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December 24, 2007


Hawk Eye


Because Jesus says “Love your Neighbor” and “Love your Enemy” especially if your neighbor is a sex offender, Christians, you may consider this interpretation of your Bible.

Let’s give every sexual predator or convicted sex offender a choice along side regular psychological and legal options they get after they are released. Let’s see if some of them would like to get a $10,000 or whatever it costs replica of a silicone boy or girl or man or woman. Or a dog or sheep or cow. Whatever tickles their fancy? Let’s start with let’s say one zip code in Kansas City area and monitor them for reoccurrence of the sexual crime. If those who have a silicone doll for sexual pleasure have a significantly lower level of repeated offences (let’s say 10-20% when they practice their desires in private just like you would practice your faith in private), let’s expand it to the whole Kansas City area and then state and the country. I am sure the mothers of children who are not going to be molested will be happy. Of course, the Bible thumpers will raise stink that this is “weird” and “bizarre” but hey, what do we have to lose if it is shown to work short and long term? And we will never know till we try.

Surely, there maybe more bizarre cases after that but you gotta chose between the two evils anyway, and you will never know if you try.

If we take the tax exempt status from churches and otherwise normal Christians will be donating money directly to charities bypassing the middle man I think it will be OK if their mind will be the temple/church?

Hawk Eye

Although I can accept that it is possible there are occasions when an innocent person is executed, I am far from convinced it is of the epidemic proportions some would have us believe. by: PreacherDJ | December 23, 2007 at 11:21 PM

PreacherDJ, you will think otherwise when you are yourself innocent but are convicted of a crime and sentenced to death. The grass is apparently greener on your side.

I have a pretty simple solution. Let's equip every person with a GPS device implanted in their skin so we know at every second where they are. The computers are so good that encryptions can ensure virtual safety and let's allow these devices to record audio and video and store as an "alibi" archive.

This will eliminate virtually all "innocent convictions" with a very small percentage when data is lost or tempered. And these will not only EVOLUTIONARY BUT REVOLUTIONARY BETTER THAT WHAT WE GOT TODAY.

If there are two people involved in crime or more it becomes this much more difficult to fake it. The laws of probably will lessen the impact.

This of course will raise issues with Bible Thumpers and the number 666 tattooed on their as.es as a sign of Satan and also will be an issue with privacy advocates. But in 10-15years everyone will have it just like we have cell phones now and don't even question it when the police can track you down to 30 feet radius.

Space daddy out, common sense in.

I am sure your family will be happy that you will be roasting Turkey for Christmas instead of being roasted yourself on the electric chair.

It is the simplest things that make the difference. Perhaps, if churches were not tax exempt we'd have more money and the government could pay for it for every citizen willing.

If you are not willing, hell, if I care. Rot in jail for the rest of your life or I'll be the first one to stick the needle into you if I were given an opportunity and sanctioned by the government.

I believe that your sacrifice as an innocent person will be kind of like Jesus dying for all our sins and stupidity.

I am sorry if it comes across to harsh, but I love you man...

Just hate your sins ;o) What a cliché.

Hawk Eye


Religion gets a pass on pretty much everything in every day life. It is impolite to talk about religion so to speak. It is impolite to ask Romney if he believes that Jesus and Satan are cousins :o) not brothers as Huckabee was asking in a by the way fashion of a NYT reporter.

It is impolite to ask GW Bush how he'd react is his daughter was gang raped in Saudi Arabia and punished for being alone with another man just because she provoked it.

The asinine nature of entanglement of religion and politics and everyday life are just unbelievable.

I know Patricia disagrees with me about driving religion in underground because she'd rather know if there are any crazies in religion out there, but my point is that we as humans can drive it underground and even religious people who will control their inner religious ape in them can still be above it with humanistic principles and the golden rules whatever they are as long as they don't interfere with other people's well being.

This reminds me of my wife's love for figure skating. She TiVo’s all the competitions and says that skaters don't bitch about their marks - the playing field is equal, here are the rules and the rules are simple. Now that the new system of judging has been introduced there are virtually no conflicts and judging up so to speak.

The rules are the same for everyone.

