June 20, 2007
June 22, 2007

June 21, 2007


No doubt you've all read about the Vatican's new Ten Commandments for driving a car (formally "Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road"), issued this week. It's proof that the Vatican knows how to attract the attention of the theologically unsophisticated media -- give them a cute story they can't resist. What's next? How about the Ten Commandments for holding a marriage together? Or the Ten Commandments for getting your PR releases published all over? For another blogger's take on this, click here.

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From time to time, I like to take note of people from our area who have made historic contributions to the field of religion and ethics.

Niebuhr_reinholdToday is a good day to do that because it was on this date in 1892, in Wright City, Mo., that Reinhold Niebuhr (pictured here) was born. He turned out to be one of the major 20th Century American theologians, and he's still worth reading. Although he was born in Wright City, he grew up mostly in Lincoln, Ill., quite close to where my father grew up in Delavan.

Niebuhr was, as you may know, not the only famous theologian in his family. His brother, H. Richard Niebuhr, also attained wide recognition as a theological thinker. Their father was a pastor, also.

Reinhold Niebuhr's on-the-job theological training happened in Detroit, where he served as a parish minister from 1915 to 1928 and where he watch the difficult lives of auto workers in a capitalistic system he came to conclude exploited workers unfairly.

Niebuhr came to adopt socialism as one answer to all the misery he saw in Detroit, even supporting at least one socialist candidate for president, though he later modified his politics.

Later Niebuhr taught at Union Theological Seminary in New York, where great teachers were everywhere. And a couple of years ago, the late Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., wrote a piece for the New York Times bemoaning the fact that we seemed to be forgetting Neibuhr.

Well, with the links I've given you, you can explore Niebuhr's life a bit and unshelf some of his writings. Or you can just wish his ghost happy birthday.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here.

Today's religious holidays: First Nations Day (Canadian Native People); Litha (Wicca/Neo Pagan, Northern Hemisphere); Yule (Wicca/Neo Pagan, Southern Hemisphere).


Dolores Lear

Thanks for your comments yesterday.
Hope your eye operation is succesful.

I have had a cataract removed on both eyes. In and out in in a couple of hours.
A broken hip with pins to keep the bone together, and another High Tech Knowledge operation, for my physical body. Most people that reach 85 have had similar histories.
I am thankful for the High Tech correction we have today, for many things past generations have not experienced.


On the 10 Commandments for Driving a Car.

Of course I would pick the one using the automobile 'for an occasion of sin'.
How often is Sin used to describe the sex act?
Why do we call Children Innocent, until they mature so they can reproduce? When do people lose their innocence? Doing the sex act the first time?
The Sex Act was the Original Sin of Perfect Humans 'in the beginning'.

With the understanding about High Tech Knowledge 'in the beginning', Pure-bred Birth for the Adam and Eve Colony can be understood today. The Fall to Sin, when they reproduced Inbred Humans Cain and Abel by Body Birth, is the loss of Innocence and Purity/Pure-bred. Ever since, usually the number 1 reason for Sin, means the sex act. All other sins are a result of this Original Sin, Killing and all the rest of the results of Mis-breeding.

With all our High Tech Knowledge, we can start High Tech reproduction in the lab without the sex act. This should be a proof that Humans can reproduce two ways, by the Higher Nature of High Tech reproduction, and the Lower Nature of Body Birth.
GOD joins the egg and sperm in both processes. One Nature gives Eternal Physical Life, the other gives Physical Death.

So the Original Sin is about the Fall/Loss of High Tech reproduction of Adam and Eve to Fall of Adam and Eve from Eternal Physical Life to Physical Death.

We also now have the High Tech Knowledge of Cloning, and the Bible states how Adam and Eve were male and female Clones, made supernaturally.
I think Humans today, should understand this, and that they should not reproduce by Body Birth.

Here is to the comming High Tech Knowledge Understanding of the Christian Bible, and all the supernatural happenings in Scriptures and Myths.
High Tech 'is' 'super'natural.

Dolores Lear

Add on.
What exactly does "Living In Human Bondage" mean?

Joe Barone

Typekey hates me. When I tried to make a little comment about the need for a ten commandments to protect children from abuse by the church, it flagged my comment and closed down my browser. I had to reboot to use the internet again.

Dan Anderson-Little

Not only was Reinhold's brother and father famous theologians and pastors, but his sister Hulda was a well. She was a major force in teaching Christian Education at McCormick Seminary in the 1940's and 50's. Because women weren't being ordained then, she didn't have the same stature, but she was every bit their equal (so I am told).


