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Dec. 26, 2007


The archbishop of Canterbury says human greed threatens the globe. Yes, the globe, and probably Santa Claus, too. How long can the old boy hold up?

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I keep telling people to go to funerals every chance they get. Funerals tend to focus the mind. They put life in perspective. And now and then you get a surprise, such as the funeral some years ago for a journalist colleague. The service ended with circus music and firecrackers right there in a church sanctuary.

FlowersI was in that same sanctuary the other day for the funeral of a 95-year-old man who was the father of a good friend. A few days before that I attended a funeral of a 79-year-old woman who was a member of my church.

In both cases, I came away thinking about how important the legacy is we leave behind. And when are we creating that legacy. Yesterday and today. And, if we have it, tomorrow.

The man who died had been instrumental in the founding of a church in the 1940s, though he was not a member of the clergy. And he gave back to his community in countless other ways, including serving for quite a while on the city council of his town.

The woman who died was known for her devotion to her dogs and for being utterly dependable in countless ways. For instance, she would show up at our church every Monday morning to do a variety of tasks that helped to wrap up a busy Sunday and move the congregation into the week.

I can't imagine anyone who attended either service not making a silent pledge to try harder to make the world a better place and to be a faithful member of his or her faith community. Sometimes we need to hear the stories of such people to keep us on the right path.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here.

Today's religious holidays: Zarathosht Diso, or Death of Prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroastrianism); St. Stephen's Day (Christianity)


Dolores Lear

Bill's examples made their churches a better place, and many people do that, Bill especially.

But, who helps make the Planet a better place? Who helps to stop all the pollution in our cities, countries, on land and sea?
Who helps stop the inhumanity and inequality of our Human Brothers/Sisters of God/Life, plus all the other Life and our Eco System? Why do we have wars and rumors of wars, all over the world, to ruin our Home? Who objects to the nuclear bombs we have on land and sea? Christians?

Why do we Hate most of our Brothers/Sisters of Life? Until we accept the Cause of our Defective Home Planet, will we All Die from the filth we have our Home buried in, and are we about ready to the Last Days 'Arm'ageddon in the Middle East? Why? How long will our Eco System last after that?
Are we so degenerate in Hate, that we will not even examine, that Mis-bred Body Birth is the Cause, of arming our whole planet with nuclear weapons? Where is the Love of God and our Brothers/Sisters, in the Lust and Hate that is rampant on our Home?

Did the Peace God really Create Man in His Image, by the Higher Nature of Human Reproduction, and then Higher Man reproduced defective Humans that Hate and Kill, in the Lower Nature of Reproduction? Are we in the Image of this Peace God? Did the Peace God cause all this misery on our Home? The Peace God is blamed for many of the misdeeds of Fallen Humans. The Peace God said Thou Shalt Not Kill, and Love your Brothers/Sisters of Life as Yourself. Is this possible in the Fallen Nature of Reproduction of Humans?

Eternal Life is for the Humans Physically Living, in Human Life After Birth, on Planets with High Tech Birth and with High Tech Regeneration.
What type of Life is there After Physical Death on the Home Planet? Do we Care, as long as we have more than our Brothers/Sisters of Human Life, while we are Alive? If we did Care, would there still be starving and homeless Brothers/Sisters of Human Life? Why?

Jesus' Asexual Agape Love and Peace Physical Nature, for all Brothers/Sisters of Planet Earth, is the answer. There really is another Way to reproduce Perfect Pure-bred Humans besides the Unequal Mis-bred Body Birth practiced on our Home Earth.

Still Thinking

I'm a Christian and I object to all the things you named, nuclear bombs expecially, and as a student of this subject, I do what I can.

Remember, your God, SCIENCE, provided humanity those bombs.

Only evil men would put weapons in the hands of waring gangs.

(And doesn't Richard Dawkins, the atheist guru, claim that most scientists are atheists? Don't they have any responsibility?)

