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April 28-29, 2007, weekend


P.S.: Yes, I know, a P.S. should go at the bottom, but I'm afraid some of you will miss it there. I'm being interviewed on a University of Illinois radio station from 5 to 6 p.m. (central time) today, Sunday, about the book I'm writing with a rabbi on Jews in Poland who survived the Holocaust with Christian help. I think you can hear it online by going to this site. If not, it eventually will be in the show's archives there.

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Pope Benedict XVI has accepted an invitation to visit New York City (and the U.N. there). Well, darn. I was just in New York a week or two ago. Wonder why the pope didn't coordinate with my schedule better. No date for the pope's visit is set yet, so maybe I still can run into him on a subway the next time I'm back there.

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A few years ago I visited a large mosque outside Washington, D.C., and wrote a piece about the way Islam is finding its sea legs in the United States by adapting to local conditions. Something similar seems to be happening in Australia, this report says. Both Islam and Christianity are finding new homes around the world, and they are having to react to local situations in various ways. It's a fascinating process to watch.

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In columns and, as I recall, blog entries, I have written in the past about the need to have a bliblically literate society.

BiblesBy that, I don't mean a country in which everyone reads and interprets and believes in the Bible in the same way. Rather, I mean a society in which people are familiar with biblical references ("my brother's keeper," "go the extra mile," and so forth) so we can speak intelligently to each other and understand the history and background of what we're saying.

The best book to help with this project, in my opinion, is The Bible and Its Influence, though no book is without its critics when it comes to educating people about the Bible.

A paper recently presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association suggests that biblical literacy can improve student achievement and scores.

The paper was presented by Professor William Jeynes, a non-resident scholar at Baylor University and a professor at California State University at Long Beach. Jeynes reported that students with high levels of biblical literacy tended to have considerably higher grade point averages overall than students with low biblical literacy rates.

". . .biblical literacy is associated with positive student outcomes," Jeynes concluded. Courses on the Bible as literature in public school likely will improve academic achievement, he concluded.

What do you think? Do you agree? Can classes about the Bible be taught in public schools without crossing constitutional boundaries? (I think so.) And why are biblically literate students likely to do better academically? I think part of it is that biblical literacy is a reflection of an even wider literacy.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here. (My Saturday column this weekend is about the condition of the Episcopal church 400 years after its founding in the United States.)


Mary Behr

Phil, if you get to check out the blog this weekend, see the end of yesterday's blog comments. I responded to your long post. It's 2:30 a.m. My headache's fled. I will save todays blog to read later in the weekend.

Dolores Lear

When the Bible is translated with a High Tech Colonization and High Tech Reproduction version, it can be taught in School as the History of Earth.
It will then be taken out of the religion classification, and put into Science and History classes.

Earth was Colonized during the 6 Days Space flight time, or 6000 years Earth time. A Day with the Lord is as a 1000 years. We have the High Tech Colonization knowledge today. We know the Space flight time is different from Earth time. We have the knowledge, if a person goes out into space, the time element is different, and they do not age like people on Earth do.
The Gods/Angels that walked and talked with humans on Earth, Colonized our planet Earth. They are our High Tech Ancestors; we are in their Image.

Adam was not reproduced by Body Birth, but supernaturally by Gods that looked like Humans, that flew in the air. Adam was 'not' put into a female womb, but into a High Tech Womb. The same God that made Adam, put a fetus into the womb of Mary. Today we are using High Tech and make a fetus in a dish in the lab, and put it into the female womb. The sex act is not necessary today, for reproduction.

Eve was made from Adam's rib. Today we also know how to Clone animals and some say we can Clone Humans. Eve was a Clone of Adam. The male and female Clones were Brother/Sister Genetic Twins. They were helpmeets, not mates. They should not reproduce by Body Birth.
Today we have Brother/Sister twins by Body Birth, but they have different genetics, and they also should not reproduce by Body Birth.

Why did Adam and Eve 'fall' to Body Birth reproduction, and make Genetic defective Cain, that became a Killer of his brother Abel? This was the Original Sin of Clones, that were not supposed to reproduce by Body Birth. Humans ever since been reproduced by Body Birth, instead of by High Tech Cloning? We have all inherited defective genetic bodies by the Original Sin of Body Birth. Adam and Eve did not eat the apple to give birth to Cain and Abel.

