July 20, 2007
July 23, 2007

July 21-22, 2007, weekend


Tammy Faye Bakker Messner has died in suburban Kansas City. For the front page story The Kansas City Star used on Sunday, click here.

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Sunday's national elections in Turkey could represent a turning point in that Islamic but secular nation. In many ways, modern Turkey has been a model the West would like to see copied in other predominantly Muslim countries. But first the model has to survive there. UPDATE: Turkey's ruling party won big.

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A man in Utah has just bought -- for a song -- some rare and valuable books published by the tiny Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an off-shoot that still practices polygamy. Insight into religious groups often is offered most clearly from the group's own writings. So maybe we'll learn something about this group. (For more on the group, click here.)

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Every field of endeavor has its slanguage -- those inside-baseball words that folks use for brevity, levity and sometimes just plain -evity.

WordsReligion is no different. In fact, the language of religion can be highly technical and esoteric. Theologians discuss soteriology and eschatology the way pitchers unpack the minutia of curveballs and sliders.

So I'd like to enlist your help to come up with a collection of these terms -- just for the fun of it.

Terms like what? Let me list a few:

* Tall Steeple: A big church, often downtown, but the biggest church of that denomination in the area.

* P.K.: Preacher's kid.

* The Good Book: The Bible.

* MOT: Member of the Tribe, a phrase often used among Jews for other Jews.

* Fundy: A short-hand version of fundamentalist, sometimes used pejoratively.

* Smells and bells: Usually an Episcopal or Catholic church that uses incense and all the extras of a high liturgy.

* Tall (or high or big) hat: A bishop.

I don't want to include words that are dismissive or name-calling words. And maybe I should remove "fundy" for that reason. But either leave a comment here with inside-baseball religious terms you know or e-mail them to me and I'll eventually create a report on all this.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. (My Saturday column this weekend is about religion and politics and talks about a new book by a Kansas City native.)

P.S.: What looks like an interesting documentary film with religious overtones, "Missionary Kid," will be shown at 9:30 p.m. Friday, July 27, at the Kansas City Central Library as part of the KC Fringe Festival. I'll be out of town, so if any of you can go, let me know how it is.


Dolores Lear

Comment on Fundalmenatalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) referral.
Last paragraph: Other problems.
3. There are reports of an alarming rise in the number of birth defects caused by inbreeding.

Ever since Adam and Eve, male and female Clones reproduced Cain and Abel by Body Birth, there have been all kinds of genetic inbred birth defects in humans, all over the planet. It is at least time, to relook at Genesis in the Christian Bible, since we now know Humans can be reproudced by High Tech Knowledge as well as Body birth, and try to understand how Adam and Eve were reproduced.

Was this mis-translated in Genesis and other writings, or now that we again have High Tech Knowledge, could it be accept that Humans can be reproduced by another way, than Body Birth that gives all the Genetic and Physical Inbred/Mis-bred defects?


Today. On Other News referrals:
Dinosaurs coexisted with their ancestors.
"Dinosaurs shared the Earth for millions of years with the species that were their ancestors, a new study concludes."

As I say in my Flood section on the web, During the Noah/Atlanatis High Tech Knowledge explosion in 100 years, like we have experienced for the past 100 years, they had a Jurastic Park, and experimented in the lab that made the giant animals.
Back in the 1970s on, we have had scientists experimenting with changing the Genetics in animals and different experiments, such as attaching a human ear to a mouse. You hardly ever hear of this anymore, except for awhile the cloning of sheep made headlines. But so far we do not have a Jurastic Park.

After the Planetary Flood, all the life before the Flood floated and was deposited all over the planet, by the tidal wave action, which made a new Top Strata on Earth. That is why sea shells are found on mountain tops.

Now our scientists made their age determinations of this newly deposited life, by comparing it to the rock formation of the Earth before the Flood, that may have millions of years, or at least as long as our Sun's solar system of planets was made. Solar time and Solar Systems, Galaxies Systems, and Universe time is different from Earth time for species on Earth.

Now we have to determine whether Life evolved on Earth for million of years Earth time, or if it was Colonized in 6,000 years Earth time, and 6 Days Space time.

The more we can prove all the High Tech Knowledge in Genesis, the sooner we will understand there is Eternal Pure-bred Human Physical Life After Birth, for All people, that is the souce of teachings of Life After Birth in religion.