It was Robert Oppenheimer, key scientist in the development of the first atomic bomb through the Manhattan project, who said that the scientists have blood on their hands.

Dolores Lear

Still Thinking.
So we just keep blaming someone else, while we have approved all this destruction, and look where we are today. Ready to blow up our Home Planet.

Instead of worshipping Jesus with our mouths and hands, we have follow Satan/Devil, in Hate and Killing, and are up to the final battle.
So how has worshipping Jesus in temples made by Human Hands do anything as to Taking Care our Home Planet and the Life on it? Why are there so many starving and homeless Brothers/Sisters? Hate and Killing is on a rampage, and that is not what Jesus taught or lived.

So...lets get on with mouth worship, and the killing, and ruining our Eco System, so we can get to the Judgement Day, of the Killing Life as we know it, on land and sea, to see if we are good and faithful Followers of Jesus/Life, or Satan/Devil/Death.

Peace will not happen, with Satan's nuclear bombs, and all types of weapons of massive destruction, all over our Home.

Still Thinking

"Blaming someone else..."?

So what, Delores?

Haven't you been blaming Christians for everything?

Still Thinking

And what do you mean "we" have approved all this destruction?

Speak for yourself.


The Archbishop of Canterbury couldn't be more right.

Yesterday NPR offered what, for me, was a disturbing story about the young non-Christians in Japan who have adopted Christmas as their very own consumer holiday. It's bad enough that we have become a country centered on how much we can buy for the holiday, but it seems that we have spread the disease.

This story was preceded by an account of the throngs of people trying to get into the Christmas masses in Peking. A good sign of religious freedom and Christian growth in China.

Hawk Eye

The Pagan Christ - Canadian TV
CBC-TV (5 parts - total 40 min)


There are 2.1 billion Christians on the planet – roughly one third of the entire human population. At the heart of their religion is the New Testament and the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. To Christianity, the written word is the glue that binds the faith of its followers.

So, what if it could be proven that Jesus never existed? What if there was evidence that every word of the New Testament – the cornerstone of Christianity – is based on myth and metaphor?

Based on Tom Harpur's national bestseller, The Pagan Christ examines these very questions. During his research, Harpur discovered that the New Testament is wholly based on Egyptian mythology, that Jesus Christ never lived, and that – indeed – the text was always meant to be read allegorically. It was the founders of the Church who duped the world into taking a literal approach to the scriptures. And, according to Harpur, this was their fatal error – and the very reason Christianity is struggling today.

Hawk Eye





You are so right about the ways that funeral make us reflect on the lives of others, death, ourselves, our legacies..........

The good individuals have done will live on in others and those people and institutions they have impacted.

For those of us who do family research, we also understand how important obituaries and preserved info is to legacy. I urge everyone to write their own obituaries, both as a reflective exercise and to put with your will. And choose who you would like to present your eulogy. An obituary is too often like the "canned" church eulogy. It is written by someone who may neither know the deceased well nor be gifted as a writer.

I also urge churches and families to record the stories of their loved ones for StoryCorp or as a part of their own archives.

Little Maywood Church, which sits in quickly developing farm land in western Wyandotte county, bothered to make sound recordings of the elderly in their church. The little town of Maywood is long gone, all buildings destroyed some time ago. But these descriptions and stories allow the entire town and its inhabitants to live again in the imagination.

Hawk Eye



Hawk Eye

CINCINNATI - No cash for the collection basket at church? No problem. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati has made online giving an option for its 230 parishes and 110 parochial and diocesan schools in its 19-county region.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli scientists have inscribed the entire Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible onto a space less than half the size of grain of sugar. The Technion's microscopic bible was created by blasting tiny particles called gallium ions at an object that then rebounded, causing an etching affect."When a particle beam is directed toward a point on the surface, the gold atoms bounce off and expose the silicon layer underneath just like a hammer and chisel," Zohar said.Zohar said the technology will in the future be used as a way to store vast amounts of data on bio-molecules and DNA.

