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And speaking of America, as I will be below, let's not forget our neighbors to the north. Do you think of Canadians as a bunch of agnostics or godlesss heathens? A new survey suggests you think again.

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Well, here you are reading my blog on a day when you should be out celebrating America's birthday.

XianflagActually, I think you can do both, because today I'm going to link you to a copy of the Declaration of Independence and ask you to try to put yourself back into the 18th Century and to hear the words of the document as if for the first time -- paying special attention to the underlying assumptions and religious beliefs expressed there.

It's a worthwhile exercise, especially if you next think through the time between then and now and where we've come as a nation. In some ways it's been a wild ride with many changes -- including many for the better. In some ways it's been completely unpredictable. And yet there is a sense of connection between us and the people who wrote the document in hope.

It's also worthwhile to look at the flag I've posted here today and to give thanks that the United States is not a theocracy.

If you want to spend lots of time today poking around on the Web site of the National Archives' pages about the Declaration, click here.

Otherwise, just enjoy the day and be safe. Of the red, white and blue, my red today is found in the beautiful red rock hills of northern New Mexico, where I'm teaching a class this week at Ghost Ranch.

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Mary Behr

YES. We've come a long way and a wild ride indeed. Still wild. Looking back, we can remember that and not be discouraged with the current challenges. I'm seeing fuzzily with successful cataract surgery but vision in that eye not settled yet and my prescription glasses don't work. But I'm celebrating possibilities. We do not need a theocracy. Thank God for that.
Souza marches playing at the supermarket. The house across the way sports a flag with a circle of stars. We will watch a DVD of 1776 sometime today. It will be 105 degrees this afternoon. The musical is not completely historically accurate,says a high school teacher, but true to the spirit of the times and the music stirs the blood. Bless you all.

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