It we put all our learned people working of finding the Truth of Eternal Physical Life, instead of building Nuclaer bombs and nuclear waste, that will Kill Earth and all Life on it, the better chance of Understanding God, Our High Tech Ancestors and Jesus, who are in Pure-bred Physical Bodies Alive, up in Heaven/Space which is on planets and in spaceships, not the Spirit World. Is there a Hereafter in the Spirit World After Death? Or do our Atoms and Electro-Magnetic Force that make Life as we know it, return to the Planet and Universe also made of Atoms and the Electro-Magnetic Force.?

Dolores Lear

Another word for tidal waves is tsunami waves. The Flood lasted over one year.
Pretty awesome what Genesis portrays, with a High Tech translation.

Dolores Learg

Instead of KCMO9.com, it should be thekansascitychannel.com


I have mixed feelings about the article this weekend and the advocacy for religion mixing into politics, Bill. I am, as a rule, against combining the two. One reason for me is that I think that it is very tough for religion to stay above the stink of the system.

The greatest argument against religion mixing with politics, however, if we look at what has been happening the last few years, is that it fosters a lack of diversity and equality in representation. Specific religions or types of religions tend to be elevated to power by specific politicos. So. You end up with fundamentalism having a "power toe-hold" in this administration. Add to that the fact that the major and most powerful political propagandists, like Dobson, Falwell, Kennedy, Hannity, O'Reilly are fundamentalists or Catholic.

And to have installed five Catholic Supreme Court judges, all of whom rule with Catholic religious values, commits a grievous crime against other religions and the ideas of secularism that are necessary to have an effective government and country.

Dolores Lear

If all the Christians that were and are in Government, and all citizens that believe in God, could be like Jesus lived, we would not have had all the wars in the USA or gone to war in other countries with Christian Brothers/Sisters.
But all religious people in the past, also have fought each other since the Fall.

Now the religious people around the Planet have enough nuclear bombs to blow up the Home.
Who are the victims of war but our Brothers/Sisters of Life, and all other Life forms and the Eco System?

Is there a better system than mouth worship religion, to make an Equal Sharing Lifestyle for All Humans and Life on Earth?
Mouth Worship Religion has not worked for 6 Days, 6000 years. Now we are in Day 7 of the Lifestyle of Human Life on Earth.
Should we try Jesus' Way?

Dolores Lear

It seems so sad today to watch soldiers killing each other or killing inncoent innocent people, or soldieres killed by friendly fire, on TV and Computers.
And all the war movies and gangster killing movies and TV shows are popular.

Why? Does Fallen Man have a Death Wish?

Dolores Lear

Is there any other reason for Killing our Brothers/Sisters of Physical Life and our Eco System, than Mis-bred Genetic Body Birth like Cain and Abel received from the Adam and Eve Pure-bred Clones?

We know today that Cloning needs High Tech Knowledge Reproduction, and that is how the Adam and Eve Colony of Caretakers of Life was reproduced 'in the beginning'.

Why was the knowledge of Eve being made from Adam's rib, kept in religious books? To understand when Humans again had the High Tech Knowledge explosion to understand the supernatural in religion was High Tech Knowledge?

Why was the knowledge of the Gods that looked like Humans, that flew up in the air and out into space kept in religious books? To understand when Humans again had the High Tech Knowledge Explosion that this High Tech Knowledge was the supernatural knowledge of the Gods?

Is there a High Tech Knowledge explanation about 'Human Life After Death'? Physical Life 'is' for the Living After Birth, not After Death.

There is Eternal Physical Life After Birth and our High Tech Knowledge Ancestors and Jesus proves it. They are Alive and live on Planet Earths, and travel in spaceships.

We need the same Faith of religion, to accept that our High Tech Human Ancestors were called God, and Jesus also called God, and will return for the Judgement Day, before Fallen Humans Kill all the Life Systems on Earth.

High Tech Humans are called Gods because they do not die, and have Eternal Pure-bred Physical Life, After Birth, not just on Planets but in spaceships in the Universes.


Slang......."Deity Links." A Buddhist term created to greet slurs from people of other religious persuasion. It implies that we all have one God. "You can't be Christian because you don't embrace the Trinity". "Deity Links, brother". Ahem.