With religion and so call "respect for religion" as pornographized in my opinion in America under the disguise of the Freedom of Speech and the "peep hole" in the wall of separation.

For religious people it is never enough when it comes to respect for their beliefs. They not only demand the respect they clearly want to legislate it. I don't mean moderates and secular Christians in this case as Jews and Muslims and other faiths don't register on the scale. I am talking about Bible Thumpers.

They demand respect for their Bronze Age beliefs when their god has been relegated to the most remote corners of logic and probability when it comes to common sense.

They demand respect like astrologers and fortune tellers do and they cannot show anything for it.

I've asked a Hindu in India who does computer programming for me to review this blog since November 30th when I started participating on it. He knows I am an atheist actually anti-theist :o) and we are getting along just fine.

I asked him to read the blog since I started posting on Nov. 30th and maybe show to some of his Hindu friends and tell me if there is a single argument that any theist (basically Christians) have made in almost 30 days that would not just convince but give him an inkling that there is any concrete evidence and argument to their faith.

I've paid him for the time he's been reading the blog :o) - I know he's reading it as I can see his computer screen on my 4 PCs all over house when he works for me so I can show him around what I need to do with the programming.

So, today he Instant Messaged me and said that to him as a Hindu, there was not a single argument or proof he read and derived from other than "faith" and "you need to believe".

He laughed his ass off about the Hannibal Lector and the Holy Trinity and said that he would not mind to have his brains cloned.

I am sure that if there are enough people willing I can start a religion just like Scientology for instance on the most bizarre ideas and actually support them through some bizarro high tech sh.t using the technology and medicine that I am interested in.

Oh, I forgot, Raelians already did it :o)

The reality of religion is that it gets a free pass in the normal discourse of our lives.

We argue about Iraq, economy, taxes, education, environment, fuel economy, zoning, whatever, but the underlying principle of "ARE YOU DELUSIONALLY BELIEVING THRE IS A SPACE DADDY OUT THERE WHO DETERMINES EVERYTHING AND BECAUSE OF THAT YOU ARE TOLD WHAT TO DO AS A ZOMBIE" is not being addressed.

I think we as humans are above that. More and more secular Christians are showing up and shoving their religion on the back burner as Plan B in case it works.

It is clear. It is also clear that otherwise "normal" secular Christians UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE LOOKING STUPID when someone like me goes out and hammers it into their brain again and again and shows the proof through the scientific advances and their own fallacies as Christians.

The "Stockholm Syndrome" of the grip of religion on you and accepting it as a gift is actually very well documented in the psychological and psychiatric community that deals with cults and deconversions.

Religion has taken it on a grander level and that is why it is entangled into every aspect of our society and you are asking this question "Why are we killing each other?".

I actually say "Because it is nature" and I am 100% more right or more than when a Christian says "it's God's will or humans are all evil and break god's laws"

The same Christians will go and screw another Christian out of the equity in their home going into foreclosure and make quick $50-100,000 without blinking an eye and will be frigging praising their Jesus for it.

The audacity of this hypocrisy is beyond comprehension. It is a clear "dog eat dog" world which they know they live in, privately admit and accept, yet will go around flaunting their faith on their sleeve and they'll be better for it.

It is much more difficult to admit that they are acting on impulses that are in their amphibian and mammalian and human parts of the brain that is firing those neurons.

They have to find a pattern of god in the chaos of the sea of life and when they find god, you'd better find him too because "naturally" (ala me) they'll kill you dominate you or tell your children which god to pray to in school or (ala them) they'll fulfill the will of the god.

Either way you cut it, they know it, I know it, and we know it.

And we are keeping quiet about it.

I have not :o) and will not keep quiet about it personally until certain Bible Thumpers are put into their proper place and intellectually shamed into submission and private worship and proclamations for their god and that he needs to govern all others or else you are condemned.

I have no problem with moderates and never will. But I do blame moderate secular Christians for being cowards and not actually standing up for reason and common sense, but I understand the grip of the "Stockholm Syndrome" is so strong
That one has to give them credit where it's due.