San Francisco - Drained by your commute? Blood-sucking utility bills got you down? Wondering if that tomato in your dinner salad was really organic? The cures to those ills and more may arrive within five years, according to IBM. The company recently released its second annual set of "Next Five in Five" predictions, visions that sketch out a future where driving is a relative pleasure, eco-friendly devices save you money, and super doctors use advanced technology to probe your body's innermost depths in search of disease.


I slipped out yesterday morning at 5AM before anyone was awake and took myself to the Broadway Church Swedish Julotta service.

It deserves to have praises sung and I urge anyone who is Swedish or who would like an uplifting cultural and spiritual experience to attend next year.

The little church itself is worth a visit as an inspirational building, built in 1874, and was lovelier with its antique nativity and seasonal decorations.

The service was traditional, with two Lucias lighting the candles in the old old handmade holders, a musical trio and Swedish tenor, Bible readings of the Christmas story in Swedish and English, and a visit by St. Nicholas, himself, replete in mitre and robes. The Lucia breakfast of coffee and sweet bread is served after, downstairs.

I preferred the intimacy of this celebration to the larger one in Lindsborg. God seemed a little closer on Christmas morning.

And for anyone who would like to feel a little more Swedish today, here is a YouTube offering of the traditional Christmas song, NU äR DET JUL IGEN = Christmas is here again.

Hawk Eye


Matthew (1:1-17) "The generation of Jesus Christ
The gospel of Matthew begins with a boring genealogy like that we are told to avoid in 1 Tim.1:4 ("Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies") and Tit.3:9 ("Avoid foolish questions and genealogies").

Dolores Lear

Still Thinking.

I mean 'we' Christians should ban together for Real Peace on our Home Planet, for Jesus, not keeping making more War for Satan/Devil. 'We', all religious people in the USA have stood behind their Government, instead of their God that said "Thou Shalt Not Kill". All religious people do it also, in all the other governments on Earth, set up by Fallen Humans, whose ancestry was Mis-bred Body Birth Cain, a Killer.

Until we accept Cain was made by Mis-bred Body Birth, and his genetics and environment caused him to Kill, like all the rest of the Killing by Humans ever since, I will say 'we', especially Christians all around the Earth, that should stand up for God and Jesus, instead of Government.

I was put in the USA because there is Freedom of Speech, to protest against Killing by religious Humans, where I could not have been given the freedom to say what I was given to say in some countries. All this revealing did not happen to me in one day, and I am still learning to understand all the High Tech Knowledge, in the Christian Bible and Myth.

I challenge all Christians to prove they Love God and Jesus, more than they do their Government. And if it leads me to jail, so far I have been protected. I am not like Paul and go out to other people, but I have to write about all this, and even when I am gone, all this High Tech Knowledge in the past, will be proven, as it is in the prophecy, not only in the Christian Bible, but in all Scripture and Myth. All Knowledge, including Pure-bred High Tech Colonization of Planet Earth, and the Reproduction of Humans like the Adam and Eve Colony, is for the Good of Fallen Humans on Earth, to understand the past 6000 years.

Good is Eternal Life High Tech Reproduction, Evil is Mis-bred Body Birth Reproduction. We have our religious and history books full of the Evil Life of Humans on Planet Earth, and the Teachings of the Good Life in religion, of Perfect Humans in Heaven, which is Humans on Planets and in spaceships.

Jesus' is in the real Human Heaven, and Jesus' Asexual Love and Peace, is possible on Pure-bred Human Planets, with Eternal Physical Life After Birth.

Eternal Physical Life is for the Living, not the Dead. Is there Human Life After Physical Birth, and Death?

Hawk Eye


My wife got a huge chocolate cake as we were expecting my daughter's 20-30 friends to come for her birthday on X-mas day. But the plans as always with teenagers changed and they decided to go to the movies instead yesterday

So, we have a HUGE CAKE that is sitting and not going to be eaten up. We cut just about two pieces out of it yesterday evening and that's it.

