharging.

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Joe Barone

Your church is to be commended for providing sabbaticals. I assume it included salary and other kinds of support during that time. Too few churches do that especially among the smaller, more rural ones. They'd have better ministers if they did.

Dolores Lear

Death to students, ministers, missionaries, etc., is all part of our Fallen Society. Death to our Brothers/Sisters of Life began with the first person made by Body Birth, Cain killed Abel.

Ever since, Killing does not make a difference, even for Holy People. Fallen Brothers/Sisters of Life, kill Humans, Animals, Fish and Fowl, and their Eco System.

Families, Friends, and people of religion, government, Race, etc. are all Enemies, usually at some time, for most people, not always ending in Death, sometimes in exile.

How many Wars have Christians fought against Christians, for Government besides for religion.

Before Body Birth Humans had Equal Male and Female Birth and were the Caretaker Species. They were not born by Body Birth.

Could Body Birth result in all the Genetic and Physical Defects, and Unequal Environment that Humans are born into, ever since Cain and Abel? Did Body Birth make Killer?

Should Body Birth be studied to see if it was the Original Sin of Pure-bred Equal Caretaker Helpmeets? When they became Mates, did all the problems on Earth start?

Or did Life Evolve on Earth with Killing, up to our High Tech today, and reproducing without the sex act, is a new technology?

How do we tie in the religious writings, that Adam and Eve were not reproduced by Body Birth?

What is the Reason for the Human Species on a Planet? To Take Care of Life? Or to Kill Life?
That is the Question that needs Answers today.

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