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December 28, 2007


Dolores Lear

World Wisdom.

I accept that the High Tech Science Knowledge of the Christian Bible and Myth, reveals the World Wisdom, of all religions and myth, as coming from one Source. And prove the Original Human Society, of the High Tech Science Colonization and Reproduction of Adam and Eve Clones, as the Gods of Earth's religions. The Eves were made from the rib of the male Clone. These Original High Tech Humans Clones, reproduced Body Birth Humans, and all Humans on Earth since are Mis-bred Body Birth Human Decendents, from the Perfect Adam and Eve Clones.

Adam and Eve represents a High Tech Science Clone Colony, started on Earth 'in he beginning'. Leaving two Humans on a planet is not valid, to take Care of the Eco System and all the rest of the Life Colonized.

The Division of All Humans began, when the Adam and Eve Colony started Body Birth, and the Mis-bred 2nd Generation of male and female Humans called Cain and Abel, began the Division and Killing of Brothers/Sisters, and in 6000 years, it is completing this Killing, by making Nuclear Bombs and placing them around the Earth on land and sea. This is the built-in Way of the Destruction of a Fallen Human Society.

Humans do it to themselves, not God. GOD the Source of Life as we know it, nor God our Ancestors of Life on Earth, Kill. Our Ancestors are the Caretkaer Species of the Life, Created by GOD. Or evolved up from the Life GOD made, to Perfect Human Helpmeet Clones.

All the different Killer groupings on Earth, are the result of Body Birth, with no control of the seed, that makes Humans with defective genetic and physical bodies. And all the resulting skin colors, countries, religions, etc. All Humans carry some of the Original High Tech Knowledge, called supernatural, because the High Tech Science Knowledge was lost. They called it supernatural, and this was handed down in all the world religions.

Unbalanced High Tech Science did re-serface, or call it evolved, during the Noah/Atlantis Society, and like we have again evolved today, in a 100 year period. The Noah/Atlantis Society's weapons of massive destruction, caused the Planetary Flood Catastrophy. Most Life was destroyed, and we are again in a population and High Tech Science Knowledge explosion today. And what are we doing with this God Knowledge? Making enough Nuclear Bombs, spread around the planet, along with our Pollution, will cause the Judgement Day Fire Catastrophy. This will cause the End of Life As We Know It. Earth cannot continue when we destroy the Ozone Canopy, which is our Life Line Protection from the Sun's ultraviolet rays.

So hope this World Wisdom Society does prove all religions, have the Same One GOD, and about all the Human Gods that were created about our Human High Tech Ancestors, that Colonized Earth and Reproduced Perfect Asexual Adam and Eve Clones.

The Christian religion does have a Savior Jesus, that is also a Perfect Pure-bred Clone, who was a 'regenerated' Asexual Pure-bred Human, before he left Earth, Alive. He went with our Asexual Clone Ancestors, called the Father of Life on Earth, also Humans that are Alive. Most religions also have a Savior/Messiah/Christ that will return at the End Times of Life on Earth.

Today we also have the Knowledge that Planets can be Colonized, and we already reproduce the fetus in the Lab, without the sex act, which was the Original Sin of the Clone Caretakers. But we do not have the High Tech Science Womb, to finish the job of making Genetic and Physical Pure-bred Humans, like the Adam and Eve Clone Colony.

Jesus Ascention into Space/Heaven, shows that Human Asexual Agape Love and Peace, and Eternal Physical Life, is possible on Planets and in Spaceships. Jesus has been gone for 2000 years in the same Physical Body, in which he left Earth. Our Human Ancestors have been around Earth since the Colonization that took 6000 years, and are in the same Physical Body, that they appeared in to Fallen Humans, in religion and myth. That should prove there is Eternal Physical Life, on Planets and in Spaceships. Whatever kind of Life there is after Death, it is not Physical Humans.

Dolores Lear

I said Jesus was a Pure-bred Clone when he left Earth. It should be a Pure-bred Human. He will get his Pure-bred Human Clone when we go to the new Planet our High Tech Ancestors take those that are 'regenerated' to Pure-bred, like Jesus was, at Judgement Day.