If someone is interested, please, let me know. I am on 135th and Quivira in Overland Park. I'll deliver it to you anywhere in South KC area. If you are from other areas of town and are in South OP anytime today or for a couple of days, let me know. The cake is all wrapped up and is in the cold garage - it is so huge that it would not fit in the fridge :o)

Promise I did not put any potions by Hannibal Lector in it to reclone your brains. In the spirit of X-mas and truce, I am keeping my end of the bargain for now.

Hawk Eye

I know and have talked to Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation many times and have communicated with him by e-mail. He is a former Christian minister and now heads FFRF - check out

GREEN BAY (WFRV) - The nativity scene, which many find blessed and peaceful, is turning into anything but that for the Mayor and the City of Green Bay.

A spokesman for the Freedom From Religion Foundation says they plan to file a lawsuit against the City of Green Bay by Monday. They say the display on a city building crosses the divide which should exist between church and state.

* Artificial blood vessels 'closer' *
Scientists are nearer the creation of tiny artificial blood vessels after growing miniscule tubes out of stem cells. Full story:

* Clue to migraine headache cause *
Scientists may be a step closer to uncovering the cause of certain types of migraine headaches. Full story:

Hawk Eye



Hawk Eye

A religious freedom foundation says it has uncovered evidence that bolsters its federal lawsuit claiming that the military is permitting widespread violations of religious freedom at installations across the country.

Included in the evidence disclosed yesterday are photos and videos of religious materials and activities at Fort Riley in Kansas, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

The evidence is part of a lawsuit filed by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation -- headed by 1977 Air Force graduate Mike Weinstein.

Among the evidence is a book for sale at the Fort Riley post exchange titled "A Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam."

Other evidence includes a display outside a military police battalion's office with a quote from conservative columnist Ann Coulter that reads: quoting -- "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

Bills Fan

Who would eat a piece of cake delievered by a guy who quotes Hannibal Lector?


Hawk Eye


If you need a ride or anyone else you know would like to donate, let me know, I'll be glad to take you anywhere in Metro area. E-mail or call 913-980-4024

Also, while at it, think about donating your or your family members' organs to those who need them. Talk to your loved ones and contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to put the sticker on your driver's license.

Donate blood and get a free Holiday T-Shirt. Do it today - locations throughout KC Metro area. or

I have already donated recently and cannot do it till Feb 7th or so. Look forward to teaming up with some folks on this blog to do it together one day.


I want some of that cake.

Bring it to the Borders southeast of the intersection of 119th Metcalf at 6:00

We can eat three pieces. Coffee shop. Drinks on me.

Hawk Eye

OK, three pieces of cake coming up at Borders southeast of the intersection of 119th Metcalf 6:00 at the coffee shop.

What's your fancy - small, medium, large, or huge piece of cake?

I'll be easily recongized - - and of course, I'll carry the cake.

How wold I tell you? - in the Cold War traditions of "Spy Games", why don't you have Bill Tammeus' column from the most recent Kansas City star facing up and a red rose criss crossing the paper at 90 degrees with the flower facing North? This will consitute a "cross".

I hope you don't double cross me :o) on this.

Hannibal Lector is taking care of more urgent matters today as there is a truce till Jan 3rd with Bible Thumpers and no brains will be cloned till then.


I prefer large pieces, but I don't want to hog the cake.

Hawk Eye

The cake is fit for a hog - it is over 10 lbs. Don't worry. There is going to be plenty left.



I got back from lunch and apparently the boss has found out someone has been using computers, shall we say, out of order.

He is mad as hell.

I will not be able to get done by 5:30 which means I won't make it to Borders in time.

I know you will say I am running off, but seriously I did not want you going over there and then me not showing up and thinking I was messing with you.

A raincheck?

My new years

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