July 27, 2007
July 30, 2007

July 28-29, 2007, weekend


Yes, the pope represents spiritual matters, but his presence also can mean economic activity, as shown in this report from the little town where he has spent some recent vacation time. So even if it's possible to separate church and state, it may not be possible to separate church and estate.

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Earlier this month, when Pakistan's Red Mosque was the center of violence, Reuters put together an interesting fact box about the place. Given the new violence there, I thought it would be helpful to link you to that background.

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It's time again to pass along the titles of some new (some brand new, some pretty new) books that deal with various matters of religion and ethics.

Books* How the Quakers Invented America, by David Yount. Small religious groups in the United States often have had influence far beyond their numbers. The Quakers are among them. This account, by a nationall syndicated columnist, unpacks the many ways in which Quaker values have helped to shape our nation.

* Forgiveness: A Legacy of the West Nickel Mines Amish School, by John L. Ruth. And speaking of the influence small religious groups can have, the Amish showed that in the forgiving way they responded to the terrible disaster in October 2006 when a gunman killed five Amish school children, wounded five others and then killed himself in Pennsylvania. The author, a Mennonite minister, helps us understand how the Amish response was possible.

* Plain Secrets: An Outsider among the Amish, by Joe Mackall. A clear-eyed, careful writer offers us an inside look at this fascinating group of people who choose to live against the tide of modernity in many ways.

* Don't Chew Jesus: A Collection of Memorable Nun Stories, by Danielle Schaaf and Michael Prendergast. These Catholic-educated writers give us a fun and revealing look at their 20th Century Catholic education, and the remarkable women who gave it to them.

* Encyclopedia of Catholicism, by Frank K. Flinn. This part of the Facts on File Library of Religion and Mythology series on world religions gives us more than 600 interesting pages about many aspects of Catholic Christianity, though the one-paragraph entry on the word "nun" isn't nearly as much fun as the previous book's stories about nuns.

* The Complete Idiot's Guide to Kabbalah, by Rav Michael Laitman, with Collin Canright. If you want an understandable introduction to this mystical path of Judaism, this is the book for you. Well, this and the Web site operated by the author Laitman.

* Emerging Ministry: Being Church Today, by Nathan C.P. Frambach. The emerging, or emergent, church movement is producing some fresh thinking in Christianity, and this small volume adds to it with a Lutheran perspective. For more information, see this Web site.

Books_2*Breath for the Bones: Art, Imagination and Spirit, by Luci Shaw. The author, a poet and teacher, who "vowed never to cut myself off from beauty," explores the connection between religion and art in helpful ways.

* When Grief Comes: Finding Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow, by Kirk H. Neely. This Baptist pastor writes not from an abstract theological perspective but from the personal experience of profound loss, including the death of his son.

* Crisis in the Village: Restoring Hope in African American Communities, by Robert M. Franklin. The author, both a scholar and a preacher, draws on both academia and the church to suggest remedies for the disasters that have plagued black Americans.

* The Seduction of Extremes: Swallowing Camels and Straining Gnats, by Peter Kurowski. This pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod offers a wise word of caution about taking extreme religious positions as well as the virtues of learning to live with paradox.

* From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible, by Eric H. Cline. This is an archeologist's scholarly but accessible take on some of the mysterious stories in the Bible, including Noah's Ark and the Ten Lost Tribes.

* From Power to Purpose, by Sen. Sam Brownback, with Jim Nelson Black. Think of this as a presidential campaign book if you want to, but it gives you a chance to understand Brownback's thinking, including his religious views, on his own terms.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. (In my Saturday column this weekend, I write from the high desert country of northern New Mexico and ask this question: Was humanity meant for misery?)


Joe Barone

Once again, I really appreciate your links. Thanks for the link on Kabbalah.

Dolores Learg

Thanks for the link on Kabbalah.

On the web site referral:
"The wisdom of Kabbalah teachs a practical method to attain the upper world and the source of our existence. By realizing our true purpose in life, one attains perfection, tranquility, unbounded enjoyment and the ability to transcend the limitations of time and space while still living in this world."
Rev. Michael Laitman, PhD.

Kabbalah is not about the Mind or Spirit World, but it is the lost Knowledge about the Pure-bred Human Physical Life After Death World.

To attain the upper world and the source of our existence, we need to understand Genesis and the High Tech Colonization of Earth by our Human Pure-bred Clone Ancestors from space. Clone HelpMeets are necessary for the Human Race to continue on planets and in spaceships.
By realizing our true purpose in life, one attains perfection, tranquility, unbounded enjoyment and the abiity to transcend the limitations of time and space, in Pure-bred Bodies and in High Tech spaceships, while still living in this world on Earth.
By using High Tech Pure-bred Reproduction, that gives Eternal Physical Life After Birth, and with High Tech Colonization, we do have the ability to transcend the limitations of time and space.

