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June 26, 2007


Just to keep Darfur in our minds, here's a story about the international conference yesterday. If people of faith forget about this humanitarian disaster, who will remember?

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I'm always intrigued by the ways in which members of one faith open themselves up to learning about other faiths. Often, I think, this doesn't happen because of fear of being theologically led astray or in some way contaminated.

VavBut, of course, it need not be that way.

I read about a wonderful example of what I mean recently in a publication called Issues, which the American Council for Judaism puts out.

The article in question was called "Redeeming Grammar Lessons," and it was a sermon preached by a rabbi at a Baptist church in Louisville, Ky.

Imagining a rabbi preaching to Baptists may be a bit of a stretch for some folks, but Rabbi Nadia Siritsky took the opportunity (it was Transfiguration Sunday) to give folks a wonderful lesson in Hebrew grammar and then tied it to that special day.

What I learned that I did not know (and you can read the whole sermon for yourself at the link I've given you) is that the Hebrew letter Vav looks like a straight line (with a handle) and means "and." The letter is also the central letter in what Siritsky called "God's ineffable name that is made up of the letters Yud, Hay, Vav and Hay." When the letter is placed next to a verb, it transforms the verb from past tense to future tense or from future to past.

". . .I submit to you," the rabbi said, "that this letter, which dwells at the heart of God's name, is the essence of transfiguration."

Well, have a look at the sermon and see if you don't see in it a good example of how a voice from one faith can speak respectfully to people from another faith.

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SC in KC

Pastor Ken Porter of First Baptist Church, Gardner, KS, hosts an annual satyr meal during Passover. During the meal, he carefully describes the Jewish traditions and compares them with Christ's crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection. It's an amazing event.

Dolores Lear

Thoughts on 'Enligthing Grammer Of Faith'.
How do we connect Heaven to Earth? By connecting all the different Faiths, that are about the One GOD?
In the referral.
"Redeeming Grammer Lessons" by Rabbi Nadia Siitsky. Given on Transfiguration Sunday at a Baptist Church. "May the Light that we celebrate today shine forth into our communities, and into our world, that soon and spedily, all differences will unearth the seeds of peace and redemption."

All religions teach Peace, but the seeds of Humans on Earth, has produced Unequal Birth, Hate, Inhumanity, Killing and War. The 'seeds' that cause Peace or War, 'is' in the reproduction seed of Humans. Humans can reproduce Pure-bred or Mis-bred people.

The seeds that reproduced the Perfect Humans Adam and Eve, were not used for reproduction by Body Birth. Yet they were Equal Nature Humans.
But, they used their seed to reproduce Human Cain and Abel's Unequal Nature by Birth Birth.
Inequality, Division, Killing and War resulted, and has been the Birth process ever since.
So what was the Way to use Human seed to reproduce Perfect Humans with Equal Sharing and Peace?

High Tech reproduction in the lab where the seed is cleaned of some genetic diseases, and joined to make a Human fetus like we do today? But we still use the female womb which can cause Birth damage. We are up to the High Tech Knowledge to make a High Tech Womb to be the Mother of All, and give back to the female the Equality they had 'in the beginning', when the female was an Equal Clone of the male, like Adam and Eve.

Are we again back to the Knowledge of the seeds of Peace, and redemption from our Mis-bred Bodies that cause all the problems and divisions on Earth? Will Equal Birth give Human Pure-bred Brothers/Sisters of God, the Caretaker Peace that Passes the Human Understanding, of Brother/Sister Mis-bred Killers made by Body Birth? Jesus did have this Pure-bred Human Body, after he was 'regenerated', and will return int this same Human Body at the Judgement Day.

The only way for the Human Seed to reproduce Pure Humans, and Have Equality and Peace, is through the High Tech Birth Reproduction in the High Tech Mother Womb.
Eternal Human Life is for the Living, not the Dead.

Dave Miller


SC, surely that's a "seder" meal.


Joe Barone

"...each of us must work very hard to reach a state of mindfulness whereby we can see Love and Light in every encounter..." --Rabbi Nadia Siritsky.

I found Rabbi Siritsky's sermon excellent, not only because of what the rabbi said about "vav," but also because of what he said about idolatry, focusing so much on ourselves that we fail to see the Love and Light in others.

Maybe that could be applied to our give and take in this blog too.

SC in KC

Undoubtedly, Dave, you are correct. My spelling is woefully inadequate at that time of morning. Unfortunately, that seems to be one of the few times of day when I have time to post comments.

Thank you for the correction.


The CS Monitor paints a pretty grim portrait of the situation in Darfur today. "How China's support of Sudan shields a regime called 'genocidal'" http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/0626/p01s08-woaf.html
Really a lovely article/sermon by Rabbi Siritsky, Bill. Thank you for the link. Lots of good "stuff" for the intellect and soul. I especially like the notion of the space between us filled with God.

Rich B

Since I study linguistics and Biblical Hebrew, I love to hear this kind of talk. My colleague wrote his dissertation on a similar topic, and explains if/how the "vav" changes verb tense. I didn't know how theologically relevant that would be!

Dave Miller

Not a problem, SC! I'm relieved it's just an innocent misspelling. (You didn't seem like the kinda guy who'd broadcast a satyr feast...even if you _did_ enjoy it! Tee, hee :-)

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