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December 31, 2007


The Original James

And a happy New Year for you also, Iggy.

Fall on your knees and pray to Jesus that he forgives you of your sins, and that you accept theists as human beings, not as delusional animals.

Remember, anyone can join God's side at any time, whatever their past. Human organizations are not so forgiving.

Even though I argue with you, I don't hate you or anyone, although I will NEVER SHUT UP about the truth, that existence, life, mind and reason are gifts of God, and that we are not the product of mindless forces.

The Russian saying that how you spend your New Years Eve so will be your New Year is a wise one, and let us pray that Russia itself will overcome it problems now that it is free of a demonic ideology.

Although I will be on the road, and have little material to offer at this time, may the Lord Bless you all.

Keith the Resident Jewish Blogger

Two Chinese men walk out of a Kosher restaurant. One turns to the other and says, "The trouble with Jewish food is that two days later, you're hungry again."
The remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served us nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found. (Calvin Trillin)
Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. Conservatives feel they deserve everything they've stolen. (Mort Sahl)

A Happy, Healthy New Year to you all...even those I'd rather not read ever again!

Dolores Lear

The Questions I would like an answer to this New Year, is:

Why are our Brothers/Sisters of Life, from our Original Mothers/Fathers on our Home Planet, our Enemies? We are all related by Blood. Why is our Eco System our Enemy? It is what gives us Life. Who and What else is there, that we Kill for, except imaginary Enemies for an imaginary God?


I will try to explain it better in the New Year, as to why 'Fallen' Humans on our Home Planet, Kill all GOD's/God's LIFE/Life, and their Eco System and their Brothers/Sisters on Earth.

Happy New Year's Eve, until it can be a Peaceful New Year.


What is Iggy's obsession with the blood drive? What is his motivation? Does he care about people? Well he says he does, but perhaps there's another motive.

Note that he is sure to brag about everything he does.

He brags about the blood drive. He brags about shoveling his 'Christian' neoghbor's snow. He brags about driving a hybrid. (The actual value of which is questionable.)

This is all for the glory of Iggy. It is 'proof' that he is concerned about his fellow man.

No, it is evidence that Iggy has a very large ego.

Another interesting point is that Iggy agreed to drive anywhere for some meeting, because he 'drives a hybrid.'

A hybrid gets maybe 45 mpg, other small cars get about 35 mpg. So 'Meet Me in St Louis?'

His statement makes no sense. A hybrid still costs money to operate. It is as though he really doesn't understand what a hybrid is.

And finally, if he had the info requested about case numbers and phone numbers and video, why would he not share it?

That might be easy. He believes that information is power. He 'might' have it but as long as he doesn't share it, he retains the power.

Now Goldstein.

What is with Goldstein, or more accurately, what is Iggy trying to do with/to Goldstein? Do we have any proof that Iggy is not Goldstien? Is this a terror campaign? Iggy objects to being stereotyped as a Russian. So, stop acting like a stereotypical Russian. Stalin was a master of control by terror, and the technique kinda carried over.

Or is Goldstein a fictional character?

So far, Iggy is a lot of show and no go.

By the way gang, there is a spam filter on this blog.

Bill -

Why doesn't this filter pick up Iggy?

Oh, and Kansans For Science is a joke. Calling someone an atheist is the moral equivalent of calling someone a jew. Refer to atheist philosophy and your comment is deleted. CoR and HH seem to have similar problems.



"Why are our Brothers/Sisters of Life, from our Original Mothers/Fathers on our Home Planet, our Enemies?"

Well of course that statemnt is false because it is based on your fairy tale.

However, the question of why we kill each other is valid.

It is because, obviously, some of those on this planet are trying to kill us. Why? Greed. Wealth. Power. Mental illness (Iggy.) For your other favorite line of reasoning - perfect people thru cloning - that is false.

There is no evidence that cloning produces perfect, emotional stable people. However, IF it did and IF cloning had been used since, MAYBE we would not be killing each other.

But, we didn't use cloning. How do we convince billions of people to abandon sex and go for cloning?

How do we prevent the destruction of the earth in the 30 years it will take these clones to become adults? How do we prevent the corruption of the clones by those raising them (who are not clones and therefore subject to the pursuit of money and power?



Dolores Lear


Cloning is not impossible, we do it to animals. I am talking about the Adam and Eve Clones where the females are made from the male rib.
I know this is not possible on our Earth, as the Bible says the ones saved will be 'regenerated' and go with Jesus to a new Mantion/Planet.

