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The small Christian Science Monitor, known historically for its excellent foreign coverage, has a pretty good take on the national elections this weekend in Turkey and what it may mean for the important secular tradition of government in that mostly Muslim country. Turkey is one more place that should have been getting more attention from U.S. policy makers but hasn't because of the attention required by the war in Iraq.

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Regular readers of this blog know that from time to time I write about how various religions, especially Christianity, view homosexuality.

GaychristianThey also know that my personal position, based on careful reading and study of the Bible, is different from the position of my denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA). I believe otherwise-qualified gays and lesbians should be eligible for ordination to be church officers and clergy. The church forbids that now.

But from time to time I run across resources that can help all of us think about this matter. A Web site, and related book, I found recently is called Gay Christian 101.

The Web site, which contains quite a bit of information about various biblical passages and their meaning, also promotes a book by Rick Brentlinger, also called Gay Christian 101.

The book, which I have not read, offers the author's views about why homosexuals should understand that God loves them and that they should be fully part of the Christian community.

Well, look, I'm not much interested in provoking more angry arguments about this subject. Rather, I just encourage you to visit the site and see if you discover some fresh way of thinking about this matter -- an issue I consider important, but certainly not the most important one facing people of faith today.

(By the way, for something related to this issue but from the other end of the spectrum, you might be interested in hearing Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, talk about why federal hate crimes -- or, in his words, "thought crimes" -- legislation really wants to target Christians who wish to make public their view that homosexuality is a perversion of biblical teaching.)

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here.

Today's religious holiday: Pioneer Day (Mormonism); Tisha B'Av (Judaism)


Dave Miller

Bill, thank you for alerting us readers to these resources. They look really helpful. Although I don't comment much these days, I want you to know how much I value your blog! :-)

Dolores Lear

"A Primer On Some Sexual Issues"

With all the comments about Homosexuality being a sinful nature, we need to relearn how God Created Humans 'in the beginning', and that the Heterosexual male and female Sex Act was the Original Sin of Perfect Humans.
Did God Create Heterosexual Human Beings? Or Asexual Clone Human Beings? What are Asexual Clones?
How are Clones reproduced? By High Tech? How are Homosexuals reproduced? By Body Birth, by a male and female? When did the Adam and Eve Asexual Clones created 'in the beginning', change to Heterosexual Body Birth Reproduction? God did not Create Heterosexual Humans. God reproduced High Tech male and female Clone Humans?
A translation of the Christian Bible, by Fallen Body Birth Humans:
Genesis 1:26,27. KJV. "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."
If God was in the image of the male and female, and they were Human, God was also Human. Who was God talking to when the Lord God said let 'us' make? Were the 'us', Other Gods and Angels that looked like Humans?

Genesis 2:7. "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."
How were Asexual Clones made from the dust? Was the dust, Atoms, was the breath of life the Electro-Magnetic Force?

Genesis 2:21-23. "And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man."
Was this a High Tech operation on Adam that was put to sleep, and with the rib material made Eve a Female Clone of the same Genetic makeup? The Two were One Soul Helpmeets; they were not Two separate Soul Mates, like Body Birth Humans.

This was a mystery to Fallen Humans, after they Sinned and the Two Humans with One Soul reproduced Cain, a One Soul Human, by Body Birth. Separate male and female One Soul, Body Birth Humans, have been Searching for their Other Soulmate, Better Half, etc., ever since One Souls were reproduced.

God did not make Imperfect Humans, Clone Soulmates did. What made Perfect Pure-bred Adam and Eve reproduce Mis-bred Cain by Body Birth? Did God make defective Higher 'Being' Pure-bred Human Clones, or did something happen to make them 'Fall' to Body Birth to reproduce Lower Human 'Beings'?

Asexual Clones were the first Sinful Higher 'Nature' Human Beings, that reproduced, by Heterosexual Body Birth, all the rest of the Sinful Lower 'Nature' Human Beings, HBHLT. All other Sins were the result of the Original Sin of Mis-bred Body Birth. Humans were not reproduced Heterosexual 'in the beginning'. The Wages of the Original Sin 'is' Divisions, Diseases, and Death ever since.