We could not be more on the same page, Joe Barone. This is the week after I watched the documentary on the cover-up by the Catholic Church in California, "Deliver Us From Evil". Most of my in-depth reading had concerned the rapes in the Boston diocese.

This film focused on the rapes perpetrated by one man who was twice moved by his superiors, while promising families that he would be kept away from children. His youngest rape victim was 2 mos old. He is thought to have raped hundreds of children. He served seven years in prison and then was deported to Ireland, where he will live on a church pension and with complete freedom.

One of his "accomplices" in child rape - because that's what those who participated in the cover-up really are - was promoted to Cardinal.

The church has avoided prosecution by getting internal documents labeled "confession" and so off-limits to the courts. And George Bush helped the child-rape cause by giving the Pope amnesty from prosecution.

Sad sidenote, but not an excuse, is the fact that the priest child-rapist was himself raped by a priest.

So. My advice to the Catholic Church. Stop worrying about the lay people driving their cars. First of the 10 Commandments for Priests. Thou shalt not rape.


Thanks Patricia,

I'll be sure to tell the diocese that. Interesting that most victims were pre-teen boys and according to another guy you like and who's work you extolled, Kinsey, those boys, nay, infants experienced sexual repression and really should be left to explore of course with some pederast homosexual criminal like Kinsey.

The fine Entymologist himself said:
"Without help from more experienced persons, many preadolescents take a good many years to discover mastubatory techniques that are sexually effective.
It is probable that half or more of the boys in an uninhibited society could reach climax by the time they were three or four years of age."

Awesome Patricia, maybe you can go and help the Kinsey Inst. and do some research on the orgasms of 3 year old boys since you think they are doing such a good job. As long as it is science, let the flower of youth be violated. If they are criminal priests, oh dear, what a shame. Virginity, chastity, and purity, ah, those are old fashioned and out-dated we should all just go and defile ourselves silly. I'll bring Margaret Mead, you bring Margaret Sanger.

You don't believe in a natural law or moral order. You don't believe that God really has anything to do with it. You praise the work of that sicko Kinsey and you still don't get Dostoevsky's maxim that without an after-life, there is no virtue. How anyone with a remote sense of true justice could listen to your old-lady/flower-child garbage and think, "Yes, credible," is beyond me. How you keep up the charade that your ontology is at all meaningful is equally puzzling, though I wouldn't want to be closer to death and know that I am either going to cease to exist or go to hell. Hobson's choice to me, may I suggest an alternative....


So let me get this straight, Corbin. The person who condemns child rape and calls for radical reform in the system that harbored the rapists, lacks virtue and is to be discounted as a silly old lady flower child with no sense of true justice? Do I have this right?

You, on the other hand.........would be........a good Catholic?

The ten commandments for priests, as listed by the document Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the children, are:

1. You shall not rape.
2. The church shall be for you a means of communion between people and not of mortal harm.
3. Self-restraint, uprightness and prudence will help you deal with little children in underwear.
4. Be charitable and help your neighbor in need, especially victims of priest-rape.
5. The priesthood shall not be for you an expression of power and domination, and an occasion of sin.
6. Charitably convince the young and not so young not to be alone with priests.
7. Support the families of priest rape victims.
8. Bring guilty priests and their victims together, at the appropriate time, so that they can undergo the liberating experience of forgiveness.
9. In the church, ALWAYS protect the more vulnerable party.
10. Feel responsible toward children and adolescents.


"The person who condemns child rape and calls for radical reform in the system that harbored the rapists, lacks virtue and is to be discounted as a silly old lady flower child with no sense of true justice? Do I have this right?"

Not necessarily. But it is true in this case. I didn't say you were wrong, I just think that you are full of garbage for pushing Kinsey and speaking out about this. Dare I say, you are a hypocrite for this and for pushing the moral charades of dried up nihilism, a less convincing and less attractive (eek) version of Sartre.
Mind your own soul and go have a fine old time at the Kinsey center that you have promoted while they sexually abuse children in the name of science. Then speed over to Playboy and get them the results. Hand out some condoms on the way there to some 13 year olds and promote some gay rights bill. I hope you enjoy yourself, or maybe you can come up with a list for them too. Kinsey would be proud.