We have the High Tech Knowledge today to understand about Eternal Physical Life. Now we need to understand about the elements in our Sun that gives Life to our Earth, after High Tech Colonization. The Sun only has so many atom and electro-magnetic elements that are necessary for Life as we know it. On an enclosed planet, when Humans 'fall' to Body Birth, and during a Mis-bred population explosion, they use up too many Sun elements. They tie up too many Sun elements in burial tombs and caskets, multiple church and government buildings, weapons of mass destruction, and all types of waste pollution. All these dead elements should go back into our Sun's solar system, and keep our Sun capable of continuing Life as we know it, not to kill our planet with dead objects that do not desolve, and return to the Sun's Solar System? We know Suns die, and now we can know why. When the elements in the Sun are all used up in the Solar System, and does not have fuel left to supply planets, it Dies.

It is a big job to Colonize another planet in another Sun Solar System, or another Galaxy, or another Universe, to escape our Sun's Solar System when it dies. Humans are supposed to be the Higher Physical Form Caretakers of this Life, not the Killers. Planet Warming is escellating in these Last Days of Life on Earth from our pollution that stays on Earth, instead of returning to our Sun.

We should be thankful that our High Tech Ancestors, part of the 'God Race' in Space, that do have Eternal Physical Life After Birth, will rescue those left, before we kill our planet's Eco System or before our Sun dies.

Life is for the Living Humans, Not the Dead Humans.


The story of the Red Mosque should concern us all. Pakistan is certainly in trouble right now with its religious radicals and it doesn't seem that Musharraf has the political power to handle it.

Just Thinking


Did you have an encounter with High Tech aliens, or why do you think that they exist? By the way, a couple of days ago, a "g" crept into your posting name.

Dolores Lear

The g is because I hit g to bring up my e-mail address automatically and forgot to remove it. I also put in a d to bring up my name. I thought I removed them - surprised it worked with the g.

Whatever you call High Tech aliens, ET or purple people or green people with big heads, are not what I call our High Tech Ancestors.
We 'are' in Our Ancestors Human image, only have defective bodies that get sick and die, because of Body Birth.
I have not had a physical experience with them. Only guided mentally, to the information, to understand the Christian Bible, with a High Tech Knowledge understanding, that Science and Religion, are both about the past High Tech Physical Life on Earth and in spaceships.

The bliss that Patricia mentioned that I had, that Joseph Campbell writes about, is what I experience now, and is better than the bliss I had as a Lutheran Christian. The Mind bliss to have many of my religious questions answered, about Eternal Life and that Jesus is Alive in a Physical Body, which puzzled me when we would say we are going to be with Jesus when we die.

The only explanation I have so far, for the High Tech Aliens is that they are robots, either of our High Tech Ancestors or they are another type of Beings. They do seem to take people aboard and give them a physical, or so it was said back in the days of UFO appearances around the planet.

I imagine if there was life on Mars, we would send robots to take samples there also. We already have samples of the terrain of the Moon.

For me, nothing on our Fallen Earth, can compare with what I accept as Eternal Physical Life in the future, with Jesus, just like I used to accept Life after Death with Jesus.

Hope this Bliss I have found is catching.

Agape Love.

Just Thinking

"The Mind bliss to have many of my religious questions answered, about Eternal Life and that Jesus is Alive in a Physical Body, which puzzled me when we would say we are going to be with Jesus when we die."

Did it ever occur to you that the belief you had was really a simple misunderstanding or a false teaching? This sounds more like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Dolores Lear

I do not understand your statement. I guess I thought you were a Christian, and had the Christian belief that when you died you went to Heaven to be with Jesus. That is what I believed until this new understanding happened to me, that Life is for the Living, not the Dead, and that Jesus is Alive in a Physical Body, out in space with the Human Father of Life on Earth.

The Faith section of the K.C. Star today has many good articles, including Bill's, "Where Joy Does Tread".

There is also an article about the U.S. and arms dealings, of which you know I am opposed to, for Christians that love Jesus.
"U.S. plans arms aid for Arabs" Washington - The Bush adminsitration is preparing to ask Congress to approve an arms sale package for Saudi Arabia and neighbors that is expected to total $20 billion over the next decade."

I keep saying since Ronald Wilson Reagan's time that the USA is the biggest arms dealer on the planet. I also said Ronny's name has 666 letters, and that anti-Christ means weapons of war. Christ means Peace. The abomination of desolation, the nuclear bomb, does stand in Israel/Jerusalem.
Christ/Jesus also means 'turn the other cheek'. So I still think the USA had to be the bad guys in the End Times of Life on Earth. I still love American and wish we could have chosen the Peace Path with so many Christian citizens, instead of the Killer path of all Life on Earth, but prophecy has to be fulfilled, befor Jesus and the Father return to Earth.