I Know the masses do not want to give up the sex act, but look at all the problems that result from this Way of Reproducing. Where is the pleasure in that?
The Agape Love is so much more satisfing and lasting, while Sex Lust is temporary, and all the Wages of Sex Sin, are lasting. Look at all the jail, prisons, orphanages, mental hospitals, Havenots, etc., that are a result of Misbred Genetic and Physical Disease, from Body Birth.

But I cannot change the masses that think that is the only 'Love' they can experience.
I was hoping enough would accept this to at least stop the Nuclear End Times War. But the Mid-East is already a powder keg.

Prophecy about the one that remain will be 'regenerated' seems to mean after the War, so all I can do is hope there are some that accept, this will be saved or at least help someone on down in their line know about all this High Tech Pure-bred Male And Female Perfect Life After Birth Society, that do Have all Haves on their Planet, and travel in Spaceships, and Have Eternal Physical Life After Birth forever and ever.

Agape Love is what Fallen Humans are looking for in all the wrong places. It is not getting more than their Brothers/Sisters, and Killing them and their Planet. It is in Equal Sharing, Equal Agape Love with their Helpmeet Clone, and Eternal Physical Life After Birth.

Quad Kings

Bill, Didn't you like my imposter post by "Dolores Lear"? Why take it down? No one thought it was really Dolores (she's not that crazy). I thought it went well with the year-end humor theme. ( :

Sorry if I caused any problems.


Our own Kansas City Hawk Eye was on NPR (National Public Radio) today giving a prediction for 2008. He said that god was not real and his prediction there would be more religious and political silliness in the New Year. He brought up the prayer vigil by Governor of GA for rain on the steps of Georgia Capitol building. He also suggested the Governor follow the basics of constitution and separation of church and state. The 2008 prediction show was on a humorous note and the guest journalist said that to make predictions like this one needs to check Google for news on weather and till just a couple of days ago it rain substantially while the prayer was over a month ago. I bet that Hawk Eye wanted to say something like “maybe god can help us Google for future” but he was gone off line already.

Dolores Lear

Quad Kings.

I did not see the post you are talking about.

Did Bill pull it before it was posted? Did anyone else see it?

Just curious.

Maria Gonzales

dolores, it looks there was another e-mail by Hawk Eye this morning inviting james to his New Years dinner cooked by his Russian wife. It is now gone. Looks like Bill is deleting them.


Cloning of animals is real and happening - Cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses.


In 5-10 years humans will be cloned. There is no stopping it. Gays and lesbians and those who cannot have children will be able to have their own cloned children or if they have some genetic problems surrogate grandmothers or mothers carry children to term from “A1” genetic material. You’ll be able to choose the color of the skin, hair, eyes and project if the baby will have an athletic or musical gene. You cannot stop parents from wishing the best for their children. Governments or religious leaders cannot stop it. They tried with Invitro Fertilization before, also with anesthesia when it came out and was used on pregnant women to help them with hours and days of suffering while delivering babies.

In 20-50 years babies will be born without a need for a parent – in an artificial womb. Cloning is already used to generate organs, ears and pretty soon to replace arteries and hearts, livers, kidneys without a need for a donor and using your own stem cells from skin or from other embryos that otherwise would have been thrown away or burnt as medical waste. Fighting this is futile. If this doesn’t happen in America, it will happen in Asia and Europe and then Americans will be catching up and demanding this technology.

This is how progress works, this is how science works. To say that cloning doesn’t work underscores your misunderstanding and actually not willingness to realize what lies ahead for humanity.

Dolores Lear


Thank you for your post. I know most of these things are going on today, if not in the USA, in other countries.
In the USA, corrections of Genetic diseases is already being done to the fetus in the lab, and in the female womb. And we do not hear very much about the cloning of animals anymore, which started overseas first.

There has been talk of cloning Humans since the 1970 or 80s. But most Religious people protest, these High Tech Science Knowledge actions, that are the Way that the Man Gods in the Christian Bible learned to reproduce in High Tech Wombs. And that is how they reproduced the Adam and Eve Clone Colony, the Higher Nature of Reproduction, and how they did 'regenerate' Jesus, before he went with them, up to their spaceship, and to their Home Planet.