Mary Behr

My heart goes out to that nation and all the grief and confusion the assasination brings. My prayers for all involved.


Interesting piece on the perennialists. I guess that I am still unclear as to exactly who and where this is practiced. I confess to reading the Utne Reader piece and then skimming the other sources.

The movement attracted me with its notion of one God, but then turned me off when I got to the part about it rejecting changes in traditional gender roles.


james, and who do you think is responsible for this hostility towards Christians?


Very sorry to see the assassination of Bhutto and the loss of life for this young woman.

There was an interesting discussion of Bhutto last night on PBS' Evening News. The Brookings Institute rep held her up as a great savior for Pakistan, but a Pakistani had some quite negative things to say about her last regime. He credited it with giving rise to the Islamic extremism of the Taliban and being corrupt and elite. Half of the Pakistani people are illiterate.

Hawk Eye

I propose that Christians all over the world start praying for NO POLITICAL ASSASINATIONS - after all your space daddy Jesus said that if you pray for it it will come. There is no ifs or buts about it. Prayers according to the Bible and many delusional Christians work. Let's set up groups in Kansas City - I am sure we can drum up easily 100,000 Christiansn in the city of 1.5 mln + who would participate in this experiment long term.

While at it, let's also chose 100 kids all over America who are in advanced stages of cancer or some other terminal disease and pray for them too.

You imaginary space daddy Yahwhe and Jesus will deliver becuase of the prayers. What the hell, let's go state wide - KS and MO and also while we are at it national and international with millions of Christians praying for the kids and see what the results be in control groups.

Also, let's have a group of pagans pray to a jar of milk and see if this generates any results.

Then, when Chrisitans are proven wrong on the power of prayer, they'll just have to shut up :o) and never frigging speak again about the power of prayer?

Then, let's go and look over the Bible and check out other stupidities, illogisms and ridiculous things. When they are proven wrong, let's agree that Christians will SHUT UP ABOUT THEM TOO.

Little by little, Christians will be left with nothing verifiable about their space daddy Jesus or Yahweh but their faith and this is the key thing - let them worship privately in their closet and we are all going to be happy campers as Jesus said.

OK, the ridiculous New Testament quote of the day is coming up.


Curious, I think hostility may be to strong a word, maybe contempt would be better, most liberals in the media, academia, give Christians the back of their hand. Check out any liberal blog site.

Hawk Eye


Matthew (1:6-16)
There are 28 generations listed from David to Jesus in Matthew's genealogy, while Luke's (3:23-31) has 43. Except for David at one end and Jesus at the other, there are only three names in the two lists that are the same.

Hawk Eye

James or The Real James,

There is another "james" - small "j" lurking around so it was not me :o) You "Jameses" better figure it out between yourselves.

The cake invite is still open. My wife took some to work yesterday and my son got on it yesterday for desert and breakfast and this morning again for breakfast. How healthy. It's disappearing but not that fast. There will be enough. I think that it can last at least a week in the fridge.

Hawk Eye

Little "james" ;o)

Perhaps "contempt" is not too strong of a word too :o) - it's disbelief that silly, illogical, unscientific views of the Bronze Age which have served their purpose and are basically relegated to the dusty shelves of history by pretty much all "normal" poeple including "normal" Christians :o) are still present.

You need to see the faces of fortune tellers, palm readers, water dowsers, etc. when they cannot tell a predetermined fact from lives of poeple or cannot find water in a 60 bottle experiment - half are filled with sand and the other half with water.

They agree to terms of the experiment, never raise an issue but then when they miserably fail % wise, they begin blaming the plastic bottles that keep the "spirit of water" away.

OK, let's try putting the water in regular glasses - will this help? Nope, doesn't.

The same with your religion and delusions about it.

There was a fantastic documentary on BBC several months ago about all these "new age" spiritualists - many are also Christian. They just could not believe it did not work! They began working their way like apologists of religion - you have to beleive, you have to accept it in your heart it can work and all that kind of BullSh.t.

Sorry, man, contempt is just exactly what yoru religion needs to come to terms with relaity.

Hawk Eye


Because as a freethinker he can. The leading “anti theist” whose book “The God Delusion” sold over 1.5 mln he also sings Christmas carols at an Anglican Church in the UK.