There is actually a good body of scientific research that states that cooperation and "talking things out" does work. I do accept it. I have absolutely no problem to listen out other people's religious arguments when there are any and not just "faith", "trust in god", "inerrant books", "exodus happened", "Jesus is the only true god?"

Reminds me when I was a kid I could tell others, "Oh, yeah? My daddy is going to kick your daddies but and my mom is prettier than yours." This is really the extend of the conversation that I hear when I talk to ministers and I cannot but sometimes run an experiment on them telling them I speak to aliens in my sleep telepathically and they tell me Jesus is a joke.

I don't tell them I am an alien myself. I only share it with a few chosen people and you have not read it on the blog but you get the drift.

When confounded by uncertainty and totally out of this world scenario like when I talked to several ministers in Olathe and Overland Park, they don't know what to do.

They are off the track. They cannot comprehend that I can with a serious look on my face tell them about 6 contacts that I have had with the chief alien who is in charge of our Solar System.

I also will give them my e-mail address on yahoo which is about 40 characters long with numbers and letters on it and this is my given code name by these aliens. There are thousands of us in America alone and we all have these numbers. We don't know about each other but our job is to spread the word about the new Enlightment.

The logic of "religious" common sense of these ministers fails miserably. And these are the most trained minds who "sell" religious people on what to read in the Bible and what to believe.

I am able to dominate them to the point that I get out of them they believe in DNA evidence that all humans came from Africa, that the Garden of Eden was not in Middle East, that yes it is possible that they are delusional and yes it's possible that these aliens were taken for god and that Jesus was cloned and whisked away a thousandth of a second before he was crucified because of some computer malfunction and he did not escape before.

The ministers will eat this stuff up and will believe that you have a good story to say or think you are insane and still will listen but because the way it presented to them they just cannot but think it maybe just maybe possible.

I am still in communication with a couple of them and pretty soon I'll break them the sad news.

They are very respectful and somewhat fearful. But I don't think they understand what is going to hit them when I tell them I ran an experiment on them. Kind of like when you think that Jesus was running around with this big mouth in Judea before he got caught up and just killed like a common criminal and later his story was embellished to the point of stupendous religious forever.

If their faith is strong it's not going to change it, but if their common sense and reason weak they will not appreciate the exercise that I just put them through.

And honestly, I don't think it is me who'll be to blame for it.

I just hope that they will not have some disturbing personal break down or something.

I know it maybe cruel and heartless, but nobody could stop Jesus from spreading his gospel, so why would I have any reservations when I strongly believe it's better to hurt someone's feelings today than to have that person ruin more lives tomorrow by denying others the right to do what they want to do because someone's imaginary space daddy tells them so.

So, again I digress...

But I hope you get the drift and I am getting too over verbose about why the hell are people killing each other.

Because they can. And because it impolite to tell them they cannot in the simplest terms. Again, this is very very over simplified. But as Russians say you have to show it on your fingers or as you Americans say if a 3 year old cannot understand it then nobody can.

My concern is for the Bible Thumpers primarily so they can understand it and begin evolving.

I sincerely believe they know they have to evolve, just something in their neuron passages tells them "no" or "hold on". I wish there was a pill for it. But for now I'll settle for Hannibal Lector.

Hawk Eye


Think about this. Only 10-20% of the materials are recycled in America. The $2.00 bottle you buy or if you buy in bulk 50 cents or whatever is the same basic water you have in your faucet or in the fridge. Don't get hyped about minerals and vitamins - a multi vitamin a day will take care of all your nutritional needs or better yet eat veggies and fruit and you are all set.

You can spend the $$ you save on other charity projects instead of giving it to your church as a tithe bypassing the middle man.

Mary Behr

Well, Hawk Eye beat me to it this morning. So I will make this brief: "Muslim scholars plan to stand against radical Islam by issuing a Christmas letter to Christians, this report says. Good. This kind of thing can't happen often enough."
RIGHT ON, BILL. And thanks for the lovely picture of the Santa Lucia lady.