All this Knowledge, is not just for Man Gods but for all Higher Being Humans, with High Tech Science Knowledge.
With all the High Tech Science Knowledge today, it is puzzling to me, that what I post is so hard to accept, as it does not need the sex act to make Humans, and most do not accept that Cain, Abel, and all the rest of us are made by the Fallen Lower Nature of Reproduction, are defective and die because of Body Birth, not because God made us that way. Where does all the Knowledge of Eternal Human Life come from. It is not for Life After Death.

GOD the maker of the Universes, does join the egg and sperm, but it is up to Humans to keep their High Tech Science Reproduction on a Planet. When they 'fall' to Body Birth, we have all kinds of records to show what happens to a Planet then. Christians, and other religious Humans, must realize they are making nuclear bombs that Kill, and their Pollution is Killing their Eco System.

God our Ancestors, in the Higher Nature, do not Kill anything, even animals, etc. and this warning is in the Christian Bible.

So...we will see how far we go, into the final days of Killing all Life on Earth, that was put here by 'God' our Ancestors. What a Waste in only 6000 years.

The Original James

Iggy is still posting here.

And yet, ironically, his friends over at KC Freethough (not) will not allow any new registrations.

Just another example of the atheist philosophy, what applies to THEM does not apply to the rest of US because they are superior.


The Original James

Cloning is not a reliable method.

Many of the cloned animals have a disproportionately high occurence of cancer and genetic problems.

Delores, you are not really well informed at all.



Naysayers will always be naysayers. They rarely become winners in the eternal battle for advancement of human spirit. If you watch "Saturday Night Live" there is a character there Debbie Downer. She always finds evil and negative in anything - even when a baby laughs it gives her a pause as there is another baby in Africa dying. Graham Bell was told that his telephone technology will be good for nothing. IBM rejected personal computer idea. People did not think that airplanes will amount to anything more than curiosities and just a county fair viewing. Microwaves were not accepted at first. Who needed Internet 15 years ago? How about a cell phone 30 years back? A car 150 years ago when there were horses? Who needs CPR today? How about organ transplants? How about ears grown out of your own cells? How about simple appendectomy? Or root canal? How about Invitro Fertilization? How about doing surgeries on babies’ hearts in the womb? Technology today is a "miracle" to someone who'd come to visit us from the 50's or 200 years ago. Technology in 100-1,000 years will be even more awesome and amazing. There was a piece on TV the other day about a soldier who lost his legs in Iraq. High Tech prosthesis were installed, they bend controlled by a gyroscopic computer built into each prosthesis that would adjust the angle and speed of artificial knee and foot bending depending on the surface, speed of walking, and even temperature outside. He can walk and he can run. He was training to run in some city wide competition shortly. The biggest concern he had was what kind of sneakers to wear not to slip! Isn't this wonderful? The issue was not if it's possible but how to make it even more enjoyable as possibility is a reality now for him.

What doctors and researchers in pretty much any field working today on was unheard of yesterday. New energy sources, better and more effective manufacturing making things cheaper and more durable. Life is great! People are living longer, healthier and happier. I wish I could never die. I wish there was a time when people live for hundreds of years and forever. I wish to travel to other planets and stars. I want to know whose going to win Super Bowl in 500 years. I want to see if there is life in water under the icy surface of Europa, Jupiter’s moon. I want to see if there are aliens out there. I want to see the first cloned baby born. I want to see a first robot whose intelligence is equal to humans. I want to see no hunger and diseases in the world. I want to see that all information is flowing freely and I don’t need to sit in front of the TV to watch my shows and that they are downloaded into my brain. I don’t want to type on my computer, I want to think and e-mails are typed up and e-mailed. I want to see old people not wither in retirement communities but be active at 150 years old and give me a run for my money when skiing or running alongside me in the gym. I want to see what kind of animals there will be on this planet in 5 mln years. I’d like to see in 5 bln years if we can control the nuclear reaction of the Sun and harness its red dwarf’s powers to engulf the Solar system in the destruction of heat. I’d like to see if we as humans are smart enough to understand that this is all possible.
I want to see what my descendants will look like in 10,000 years. I want to live, I don’t want to die or have some illusions about the afterlife that is based on nothing but some old stories.


Dolores, below is a link about how safe cloned meat and animal breeding is. Surely, there always have been problems at first, yet they are always conqured. I admire your human spirit at age 86. You are already a winner.