Sin and Death happened because of the Heterosexual Sex Act, not eating the apple on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the Garden of Eden. Good and Evil Bodies and Environment, is the result of Heterosexual Body Birth reproduction, that is Killing our Earth Home.

We again have the High Tech Knowledge to understand the High Tech Colonization of a Planet, and High Tech Reproduction of Humans today. Are we ready to stop the misuse of our High Tech Knowledge for weapons of mass destruction and the killing of our Eco System, and become Human Asexual God Humans like the Adam and Eve Colony were 'in the beginning' of Life on Earth? What have we been doing to ourselves and our Planet with our Killing Heterosexual Body Birth Lifestyle?

Jesus and the Man Gods prove with a High Tech translation of the Christian Bible, that there is Pure-bred Asexual Human Life up in Space, in spaceships and on other Planets. Jesus 'literally' was 'regenerated' Pure-bred like the Man Gods of religion in the Christian Bible and is with them in their spaceships and on their planet. At Judgement Day, those that remain will also be 'regenerated' to High Tech Pure-bred Physical Bodies.

There is High Tech Eternal Life Pure-bred Physial Human 'Beings' After Birth, on planets and in spaceships. Literal Proof is in the Christian Bible.

Agape Love in a High Tech Pure-bred Body, is the Eternal Love that passes understanding for Humans in the Flesh Lust Body.

Why Is This So Difficult

Alright, Dolores, I'll bite - even knowing that you strayed once again from the topic at hand.

Dolores, you spend a great deal of time explaining your revelatory belief that, "Sin and Death happened because of the Heterosexual Sex Act." Where in the world did you receive this revelation? How does it make any logical sense?

If you observe the physiological traits of most all mammalian species, you will see that they were created male and female - with the corresponding sexual organs. These organs, along with the sex act itself, were designed by God who you agree does not make mistakes.

Therefore, how can you not look at this simple evidence to conclude that heterosexual sex was by God's design - not this asexual clone business.

Also, you stated:
"If God was in the image of the male and female, and they were Human, God was also Human"

First of all, the Biblical text does not state that God was in the image of male and female, nor can you conclude He was human. Just that men and women were created in His image. The one does not translate to the other.

Think if you were going to make something in your image. You might get out some clay and paints and sculpt a beautiful likeness of yourself. And though it was a beautiful image of Dolores, it would not be Dolores. It would fall short in many ways. Thus, though we are in God's image in many ways, we can never compare in these bodies to the true image of God.

Dolores Lear

Thank you for the question about the GOD I accept. GOD is not the Man Gods and Angels that looked like Humans. It is not Jesus that is with these Man Gods and Angels.
By the way, trying to explain why Heterosexuals look down on Homosexuals (Gay or Lesbian) is on the Gay subject Bill listed.

I have stated many times that the GOD that Created the Atom and the Electro-Magnetic Force that makes Life as we know it, visible and invisible, 'is' the maker of Universes that have Galaxies and Suns/Solar Systems, where Human Life as we know it exists. This is the Trinity GOD that I accept, that is not in visible a visible form, but makes the visible and invisible forms we know about. We have not got over, thinking Life as we know it started on Earth, not in the Universes.
The One God religions is about this GOD. The Trinity Gods of Father, Mother and Child, is not this GOD.
The Trinity God of Father/Source, Son/Atom, and Holy Spirit/Electro-Magnetic Force, is this GOD, but not in any Human Form, so the Christian God is not this GOD. This knowledge was turned into Two Humans and a Spirit, by Christians. No God on Earth called a He, Him, or His, is the One GOD of the Universes. This GOD has no physical attributes.

How this invisible Life became visible and in the Life forms we know about, for me, could answer the Evolution Theory of Life, but it was in the Universes, not on Earth, which was Colonized. All Knowledge on Earth is useful to understand about GOD/LIFE.

If Life as we know it today, really evolved from blue-green algae on Earth 'in the beginning', then we did Evolve up to the High Tech today. But I accept that the High Tech Colonization, was started by sending blue-green algae into the soupy atmosphere of Earth to begin making an atomosphere suitable for Human Life.
High Tech Reproduction tht we have learned about today, was the Way Life in Genesis is recorded. How else do you describe how the Adam and Eve Clones were reproduced? Supernaturally? High Tech is 'super'natural.