We can natter about negatives ALL THE TIME to no avail. Or we can perhaps take hope in being reminded that "where sin is, there does grace prevail more."
No matter what some of you nice folk may think, I believe that GOD IS NOT DEAD (remember that flap?) and is still with us. MERRY CHRISTMAS for us Christians. Good will toward the rest of you. And try to relax and laugh more. Little Mary Sunshine :) On second thought, I'm not changing my name. I'll stick to just plain Mary.


There is a Swedish church service tomorrow, Christmas Day, at 6AM at the Broadway Church in Kansas City. I have never been and don't know if there is a Lucia and tradtional celebration, or what the service is actually like. This is the old Swedish Broadway Baptist Church. Thttp://www.broadwaychurch-kc.org/

You can see an American chorus of Santa Lucia celebrants here:

And this is a procession in a Swedish kyrka or church. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgfTV3l8IRc&feature=related

At the Lindsborg, KS, celebration and in Chicago's Swedish neighborhood of Andersonville, the young men also march in the procession. And there are many more smaller children.


I don't think that many of the old country traditions made their way into the second generation of my parents.

There was a single candle lit in the window, which is an Irish tradition. It is to allow the Holy Family to find their way to one's home. Some Irish actually set a table in the kitchen with bread and wine and leave the back door unlocked. I'm guessing there are some Santas who would be thrilled at the prospect of a glass of wine, instead of milk and cookies. I don't know if it would help him get that bike together any faster, though.

My mother always hung decorated cookies on the tree, which is a German tradition.

But unlike either the Germans or the Swedes, we always waited for Santa to come while we slept and opened packages in the morning. That was the major celebration.

Dolores Lear

We always had a Children's program on Christmas Eve at my Lutheran Church. We all memorized some Bible verse. When we returned home, Santa had been there. So we always opened presents on Christmas Eve.

One Christmas Santa was there, and we recited our verses for him. It took me awhile, to not believe in Santa Claus. I found out when I was older, Santa was an uncle.

Dolores Lear

Hawk Eye.

I appreciate all your posts that bring some common sense to religious beliefs, but I do not know how anyone could overcome the religious teachings, when your parents and pastor told you it was so. Some rebel, but most accept what teachings they are brought up with, including the Government they are born into. Body Birth does not give anyone a choice of parents or environment. Like I received, or like you received.

As an adult, I began questioning some of the beliefs, because I loved Jesus as a Friend and Brother, not as God. I could not understand how he was worshipped so much more than the Father of Life on Earth. Since then I do accept the Father of Life on Earth, as our Ancestors that Colonized Earth, not as GOD.

So I was given some answers that I post about. GOD is not a Human, but is the Source of All Life as we Know it, made from the Atom and the Electro-Magnetic Force, seen and unseen. The Temple of GOD is LIFE, not temples built by Human Hands. So the Human Species, the Higher Form of Life on Earth, should be the Equal Caretakers of the Temple of GOD, our Planet and the Life on it, not the Killers of All Life.

All the wasted resources, and land area for temple buildings, and cemeteries, is a waste of Human Energy for Life. I accept that the Bible has the Truth of LIFE, in what has been translated, and translated, but the Truth of High Tech Science Human Beings, is still saved, in the scriptures that were put into the Christian Bible. Also that Eve was made from Adam's rib, and they were not reproduced by Body Birth. We do have the Cloning Knowledge today, and how to make a fetus without the sex act.

So, I do Know that Humans Can Live Forever in a Physical Body After High Tech Birth, with High Tech 'regeneration'. So, now I only want to Know, why no one else can accept this High Tech Truth. So, my most important question, is 'Why do the Brothers/Sisters of GOD/LIFE, Kill each other? I accept the answer I was given, but why do other people not question this?
I accept the answer was the Body Birth Reproduction of Cain and Abel, Seth, females, etc., by Adam and Eve Colony that were not reproduced by Body Birth.

We 'need' the information in the Christian Bible, and all Scripture and Myth, to understand there are a Higher 'Being' Nature of Reproduction, beside the Lower 'Being' Nature of Body Birth Reproduction.
Hope you can work this High Tech Action, into all the other ways you present religious teaching of the Space Daddy today.
Maybe your contacts, are not our Ancestors like mine are, but our messages are still about pagan religions in temples made by Human Hands.