Agape Bliss does not change our Fallen Nature, only High Tech does. I am disappointed in the depressing Killing of our Brothers/Sisters of Life today, with nuclear weapons on land and sea, and the USA is about to sell more.

So, what will be, will be.

Just Thinking

By the way, Dolores, the commonality in mythology is really pointing to objective truth, truth that has been written in the hearts of people through conscience, and truth about God that has been pointed to by nature and the world itself. But truth itself seems to rest in ideals, notions that are alien to this world in their perfection. It is as though mankind once lived in a place where this perfection could exist, and only the pointers to perfection remain. But in fact God tells us that this is the case.

Ideals resonate with us, offering bliss to identify them as pure truth, but those ideals do not exist in this world and can never be achieved in this world. So why do we still find these ideals and why are we so moved by these ideals? C. S. Lewis asked the same question when he asked why it is that we have an innate sense of justice and yet there is no true justice here. He asked how a fish who had always lived in water would know about anything other than water? When we live where ideals cannot exist or be achieved, then why do we know about them? The answer is found in God.

Metaphors point us to ideals in a natural way, and myths and parables are metaphors in a certain sense. We lay a ruler against an object to measure size. We lay parables against life to understand the Kingdom of God. We use myths to find deep truth that resonates with our soul in much the same way. These are the pointers to truth, the evidence of unseen realities.

Just Thinking

What you said about the US being the bad guys is very interesting.

I've asked many theologians from many different backgrounds about whether or not they see the US in Revelation, and the answer has always been, "No." How could such a powerful nation as this not be in the final chapter of human history? Maybe we really do end up used for evil purposes. If Satan is going to manipulate a political system for his purposes, then what better one than this one? Maybe you're right, Dolores.

Kansas Bob

This one made me smile:

'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Kabbalah'

Dolores Lear

"Ideals resonate with us, offering bliss to identify them as pure truth, but those ideals do not exist in this world and can never be achieved in this world."

So in which world can they be achieved? Life After Death? In the Spirit World? I do not think so. Adam and Eve were Humans on Planet Earth. They were Pure Humans, but they reproduced Impure Humans by Body Birth. They were in the real world of 'Pure' Humans.

And we can be 'regenerated' like Jesus was to Pure Bodies like Adam and Eve had, in this world, only not on this planet. So I guess we could call it the next world.
Only we have to accept that the Adam and Eve Society were Pure-bred male and female Clone Helpmeets, and there is no sex lust, or food lust, or any of the other lusts of the flesh, in their High Tech Human Society.
This is the Ideal Soul Mate and the bliss everyone one is looking for, that was lost in Body Birth.
The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Eternal Physical Human Life on Earths and in spaceships.

Back in the time after Ronald R., there were others that also thought he was the 666 of prophecy. He did not choose to be this either, but we all have our parts to play in these last days of the population explosion of all people that lived in the past on Earth.

The Bible says we will all be made Alive in physical bodies at the Judgement Day. And just like the last population explosion during the Noah/Atlantis Society, they were destroyed, and a few were left for the new life on the ruined planet. So what we are facing today is another Planetary Catastrophe, the USA is the chosen nation to spread the weapons of the Anti-Christ around the planet. It is no secret the USA have the most nuclear weapons, and the most military basis around the world. Now we are building that big complex in Iraq, that is taking a lot of the money that is allocated for the war fund, called an Embassy, that is like a Fort. That is why Bush and Cheney do not want to give up the war. I did not accept it was to chase terrorists, but for our use in conquering the world.

So we will have to see if Man will accept this High Tech Pure-bred Clone Society, as the Truth of the God teachings, or not.
The supernatural Gods of religion and myth is the High Tech of today, only ours is the Unbalanced High Tech that destroys instead of being used for Eternal Human Life, like our Ancestors.
They will return as the Bible says in the New Testament, just as Genesis in the Old Testament has all this High Tech information, about the Colonization, the Fall and the Flood.

Now we can only watch and see what happens next. There is also something about being the watchman in the End Times, in the Bible. Johovah Witness are called The Watchtower Society, but they do not have the High Tech Truth as yet. There is also something about the 144,000 in Revelation. So if that is the number saved at Judgement Day, will remain to be seen.

The Bible is a magic book when read with High Tech Knowledge. Maybe we are not supposed to know this stuff until it happens, but The Kingdom of Heaven, is real Eternal Human Life After Birth for me.