I need to revise my letters HBHLT, to AHBHT, all are Humans.
A - Asexual male and female
H - Heterosexual male and female
B - Bisexual male and female
H - Homosexual male and female
T - Transsexual male and female

A's are Pure-bred Humans reproduced by High Tech Pure-bred Genetic Reproduction.
HBHT's are Mis-bred Humans reproduced by Heterosexual Mis-bred Genetic Body Birth Reproduction.

Humans 'can' be reproduced by Two methods.
1., High Tech, has Eternal Pysical Life After Birth.
1., Heterosexual Body Birth, has Temporal Physical Life After Birth, and Disease, Division and Death.

We are up to 'literally' proving with High Tech Knowledge, that male and female Asexual Clones were the first Humans, to commit the Original Sin of Body Birth, and all the other letters are lesser Humans, and are results of lesser Sins of the Original Sin of Body Birth.
Until we understand this, we will keep on with our Inequality, Inhumanity and Killing of our Brothers/Sisters of GOD/LIFE.

If this raises more questions, or if it explains how Eve was made from Adam's rib, please ask, or comment if I am making sense yet.

Dolores Lear

After rereading your post, I hope I explained that Humans were not creaed supernaturally, in the Image of GOD, but were reproduced, in the image of the Man Gods that looked like Humans and walked and talked with Humans on Earth. The seed of Humans does make Humans, and that is how Humans began on Earth. How Human Life began in Space, is not in the Christian Bible.
All LIFE as we know it, is the Image of LIFE,that GOD Created, not by Body Birth.


It just makes me cringe when I see Turkey go from a committed secular nation to one where the new President is being served coffee by his wife wearing a headscarf.

I'm wondering how good this will really be for their economy down the road, as I'm guessing that their bid for entrance into the European Union may be threatened.




Is this the expression of some known belief system or something you put together?

Dolores Learg

I explain these High Tech Knowledge facts about High Tech Human Colonization and High Tech Human Reproduction on my web site:

These are not beliefs nor any religious movement, but 'literal' Human reality of Life on planets and in spaceships.

Do you accept that High Tech Knowledge today, joins the egg and sperm of Humans, in a dish, corrects some genetic inherited diseases, and then puts the fetus in the female womb?
What if we made a High Tech Womb? Would it still make a Human if we put the fetus in the High Tech Womb, and overcome Birth defects and Birth deaths?
We would be able to follow the process and correct inherited genetic diseases and physical defects, and reproduce Pure-bred Asexual Physical Humans?

Humans have lost the knowledge that Humans can also be High Tech Asexual Humans, instead of Celibate. We need to Add Asexual to the list of Heterosexual, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual, and Transsexual. The Asexual knowledge was lost when the High Tech Asexual Clones reproduced by Heterosexual Body Birth and Genetic diseases, divisions and Death began on Earth.

This is what I am talking about. Today we hear little about High Tech Science wanting to Colonize another planet like they did in the late 1900s, but I accept that Genesis tells about the High Tech Colonization of Earth and the High Tech Reproduction of the Adam and Eve Clone Helpmeets. They were not reproduced by Body Birth, and we know today that it is possible to reproduce Humans without the sex act, in the dish.

So, what I am trying to address is not a new belief or religion but the facts of High Tech Pure-bred Human Life After Birth in a High Tech Lab, instead of in the female womb, so the female can again be Equal to the male.

Genesis in the Christian Bible, and the Myth of Atlantis as a High Tech Society Flood, along with the Noah Society Flood in Genesis, translated with High Tech Knowledge is enlightening reading.

Dolores Lear

I guess I should call my thesis information:
High Tech Asexual Humans 101.

Dolores Lear

I forgot to add Celibate to my list of Human types.
After Asexual male and females. is
Celibate male and females.

So ACHBHT covers all the types of Humans I am aware of at this time.
All are reproduced by Body Birth, the Original Sin, except Asexuals.

On a High Tech Society's Planet and in their spaceships, there are just Asexual Humans that have Everlasting Physical Life and Peace.

Ruth from Tucson

As usual Bill your blogs are great and stimulate us to think. I read every day that all the denominations are struggling over the role of homosexuals in the church. I agree with your prayerfull well though out views Bill.

But there are too many tangents and long verbose comments so I won't add more.

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