Agape Love and Peace, does need to be understood, on a Human Level on Planet Earth, to Overcome all the Nuclear Bombs on Land and Sea.

Dolores Lear

Happy Christmas Eve.

Hope this Christmas will bring the super'natural' Knowledge of how Jesus was conceived, by a perfect fetus put in Mary, by our High Tech Space Father. She was not raped by the Space Daddy, but chosen to bring in the Human Messiah/Christ, for the End Times of Life on Earth.

Jesus' Agape Love and Peace.

Hawk Eye


Growing back in the Soviet Union and on military basis as a military brat I NEVER celebrated Christmas. It was always New Years. As a kid in Pre-K and elementary school I remember so called “New Years Mornings” (bad translation because there is nothing like this in America – it is not happening on New Years or NY Eve, it may happen 7-10 days before New Years as “utrennik” – just a morning or afternoon or evening celebration of New Year.

Father Frost will come over and get gifts to kids out of his bag. Kids are all dressed up as if it is Catholic Baptism all nice and pretty. They dance and sing “In the woods a little pine tree was born” (“V lesu rodilas’ elotchka” ) – kind of “A king was born :o) in Bethlehem” song. They will make circle dances (chorovod) around the tree and dance a train dance around the hall with their teachers, parents, family members. It was fun!

Normally, you also would get a goody bag with candy, mandarin oranges, some nicks and knacks, nothing special compared to American standards and even substandard but hell a pack of chewing gum to a 5 year old in America also will be a hell of a treat in the Christmas stocking.

Oh, the Russian candy. We occasionally go to some Russian stores here in KC and my wife gets REAL candy from Russia. Don’t fall for the knockoffs made in Brooklyn – they are crap. The real “Mishka Kosolapii” (Awkward Teddy Bear) candy is absolutely fabulous and the wrapper is a piece of art. Also “Karakum Desert” candy is to die for.

Then on New Year’s Eve family from all over the county would get together, there is feast, vodka, talk, some music show is on put up by the godless communist TV station to ruin the morals of the Soviets and get them further from god and country and communion with the divine.

Oh, it was fun. I now want to ruin this country single handedly. But looks like you guys are already doing it with out me, so I’ll just sit back and watch the music show as I did when I was a kid.

Hawk Eye


Not a threat, but just a catchy headline :o)

The same house that I stopped by the other day and told the homeowner had Christmas light on all day long in daylight again has the lights on this morning. Apparently, they were lit up all night. Another neighbor across the street from me had his holiday lights on all night.

I remember last summer when I started jogging with my dog at 5 a.m. to avoid heat I was shocked to see how many homes had front porch lights on, driveway lights on, back deck lights on, family room, hallway, offices and libraries lights on.

It is inconceivable how much energy these mostly overwhelmingly statistically Christian house waste.

Surely, an argument can be made that lights prevent criminals from burglarizing. Sure, in the $500,000+ subdivision these homes don’t have an alarm and no sights posted on windows and front lawns.

I’d be curious to know if there is any research done on it. I am willing to take my opinion back if facts present themselves.

Hawk Eye

Dolores, are you frigging kidding me? Santa is not real?

By the way for those who are looking for a “space daddy” meaning in the chaos of unfathomable reality – Santa spells Satan if you change a couple of letters.

According to Goldsteinian logic it means space daddy is real.

Hawk Eye


A study last summer by the Pentagon showed that 40-60% of American soldiers in the war zone would not report crime against local populations’ property by fellow soldiers to their officers.

Also, the same ratios said that torture and murder of a local is justified if it leads to saving an American soldiers life.

In light of the Abu Gharib and the destroyed CIA tapes this is not only troubling but is a pattern.

Statistically, there are bound to be overwhelming majority of Christian soldiers in the US military. They were brought up in churches, in religious families and had the so called “righteous” Bible education and morals.

Yet reality is far from it.

So, I call on Christians who have experienced the wrath and mercy of Hannibal Lector to intellectually submit in shame their fellow Christians who are constantly being immoral not just in religious sense – in human sense.