Imagine how awkward it must be to his fellow Christian choir singers and the minister of the church.

Dawkins calls himself a “cultural Christian” as he was born in South Africa or was it Kenya and brought up in England. He has no problem to acknowledge his heritage and understands the importance of his upbringing in an Anglican environment, but this doesn't prevent him from being an atheist or as he "honestly admits" intellectually he has to be an agnostic. He appreciates the culture he lives in for what it is and not for what it should be according to some space daddy manual.


Well, because as freethinker I can. I enjoy seeing unique buildings – e.g. was it the former Mormon Church with a steeple in Independence?

Or a very simple yet elegant Greek/Russian Orthodox church in Overland Park at 119th and Pflumm.

Hawk Eye


Recent international education survey results.

1 out of 4 students in the US are low performing and this is linked to their socio-economic status. 57 countries were surveyed.

American students are
29th in science
35th in math

Social and economic status has the strongest impact (twice as strong) as in other top scoring counties as Finland, Canada and Japan.

Jesus/Space daddy out, reason in.

Colonel Potter

"The difference between the two evangelists in the genealogy of Christ, has been a stumbling block to infidels that cavil at the word..." - Matthew Henry, 1828

"An extremely simple explanation is readily available, and it involves no strange customs or textual twists at all. Both genealogies are clearly through Joseph. One traces the lineage back through Joseph's father, and that the other traces back through Joseph's mother. However, the maternal genealogy drops the name of Joseph's mother, and instead skips back to her father. Which is which? The genealogy in Luke is through Joseph's father. I believe the one in Matthew is through Joseph's maternal grandfather."

"You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God." - Matthew 22:29

Hawk Eye


My last post for today to my delusional Christian brothers and sisters. I'll need to make about 100 phone calls to churches to see how many of them woudl like to do some good for the community with godless heathens. I'll keep you informed. So far, I have not heard from that minister who I called the other day. I'll call him first of the week and then will show up at his church to have a "come to Jesus" talk to him if he doesn't respond to me. Bear in mind, I left a very polite voice mail for him.

Wow! Ted Haggard was the former pastor for this church - the dude who was busted having sex with a male prostitute and buying drugs form him.

The shooter posted online that Ted Haggard was his mother's favorite pastor. The connection with religion is becoming more and clearer.

The disgraced pastor may have had a profound effect on this kid who wanted to go on a killing spree of Christians.

Kind of ironic that the kid was born into a Christian family that attended the church a couple of times, but was not a member.

There will be surely more on connection with Ted Haggard. Will be sad if this religious bigot had even a tiniest influence on a kid who went ballistic and mentally deranged.

Surely, if there was no religion at all involved - no church, no mission which he was refused to go on, we would only be talking about a deranged individual.

Space daddy out, reason in.


Is the atheist free thinking crowd still dining out on Ted Haggard??

Original James

Hawk Eye, a textual analyis and correlation of times, and information sent me by another poster establishs to a high degree of certainly that you are both James".

Therefore, your reasons for wanting to eat cake with you are unknown.

Due to this change in circumstances, my previous offer to you is withdrawn.

Original James

Are you a homophobe Hawk Eye.

I bet they don't call you Hawk"eye" for nothing! LOL

Richard Dawkins Club Member

The Jewish Lobby is the most dangerous lobby in the world.

Richard Dawins, Delusional.

Richard Dawkins Club Member

And Christians are delusional, Richard Dawkins.

Richard Dawkins Club Member

And religious education of children is child abuse, but atheism instuction is not.

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins Club Member

"One death is a tradgedy, a million deaths are a statistic."

"Uncle Joe" Stalin

Richard Dawkins Club Member

"Elimination of the weak and defective, the first principle of our philosophy. And we should help them to do it!"

(The AntiChrist, sec 2, by Nietzsche the Syphillitic.)

Richard Dawkins Club Member

Pre emptive use of nuclear weapons is sometimes necessary.

Sam Harris, The End of Faith.

Richard Dawkins Club Member

Torture is an accepted political method.

Sam Harris, The End of Faith

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