"Godbag". Someone who promotes religion in the public or political sphere.

"Christian tat". Slang for spiritual tchotchkes.


Very interesting that one of the sermons in the Mormon Fundamentalist books is titled, "With Every Breath, Keep Sweet, No Matter What".

Not long ago, I listened to an interview with a young woman whose family was a member of this religion and who had been married off to a much older man when she was thirteen. She finally and with a great deal of difficulty, escaped. When asked how she handled the difficulty of being married and kept in virtual slavery, she said that the buzz phrase offered to any unhappy female was to "Keep sweet".

Dolores Lear

K.C. Star, 7/22/07. "The hitch in Hitchens' thinking" by Chris Hedges. (Book: "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything"
"Christopher Hitchens in his book 'God Is Not Great' has confused religion with religious institution and beliefs with dogma. He has used the irrational ravings of fundamentalists against science and dispassionate intellectual inquiry to insist that reason alone is our salvation. -
God is a human concept. Religion is a way we attempt, always imperfectly, to wrestle with the mystery and meaning of existence. It acknowledges the dark impulses, and urges that can overpower us. - God is that mysterious force that works upon us and through us to seek and achieve truth, beauty and goodness. God is a verb. God is a process accomplishing itself, not an asserted existence. And God is inescapable."

GOD is LIFE, and is in the seen/physical elements and unseen/ atoms, electro-magentic force, quarks, etc., elements. The Only Way to have Eternal Pure-bred Physical Life After Birth is through Balanced High Tech Knowledge. When male and female are One Flesh Clones, with the same genetic makeup, all flesh lusts are removed and they do not have flesh lust for each other, nor for any other Clone. Nor lust for food, drink, drugs, smoking, etc. They are Equal Helpmeets and are the Caretakers of Life on Earth and in spaceships.

The God and Angels (flying messengers) on Earth, that looked like Man is this type of Human, and so were the Adam and Eve Clones. The mystery is why they reproduced Cain and Abel by Body Birth, and doomed Earth to go through the Fullness of Time on Earth, wth Body Birth Killers Humans of their Brothers/Sisters, animals, fish, fowl, etc., and their Eco Life Support System.

But this esperience in the Fallen Nature is necessary to have on tape, for reference when a new group of male and female clones are started on another planet like Earth. These Pure-bred Humans do Live Forever After Birth, and do Colonize Planets and fly in spaceships. This is the only Way to keep Human Life going, when their Universe collapses, to populate a new Universes when an Old Universe's Black Hole is regenerated.

Life 'is' for the Living, not the Dead. No elements are lost and in time the elements of Dead Humans return to their Universe that collapses into a Black Hole, and are again used, for the Big Bang of a New Universe for Eternal Physical Human Life. There is more than one Universe and there is a Big Bang for each one.

Just Thinking

I think that Tammy Faye was a good example of someone who tried to love others, regardless of who they were or what they had done, but also someone who tried to maintain a high moral standard in their own life. That's a tough balancing act for Christians.

Too often those who love God and, consequently, hold high standards for themselves are intolerant of and unloving toward others. Likewise, many who preach loving tolerance of others may not really love God and His ways at all.

All the evidence indicates that Tammy Faye really loved God and loved people, too.


Patricia, I'll make sure to not get on the Supreme Court. We can't have too many Catholics. But, I am sure you would be ok with a bunch of sec. humanists. That'd wouldn't be egregious. Hypocrite.

Just Thinking

Catholics are elitist snots, the ONLY people who are going to heaven, the ONLY church, the ONLY authority, blah, blah, blah. That's how Inquisitions start--they're a bad influence on government, on society, and they're lousy neighbors.


Man, I had no idea. Somebody better do something about it. Quick JT, go to college and law school to make sure that no more pernicious papists assume a position in the judiciary. What will happen if you don't? Less protection of abortion rights, "turning back the clock"on women's rights, and, dare I think it, commerce clause originalism????? Someone please help.

Just Thinking

Corbin, it's historical fact that when Catholics get control over governments, the worst atrocities ever known to man start to develop. It's due to the fact that they cannot stand challenge, and will do whatever is necessary to squash opposition and justify it in the name of religious heresy. It's a horrible, atrocious history from which you and your church still have not detached yourselves.