Dolores Lear

Thanks KTH.

I feel all the things you do. But, I do not think Life on Earth will be here in 150 years. I think we have too much pollution all over the planet, including nuclear waste, that will cause the Planetary Judgement Day Fire of religion.

I do not see how the nuclear war can be stopped, unless Humans accept that Body Birth is the cause, of all this mess on our Planet, that had a Balanced Eco System, in the beginning.

I still cannot accept that we need to Kill our Brothers/Sisters of Life, except, to control all the Mis-breeding, which now is past control, with the population explosion that is smothering our Planet and does not have enough food for all the masses. If food was not wasted by the Haves, there would not be starving Brothers/Sisters of Life.

So glad you are posting here, to help show all this information that is on our Planet. I could only post the Way I could, which upsets everyone that will not accept, that our reproduction process is wrong for Humans to All be Haves on a Planet and in spaceships, and not have Pollution, Killing and War.

Hope you continue helping me explain all the High Tech we have today, is not natural science.

Agape Love and Peace.



Most of energy to own & operate the care is consumed through gas and not manufacturing it. there is some talk that hybrid batteries are not that environmentally friendly, but in reality in a market economy ANY GADGET that gives you an edge comes down in price, increases in efficiency of production and uses less energy and more environmentally friendly long term. There are good standards for production of hybrid cars, so this is a non issue.

Prius and civic hybrids have the highest gas mileage 50-55 mpg in warm weather and with proper driving 55-70 mpg which I have accomplished myself on many occasions. The kicker is cold weather driving when engine is cold. The engine oil is so thin that it looks and feels like water and it needs still to warm up just like any other car. In cold weather the digital gauge shows 25-35 mpg depending on your speed, terrain, temperature and how long you drive. After about 5-10 min the mileage goes up. I’ve seen people install foam panels in front of radiators for winter to prevent cold air flow to keep engine warmer longer or colder shorter. This increases mileage. Any other conventional car will go through same warm up – the best advantage of hybrid is battery that helps you with take off and speed and charges up when coasting breaking which other cars don’t have, hence the best gas mileage.

Hybrids engines stop on traffic lights. If you keep engine running for more than 10 seconds it's better to shut it off and restart it. Driving a hybrid requires a different mental set for maximizing mileage - you need to anticipate traffic, stop signs, lights, you can coast downhill for 1-2 miles if you know timing of traffic lights as I do. You can care less if someone behind you is honking because you know the light is not going to be green when you get to it. There are stretches of roads in KC where I get 60-90 mpg when driving this "hyper miling" way. I see idiots passing me buy in their 4X4’s revving engine to find them sitting next to me on the left of me while I crawled up at high mileage.

Also, combining trips is a great way. When you go somewhere plan to do your grocery shopping, drop off mail at the post office, stop by to get your dry cleaning. Put all your daily activities on paper/computer and plan accordingly. The engine is already warm, you are getting great mileage anyway and you are saving your time too.

Driving a hybrid is not just saving money. It’s making a statement that you care about the world and making others understand they should too. Even if you get 10 mpgs more than you in a 35 mpg car it is a 30% better mileage and that means you are saving hundreds of $$s per year in gas. If you own a car on average 5-10 years (as we all should) it can be $2,000-5,000 overall which you can donate to charity, invest into your retirement or spend on your vacation.

Toyota is coming up with a new hybrid truck in 1-2 years. Most people living in city don’t need an SUV or pickup – you can rent one once a month or whenever you need to pull that RV or boat. You’ll save money and will have better overall mileage.

Honda is releasing a great hydrogen car for lease only experimentally (100 cars) in California. The filling station will be in the garage and will feed off the gas line in the house. You will not need electricity any more as gas maybe converted if you chose so into electric power. It is very environmentally friendly with new technology.

Also fully electric cars are out there 120-300 miles range. the scale of charging up a car off the grid is much better environmentally than driving on gas as centralized power plants have better cleaning mechanism that each individual car. The way business works if you know anything about it that the most efficient manufacturing process wins and passes down the savings down each level, hence hybrids are the most effective on there is and soon to be fully electric cars charged off the grid, solar power, wind or nuclear.

Nuclear is the most effective and reliable source of energy right now. It is more efficient than solar but more $ consuming to produce. For the long run it is the cheapest.

This is what hybrids are all about, not just bragging about them and inflated egos.


Thanks, Iggy.

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