"Wait everyone, hold up, Patricia found a new list. Her entire existence she admits is meaningless and she thinks that pederasty is ok at Indiana University, but I think that she is a moral authority on this subject 'cause she did watch PBS once and has a great blog with all sorts of sensitive artsy material."


Nice try at distracting by ad hominems and by concentrating on a report that neither of us had anything to do with and which was published before either of us was born.

You're avoiding the central issue. Which is that the same week that there is an important documentary on priest abuse released, the Catholic Church is putting up an Anesthesiologist-Corbin style smoke screen by flooding the media with cutesy Ten Commandments on driving. Jeepers. That is SO much more important than confronting your own complicity in child rape.

Dolores Lear

See what comments about the sex act produces. All kinds of problems. Still most people still think God us gave our genetils for sex. Somewhere, Humans advanced up to High Tech Pure-bred and try to colonize plants with this type of Life. When they fall to Body Birth they have to go through this mess so they have living proof of what Body Birth does to a planet.

I wonder how many planets they lose like they did Earth.

I do not know what happens after physical death except the elements return to the Earth.
No one goes to Hell/Black Hole until the Universe dies. Then the elements explode and all the elements are made into a New Universe for the Humans that do have High Tech Pure-bred Physical Life After Birth.
The only Dead Life after Birth is elements.


Just curious: How do priests gain so much access to "pre-teen" boys? Do Catholic parents routinely drop their 8-year-olds off at the priest's house to play or something?

Also, why did not any of these thousands of parents report the crimes? Why would the Pope need a pardon for not reporting crimes that occurred half-way around the world, and the parents of the children don't?


Ah-ha. A new twist on blame the victim. Blame the victim's parents. Well. Yes. They are absolutely to blame for thinking that a PRIEST would not rape their kid. And because they are trained, since babyhood, to believe that they are just the unimportant laity who are inferior to the "God-chosen" clergy.

I don't know the circumstances of all cases but sometimes the priest would pull them out of class at the parochial school for a little "nooner" with a babe. Or would take a group of them on a fun sleepover and pull out the 8-year-old "date" of their choice. The little 5-year-old girl, who was raped for 7 years, was raped in her own home. Her parents committed the sin of buying the priest's story that he needed a little time off from the pressures of his job and so would sleepover and then slip into her room.

Why should the Pope be responsible? Why should any CEO be responsible for crime and cover-up that goes all the way up the monarchy-like ladder?

More importantly, why would the Pope refuse an audience with the little 5-year-old girl when she went to him as an adult victim trying to heal?


I seem to recall that some adults' memories of abuse were actually "planted" in them by psychologists who were looking something to blame their problems on. It turns out some abuse never acutally happened.

Patricia, all the situations you described are pretty weird. A priest comes to a classroom and tells the teacher he wants to take an 8-year-old out of class for some personal time? Parents invite a priest over to their house to spend the night? Weird.


Child rapists work very hard to win the trust of both parents and children, Ron. And to manipulate the situations in their favor. They are devious men.

Dolores, rape is not about sex or the sex act. Many rapists can't even manage an erection. Rape is about power and control.


It was an issue. It may still be an issue. Of course, I mean the priest thing. If you thought I was referring to the Kinsey fraud then it is definitely still a place where molestation is praised. Oh, and Kinsey, the pederast homosexual pervert, founded it and you support him. I dont blame victims, I like Ron think it is odd the claims that are made. If you think it is ad hominem to point out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of claimants then so be it, but your moral authority is as meaningless as your death. My only point is that it is funny to hear such damning evidence from a person who has supported a pederast and who, of course, can't really explain why anything she says has any meaningful substance whatsoever anyway.


Again, nice play at trying to turn the attention away from the failures of your church and your own lack of concern, condemnation, or call for change. VERY nice for you that it wasn't one of your children who was raped. I wonder if you would then have a blase attitude or questions about "inconsistencies and hypocrisy" of priest rape victims.

For anyone who cares: Abuse Tracker. The number of stories is staggering. Note that the latest piece notes that Cardinal Law, who was removed for his role in covering for pedophile priests, is being rewarded by an apartment in the Vatican. "Consigliere to the Pope".

Keep the defense and smokescreen going, Corbin. Maybe you'll be in a Vatican apartment someday.


Yeah Pat,

Law's post in the Vatican is a way to put him out to pasture. The assistant archivist for Etruscan literature has a more important role than he does and he deserves it.

You can muck-rake all you want and you are free to do that (darn 1st Amendment). I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that you are a supporter of Kinsey research who, amongst other perverse things, hoped that boys would find alternatives to masturbation with the help of older people even at the age of 3 or 4.