Hawk Eye


Just caught on CNN a Christmas tree in Iraq at American soldiers’ barracks. There was a trophy machine gun hanging on the wall next to the Christmas tree.

A hell of a way for the overwhelmingly Christian soldiers to praise the non existing birthday of their non existing king!

I hope there is a godless atheist/agnostic/wiccan or Satan worshiper who will straighten these a.s holes out. Or a Christian NCO or officer, but they are probably too busy taking zombie orders from their space daddy Jesus whose imaginary birthday is being celebrated tomorrow.

Praise Jesus. Praise the Lord.

Sorry, I am ruining Christian’s Christmas Eve.

I will post another article soon about the purported first Christmas celebration in a pagan temple shortly. I’ll need to find that link.

Hawk Eye


My prettiest and sexiest Russian born godless atheist wife in the world has the prettiest smile and the whitest teeth out there – in your face Bible Thumpers :o)

About once a week she put on some white stuff on her face and I have to tell you it proves to me that Hannibal Lector, Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Noodle Appendage are all real.

He white teeth are not white anymore at that time. Well at least, the illusion of the super white face she has for some 15-20 minutes offsets her perfectly pearl white teeth.

This illusion is just an illusion. Just like the size of the Moon which seems huge when it’s rising above the horizon when you have some trees or houses to compare it to. When it goes up in the sky and there is nothing to pit it against in size you’ll know it’s the same size still though it seems much much smaller.

This proves to me that Hannibal Lector is real.

Hawk Eye


Costco has probably one of the best paying jobs in the retail industry and comprehensive health plans compared to Wal-Mart or Sam’s club. Just be careful not to overbuy stuff you don’t need in bulk, we don’t buy cheese there any more as it’s wasted in our family though it’s a good deal. My wife buys it at the local Price Chopper on sales whenever they are and the price is the same.

The savings you accumulate at Costco can be very substantial which you can translate into charitable contributions. I bought my first CFL lights at Costco – which is an additional long term $ savings.

Also, stop donating to your church and donate directly to charitable organizations. Supporting your ministers and $1.5-2.5 mln tax exempt buildings and organizations that have millions dollars in assets and are just brainwashing you with the space daddy tales is at best intellectually dishonest and at worst just inefficient. Bypass the middle man and find organizations that are reputable and have a much lower overhead that American churches that do the most for mankind in developing countries or whatever your charitable interests are.

Don’t give in to the “soft sale” of donating money to the church because it will help God’s word to be spread. Delusional people will have a good way of putting it this way – they have had thousands of years to perfect their religious propaganda and we are all suckers for it.

Hawk Eye


Just caught on CNN a piece that a couple of women joggers with their dogs got attacked by a pack of 7 wolves. They were fine, one dog was bitten and got stitches but the wolves surely were very well organized and disciplined and were deterred by pepper spray and shouting and women staying cool and not running but walking backward facing their attackers.

The wild expert interviewed said that the wolves if given a chance will switch to dogs as their source if they are easier to put down than a deer or a moose – in short, wolves evolve.

I hope that no harm would come to any Christian when they are practicing their faith in front of a pack of 7 wolves, but would make an interesting experiment if prayers would help –either from them or from their church or from the whole Christian community all over the world.

But of course, we know the answer, and so do the Christians – prayers only work in your mind, there are other things that take course in the chaos of the uncertain universe – like pepper spray and brave dogs and common sense and reason that the women executed.

No word from then on if they prayed. I think their “inner ape” instincts of survival took hold and the imaginary space daddy flew out to space.

Hawk Eye


Because she evolves as she goes. The bitch is a curious creature. Always on the prowl for new things, on the jog, at home, in the car looking out of the windows. Her eyebrows are moving up and down and you can tell her little brain is working things out in mysterious ways.

As it got colder (this morning is BRRRRRRRRR:O) I noticed that she has began barking when she comes back up the deck from her doggy business. Until about 3 weeks I NEVER heard her bark trying to get it. She’d patiently sit and maybe push the glass door with her paw. But NEVER bark.

