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How would you like to be "nun for a day?" A Reuters writer tried it and offers this report. Is this a serious way to learn about another religion or simply more monk-eying around?

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I have written a lot about Islam since 9/11 -- for both personal and professional reasons, as many of you know.

CrescentsProfessionally my task has been to help readers understand the religion that the hijackers claimed as an excuse for the terrorism of that day. Personally, I had to try to understand why anyone would want to kill my own nephew, a passenger on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center.

In this process, it has become clearer and clearer to me that Islam is in a struggle for its own heart and soul. One group of Muslims seeking to redirect the anger and hatred of the so-called Islamists, those violent and radical people who follow the likes of Osama bin Laden, call themselves progressive Muslims.

But who are these folks and what do they believe?

An interesting recent answer is found in one of the "Sightings" columns from the Martin Marty Center. The Sightings essays arrive in my e-mail box each week (except this week, when Sightings is on vacation and I'm teaching a writing class in New Mexico).

I commend this piece to you as a way of trying to understand the complicated dynamics of Islam in the world today.

Tell me what you learned from it that you didn't already know.

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Dolores Lear

On the Muslim referrence above.
"Challenges for Progressive Muslims" By Omid Safi. "I, for one hope - that this movement can mature into a force that embodies the teachings of compassion and justice that stand at the very heart of the Islamic tradition. -

Ghandhi: "As soon as we lose the moral basis, we cease to be religious. There is no such thing as religion overriding morality."

I think this same thing, is what happened to the Jewish Christian and the Catholic religion, and the Catholic and Protestant religion, and when the Protestants and spread from Europe to the USA. Catholics and Protestants were considered two different forms of the Christian religion until lately, and fought and killed for many years, even though they used similar Holy Bibles.
The new Muslims will use the same Holy Books also. Will the new movement end in warfare?

Look today, how the morals are changing the 'Old Time Religion'. But today's religion is still Mouth Worship and Killing, instead of the Love and Equal Sharing with our Brothers/Sisters of Life with the resources on Earth, as Jesus taught and lived.

Are we ready to relook at the Christian Bible and see why morals and religions do not mix for Fallen Humans? The Original Sin of the Mis-bred Genetic Body Birth of Cain and Abel and all Humans since, is the reason we still kill our Brothers/Sisters of Life? Is this the Love of God and Man, that is taught in religion? Is it too late to Follow Jesus in our Daily Lives?

With our High Tech Knowledge today, we can know how the Pure-bred Perfect Adam and Eve Clones were reproduced in a High Tech Womb. This Knowledge was present on Earth, until they reproduced Cain and Abel by Body Birth. A High Tech Birth Society is Genetically Moral. A Body Birth Society is Genetically Immoral. The answer of Why the Adam and Eve Clones Reproduced by Body, still is not know with the Scriptures we have today.

The Christian Bible is the record of all the Immoral Actions of the Fallen Humans ever since Body Birth reproduction. Killing was the first result of the Original Sin, and today we have the planet covered with pollution and nuclear bombs, by countries that say they are religious. What is moral about this type religious Life?
The One GOD of Life is the Maker of all the Elements of Life as we know it, not in Human form. What God are the Killers worshipping? Our High Tech Human Ancestors that walked and talked? Religious Humans are scornful of Ancestor Worship, and have been caught up in it since the Fall to Body Birth. Humans should be Serving GOD/Life as Moral Equal Caretakers, instead of Destroying Life as Immoral Unequal Killers.


Here is an interesting story I found while looking up info on the Middle East a while back.


I know that some will argue that it is Islam as a whole that is radical, but, as I have said before, in and of itself it is as peaceful of a religion as Christianity. Of course both religions, and really all religions, have to potential to be hijacked and used to make war. If you can turn Buddhism into a war platform (as the post from a week or so ago showed us) you can do it to any religion. In all of my readings I have never seen a single shred of text to support any type of physical violence in Buddhism.

I think one thing that pulls the Arab world toward this particular ideology is their perceived status as victim of attacks and injustice on the part of the Western world. They dont want our influence in their world, much as we dont want their influence in ours.


The issue of progressive issue is little bit confusing to be as a Muslim. I really had no idea before today there is such a thing. However, my understanding is that Islam encourages and allows new ideas and values to be added in practicing the religion. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said “Travel to the distant of China to seek knowledge” meaning meet new people, explore new ideas, and etc. Islam is progressive cause it believes in democracy, it beliefs in finding cure for cancer. I don’t believe in the notion that progressive Muslims means they are anti-Western in any means. Islam is a light and true teaching of Islam can create an equal and just society. In the Quran God mention “Man” and “Woman” equal number of time. The wisdom, in that is we are equal. Now there are Muslims that explode the religion for personal gain and gratification. That’s a different story

Dolores Lear

What would happen on Earth, if all the people that think they are moral and religious would: Rebell against Killing our Brothers/Sisters of Life.
Rebel against building nuclear weapons, and going to War. Literally Share Equally, 100% with the Havenots, instead of 10%? Who can exist on 10%?

Would this be moral and religious movement?
Was this what Jesus' movement was about?
Would we get a majority of the moral and religious Haves Humans on Earth to join in this?



Jesus did not have a "movement." There is nothing in what He said to lead one to believe that, as documented in the New Testament.

In the New Testament, Jesus made it clear His purpose on the earth was: 1. To teach people about the Kingdom of God and 2. To die as payment for the whole world's sins, as His Father sent Him to do.

Sharing 100% equally with everyone is a socialistic utopia. Scripture teaches us to "share with each other" as needs arise. If your brother or sister has need, feed them, clothe them, care for them. Be willing to give the shirt off your back. But this model does not mean throwing all of our goods/money in a big pile and sharing as one.

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