Also, your insinuation that the Vatican funny (and yes, some Catholics do have a sense of humor) 10 commandments is out to distract from a PBS documentary is like B-XVI starting his own satire blog to make sure that people in Patricia's retirement community don't read this blog.

Anyway, I'm done. For those that were abused, it was horrible. For those that are abused, I am sure that it is horrible. Be they Catholic, Protestant, or Kinsey subjects, it doesn't change the fact that they are suffering. You praising one institution and damning the other was my issue with you; it exposed the hypocrisy of secular humanism and the pointlessness of nihilism well.


Back to obfuscation of the facts and personal smears. Anesthesiology technique 101 is to throw up a wall of numbing gases. So you dwell on a nearly 60-year-old report conducted before I was born, an organization housed in the U of Indiana, and with no lawsuits or criminal actions against it that I know of.

If the Pope and the Church disapprove of a child rape accomplice's activities, the sure way to show it is to give him his own room in the palace and the job of advising the Pope. In fact, these actions scream that there is no disapproval of child rape by the Pope and the power elite of the Catholic Church. Their actions are mirrored by your actions and words. "Yeah, it's awful and we're sorry that kids suffered and are suffering, but we stand by the people and system that raped."

And you dare to lecture me about damnation and hell.


Law's post is a disgrace to him, not the Vatican. He went to the head of a huge archdiocese to nothing.

You putting words in their mouth but sure, the Vatican should have said, "KILL THEM ALL, KILL THEM! Anyone who does this should never be defended or helped ever. Because some American priests did something bad, 2000 years of tradition should be tossed."

Whatever, go volunteer for Kinsey and close out your sale.


WOW! That's what I call disapproval and punishment. Law aids and abets child rape by providing "fresh fields" of babies. He covers for the rapists. Then he's neither imprisoned nor punished. Instead, he is "disgraced" with a miserable little old Vatican palatial apartment and a little nothing title like advisor to the Pope. Advisor for WHAT? Comparison studies of personal lubricants? The best way to hold kids down - ankles or head?

These BABIES had adult male penises in their anuses and vaginas and throats, Corbin. PRIEST penises. And you want to tell me what a disgrace it is that somebody lives with a cushy job in a cushy palace? If this is what 2000 years of tradition has wrought and it cannot facilitate substantial fixes, then it absolutely should be tossed. And if the parishioners can't or won't do it, then the community must.


Right Patricia, like I said. They should have killed him with a bit of torture. All these old anti-Catholic American libs know better. Kinsey did the same thing, but that was science and deep down, they don't give a rip about anything because they are old arrogant hypocrites still pissed off about getting divorced or having nothing to live for. You can make an issue out of another person's sin, but for the rational individual, it is hard to imagine a less qualified person to bitch about such things. You can be Sartre if you want, but for complete honesty, don't ignore the conclusion to Camus.


Right Patricia, like I said. They should have killed him with a bit of torture. All these old anti-Catholic American libs know better. Kinsey did the same thing, but that was science and deep down, they don't give a rip about anything because they are old arrogant hypocrites still pissed off about getting divorced or having nothing to live for. You can make an issue out of another person's sin, but for the rational individual, it is hard to imagine a less qualified person to bitch about such things. You can be Sartre if you want, but for complete honesty, don't ignore the conclusion to Camus.

Just Thinking

Anyone who works so hard at excusing the reprehensible rape of children by Catholic priests has something to hide. They have some deep, nasty secret or desire that they must, at all expense, excuse, justify, rationalize. There simply is no other POSSIBLE way to explain such an emotionally disturbed point of view that is invariably accompanied by kicking and screaming, lies and subterfuge, personal attacks, victim-blaming, parents-of-victim-blaming, and miscellaneous other irrational and emotionally volatile fits of denial.


Sure JT,
I am sure that everyone agrees that I am the one with something to hide here.

Just Thinking

So, Corbin, was it your father, an uncle, some close personal friend of yours, or a friend of your family who was accused of raping a child? You know, Corbin, just because people insist that they are innocent does not mean that they really are innocent. The jails are full of people who insist that they're innocent. Keep in mind that there has to be more than inuendo to convict a child molester, and governments don't have time these days to waste on going after weak cases. Who was it, Corbin? Your father, an uncle, a friend or a friend of your family? Or is the problem with you, Corbin?

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