I then noticed that the neighbor’s dog barks when she’s at the door and wants in. And my bitch is always curiously watching her either from the deck or the back yard. My dog NEVR BARKED in 2+ years we’ve had her until recently.

And I can assure you I did not teach her and Jesus Christ neither.

So, the only logical conclusion is that the dogs is self learning and self aware that she’d better change and evolve or she’ll freeze her a.s on the cold deck.

She has to evolve or she will die. So strong is the natural order of things that actually Bible Thumpers are also displaying naturally – those feisty leprechaun like creatures, don’t you love them?

I think Santa will have a nice Christmas gift for her tomorrow morning.

Did I tell you that as a godless atheist we celebrate Christmas? I think I did, my daughter’s birthday is tomorrow on the imaginary space daddy Jesus’ Christ’s birthday appropriated from pagan celebration of Winter Solstice.

Happy Holidays to everyone and a happy new year! Greetings and Salutations from Hannibal Lector and my ever evolving dog!

Hawk Eye


If you find yourself alone tomorrow on Christmas Day or tonight on Christmas Eve or know of someone who may need some company, please, let me know her on the blog or e-mail iggykc@everestkc.net.

My family will be glad to have them over for a great Christmas Day dinner in the Russian godless atheistic traditions.

My wife is a hell of a cook. My son says she is a cooking goddess – her garlic mashed potatoes and Russian “olivye” salad made of boiled potatoes, eggs, carrots, pickles, peas, mayo and whatever other Hannibal Lector inspired ingredients she uses is to die for.

The cranberry mandarin oranges salad is the consistency and ungodly taste of the brains Hannibal Lector routinely clones.

Her beets and herring mayo salad is a global killer like the asteroid that killed off dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

My son and daughter always insist we get some sparkling fruit juice wine so they can drink it out of fancy champagne glasses.

I promise your brain will be left intact as on delusion holidays Hannibal Lector holds a truce and doesn’t mess with other people’s brains.

Hawk Eye

* Don't be lonely at Christmas time *
A guide to some of the alternative social networking sites available to meet and greet this Christmas.
Full story:

* Asthma risk 'rises in menopause' *
Women going through the menopause have a higher risk of developing respiratory diseases, researchers say.
Full story:

* Trial volunteers 'left in lurch' *
Patients in trials of drug treatments are being left in the lurch when the research finishes, doctors say.
Full story:

Hawk Eye



As promisd, here it is for you guys - a Christmas special piece of news.

ROME (AP) — A recently discovered pagan shrine dedicated to Rome's legendary founder Romulus and his brother Remus is being linked by some experts to the first celebration of Christmas held on the date that still marks the festivity today.

Hawk Eye

LOS ANGELES - The family of a 17-year-old leukemia patient blamed Cigna Corp. on Friday for her death, saying the health insurance giant's initial refusal to pay for a liver transplant contributed to her death.

Hawk Eye

By CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent Sun Dec 23, 2:22 PM ET BALI, Indonesia - While great nations fretted over coal, oil and global warming, one of the smallest at the U.N. climate conference was looking toward the heavens for its energy.

CAIRO, Egypt - Months after Egypt boldly announced that archaeologists had identified a mummy as the most powerful queen of her time, scientists in a museum basement are still analyzing DNA from the bald, 3,500-year-old corpse to try to back up the claim aired on TV.

Hawk Eye

LOS ANGELES - The family of a 17-year-old leukemia patient blamed Cigna Corp. on Friday for her death, saying the health insurance giant's initial refusal to pay for a liver transplant contributed to her death.

Most doctors don't talk about breast reconstruction with women before cancer surgery, depriving them of key information that can sway their decision about whether to have the whole breast or just a lump removed, new research suggests.

Nanotech gives batteries a boost
Nanotechnology may soon improve battery life, according to Stanford researchers, who demonstrated how it can make lithium batteries -- popularly used to power iPods, laptops and cell phones -- last 10 times longer.

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    I'm the former Faith columnist for The Kansas City Star. For a more detailed bio, look under the "Check this out" headline below. My Twitter handle is @BillTammeus. Friend me on Facebook and you'll see this blog every day in your feed.

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