The personal attacks that you launch on individuals who challenge your church in some way are endemic.


HAhahaha, more history lessons. I love it. Are you Jack Chick or what?

Just Thinking

Hahahahha. Gotta love those personal attacks. Your Church's history is, quite sadly, a matter of public record--I'm not saying anything that is new or controversial about your Church, just fact.


It's not personal to Catholicism, Corbin. I wouldn't want to see five Supreme Court Justices from any religion that felt it had to impose its values on the rest of society: Muslim, Fundamentalist, Mormon.....etc. It's not fair to those of use who want and have the right to live by our own values, as long as they cause no harm to others and break no laws.

The fact that those religions advocate for the oppression of women is all-important to some of us.


I doubt Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas etc... really want to impose their values on the rest of society. Ginsburg does for sure and is willing to depart from any tradition or legal proscription to get there. (See her dissent in the partial-birth abortion case). Also, the role of the judiciary is really limited, they are not legislators. Read Art. III or the Constitution, very limited. Anyway, a good Catholic justice is just as good as a good non-Catholic justice. It is a job that requires clarity and discipline which is not only held by one or a few religions. Don't make JT's error and think that if they are Catholic, that is all that they think about and all that will guide their decisions. Even a Catholic should treat a Protestant, Jew, Muslim, or otherwise in the same way. Justice Thomas was Episcopalian for a long time, but I don't think his decisions were effected by his conversion to Catholicism nor by his Episcopalian practice. He is a great judge, plain and simple.

Why Is This So Difficult

Patricia, good response. I understand what you're saying. However, if we do not want to hold a Supreme Court candidate's views on any one issue as a litmus test for appointment, then why would we choose to look at their faith preference either? It should be irrelevant against their experience and knowledge as a jurist.

Besides, you were the one who stated that you are against mixing religion and government - but are willing to divide based upon a religious preference. Somehow that doesn't seem consistent.

Man, Corbin, don't be so defensive :-)

JT, it is okay to hate SOME of the Catholic church's history. I'm sure many Catholics hate it too. But it is not fair to continually note the church's moral/legal crimes without balancing against the good the church has done. Yes, it would be ideal if sin could be kept out of the church 100% - but it never will be. Not an excuse, but hopefully a bit of perspective against labeling any church as evil due to the actions of some throughout history.

Just Thinking

Look, WITSD, if we still had the Nazis ruling Germany, then we'd have every right to criticize them for their past mistakes and sins against humanity. That's what we have with the Catholics. Nothing was ever corrected in their Church rule, even after some of the most egregious sins ever perpetrated by man against man. They still have the same corrupt power structure, the same tendencies and the same beliefs. Their system is seriously corrupt ... not a little corrupt ... not a tiny bit corrupt ... but damned corrupt.

Why Is This So Difficult

Okay JT - it's time to humor me.

Go ahead and list the "egregious sins" and then state whether or not the sin is still occurring. I would be interested to know what the Catholic church is still engaged in that falls in this category.

And to my previous point, to be fair, you should research and see if you can come up with a list of "outstanding accomplishments" of the Catholic church and then state whether those accomplishments are still occurring.

Why Is This So Difficult

P.S. The veiled comparison between the Nazis and the Catholic church is very en vogue, but rather outrageous.


Why Is This So Difficult,

You are a breath of fresh air on this blog. I like your middling approach as some of us, myself included, tend toward extremes. Keep up the posting. I'll try not to be so defensive, though the adrenaline rush makes work less boring.


"if we do not want to hold a Supreme Court candidate's views on any one issue as a litmus test for appointment, then why would we choose to look at their faith preference either?"

I don't think that we do, unless their religion or other factors create advocates for a set value system as opposed to judges who try to rule objectively and respect the diversity of value systems that America has always protected.

That doesn't mean that all Catholic jurists or Jewish or whatever are unable to function objectively. I believe that on our current Supreme Court, some are able to and some not.

I still do think that, in the interest of the diversity that exists in this country, it is fairer and better for the country to reflect that diversity. Five judges in any one religion - ANY one religion - works against that foundation upon which this country rests. Same with the fact that it, in my opinion, is unhealthy to only have one dying woman on the court.

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