Dolores Lear

When will Christians have a Peacenic/Peacenick Movement to have all Christians lay down their guns, and kill Humans no more? They will probably still kill animals for food, that is also a restriction in the Genesis. Man was supposed to be a vegetarian, fruit on trees and on vines, grain, herbs, etc., and not eat the flesh with the blood in it. Shedding blood of any kind was against the High Tech Pure-bred Society's Lifestyle. The same eating habits on spaceships was the same habits on planets, by The Gods that looked like and were Humans.

On Google both names Peacenic and Peacenik, are listed as people against war, but some kill also, instead of just protesting, and laying down their guns.

After the Killing Lifestyle since the Cain/Abel generation, and for 6000 years, it is hard to imagine 'no killing' on a spaceship planet, but when this is practiced, the sword becomes the plow, and the lion and lamb can lay down together.
What will be the results on a spaceship if we ever make one with the interior balanced, like all the spaceship movies. Will Humans on Earth try to take weapons and killing out into Space?

I hope not. I hope our High Tech Pure-bred Human Ancestors, can keep Killing isolated to Fallen Life on Planets. And it looks like today, that Humans without realizing it, do have the Killing of the Home Planet set up with their nuclear bombs on land and sea and their Eco System and Ozone Canopy almost destroyed. I hope this Fallen Killing Human Lifestyle cannot succeed in going out into space, before we kill All Life as we know it on Earth.

All this is what I have been led to understand, ever since I started questioning, how I could die and go to be with Jesus, when Jesus is Alive, and why Jesus was more important than God the Father in religions today, and always killing was more important than God. My questions were answered, and I have written about all the High Tech knowledge, and GOD/LIFE, given me ever since.

Earth needs some Human Agape Brother/Sister Love to overcome the Hate that surrounds us. I still am amazed how we kill each other, for what? Food, Clothing, Housing, Things? There is enough resources on Earth to go around Equally. So who are we killing each other for? GOD? God? Jesus?

Dolores Lear

I want to thank you All for your patience with me.
For 36 years as far as I know it, people I have sent this High Tech Knowledge to in typed papers, and now post it on the Web, I have not had one say they understood what I am saying about GOD. Some did understand about the Flood, but when I said Jesus was not GOD, I lost them.

Do any Christians ever question that the Father of Life on Earth that was seen in Human form, is GOD? And that Jesus in the Human form is GOD? And that the Holy Ghost/Spirit is a 'person' and is GOD also?
How many other Trinity religions had Humans for GOD?
Do they question that these Human Gods, could Create the Universes of Atoms and the Electro-magnetic Force, that makes all LIFE as we know it, seen and unseen?
Why do they Kill their Brothers/Sisters of LIFE if their God said 'Thou Shalt Not Kill', and 'Turn the other cheek?
How do all the religions that accept only One God, kill their Brothers/Sisters of LIFE? Is 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' a universal command of God?

These are questions that I have the answer to, the Original Sin of Body Birth did cause the Killing of our Brothers/Sisters, but it is not accepted as a Fact, of the Truth of Life as we know it.
But the Truth of High Tech Pure-bred Physical Life After Birth and the High Tech Colonization of a planet 'is' known today.
High Tech Knowledge will prove the Truth of the Christian Bible as Fact, not Fiction.

Thank you All for letting me keep saying this, over and over, along with your comments on this Blog, has helped me refine some things better, than I had before on my web site. Eternal Pure-bred Physical Life After Birth, is a Truth Science can prove today, with our High Tech Knowledge. Is there really 'Life' After Death as we know it?

Jesus' Agape Love to All.


Love your column this week, Bill. You ask the critical questions for all our lives: How will we respond to suffering or crisis? And how does God and our religion help us to respond?

My own prints have been uneven lately, as I limp a little after having thrown a knee out in aerobics class.(And I do know that you are not speaking principally of physical pain.) It has made me think about people who live with daily and unrelenting "real" pain, whether from the body or the heart. It has also made me take a look at my strengths and weaknesses in dealing with it and have to confess to not always handling it well.

In these times, I am always reminded of a dear friend, who returned home on a lovely spring day to find her 14-year-old son's body. He had blown his brains out with a gun he had taken out of a friends' house. She said that it was the enduring image of her beautiful baby boy after the act that increased the continual stabbing pain through the heart. Those of us who went to the home to clean up the aftermath, in the days before there were companies who did this, understood.

And so she devoted her life to replacing the image and the stabbing pain. She prayed to rid herself of the image. She filled her heart with connections with other people as she built a foundation to address the sources of teen suicide and recognizing them.

Perhaps these aren't the means to escape all suffering but they are good ways to walk through it.


Fascinating piece on "Sunday Morning" on a new tableware exhibition:

"Even apart from the association with the devil (of the fork's resemblance to devil's horns), the idea was that God gave us hands and God gives us food, and we as humans should take that food that was given by God with our god-given hands and convey it to our mouths, and so there was tremendous resistance by the Catholic church to the introduction of the fork."


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