This High Tech Science knowledge of Colonization and Reproduction can be taught in schools. Then History can also be sorted out from all the writings now mis-translated, because of the loss of the High Tech knowledge 'in the beginning'. The Christian Bible has an outline of all the History of Earth from the Colonization to the Judgement Day of Humans on planet Earth. It could be used as the blue print to follow, to include all other writings from history, religions and myth.

We are re-learning High Tech Colonization and Reproduction, and it is time to understand the High Tech in our past history. The Gods in religion and myth are our High Tech Clone Brothers/Sisters from Space, not GOD. They do have Eternal Physical Life after Birth with High Tech 'regeneration' to keep them Pure-bred Humans.

Joe Barone

No. The Bible cannot be effectively "taught about" in public schools. Left alone, it could be, but such teaching won't be left alone by people on either side of the spectrum. In this regard, it is similar to teaching about sexual health in schools. It just won't work.

Dolores Lear

Sexual health can be taught from the Bible, when Humans understand why there are sexual diseases from the Original Sin of using the sex act for Mis-bred Body Birth reproduction. To keep ourselves Pure, or Pure-bred, we need to reproduce by High Tech. We are re-learning about this today.


References to the Bible are so frequent, even in our secular society, that I have to wonder sometimes how people who grew up in other faiths think of expressions like "He has the patience of Job," "It's a case that pits David against Golliath," and other phrases that require at least a passing knowledge of the Bible to interpret.

Biblical literacy plays a major role in cultural literacy in the US. Despite being a secular nation, we owe a major debt to the Bible for transmitting cultural information, knowledge and values through common language.

One of my favorite novels is Steinbeck's East of Eden. I can't imagine havinh a very deep understanding of it without being aware of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel that plays a major role through the novel's themes.

While I agree with Joe that there are inherent difficulties in teaching the Bible, there are many opportunities to show the influence of the Bible on our national character.


I don't disagree that Bible literacy is important to general literacy. We just had an important example of that worth in relation to the Virginia Tech killer. He chose a pseudonym that had deep Biblical and literary allusions.

However, I would put its importance to education as a knowledge base on an equal level with Greek mythology. To a lesser degree, Hindu and Buddhist texts are also important.

I believe there will always be a problem in assuring that a Bible knowledge class is taught by someone who isn't there to preach. If the class is a mythologies class that includes the Bible, that might not be the case.

I don't agree with you on the comparison to sex education, Joe. The stats on the unwanted pregnancies are lower when schools offer these classes. That is if they include contraception and not just abstinence.


VERY glad, Mary, that your headache passed. Always nice that it gets you up and "out on the blog". : )

Dolores Lear

Islam, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and all religions are from the same Source Of Life(SOL). GOD is the SOL for the Universes. On a planet the Sun is the SOL to it's planets. GOD is the SOL of Physical Life. On a planet our High Tech Ancestors are the SOL of physical Life on our Earth. The Root Cause for all this is GOD/SOL, not a Human.

In K.C. STAR, 4/28/07. "Voices Of Faith"
Q. "Is God The Same God In All Faiths?
"Recognize divinity" by Arvind Khetia, engineer and a Hindu: The sages of ancient India defined the universal idea of God as the spiritual reality called Brahman. Brahman is formless, universal and infinite, and exists in all beings as the innermost self (atman). It is recognized that there can be various interpretations of this same reality. Therefore, divine incarnations, or personal Gods, are simply different faces of one infinite God. This is expressed in Hindu scripture as, "Truth is one; sages call it by different names".

"Attributes Changeless" By Rushdy El-Ghussein, former president of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. "In Islam God is "the one and only, the eternal, the absolute, he begets not, nor is he begotten, and there is nothing like into him" (112:1-3). To Muslims, God is infinite. Words cannot truly describe him. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite."

How can a God that looks like a Human be the Infinite GOD? The GOD that made the Universes goes on Forever, as long as there are Universes.
The GOD that made the atom and the electromagnetic force, when joined together, made the Physical Universes, galaxies, solar systems and planets, and make physical life, or body and soul, as we know it. Will Humans ever know this GOD/SOL? Physical life is combined of atoms and the electromagnetic force. Without the spirit (EMF) physical Life dies.

Will Humans ever know this GOD, not in physical form, or how LIFE as we know it was made by this GOD? We know it was made, because we are Alive.
We can know how Life on Earth was Colonized by our High Tech Ancestors, the Man Gods that walked and talked with Humans, and made Adam and Eve by High Tech on Day 6. They also brought in all the species, plants, fowl and fish and animals on Day 5 and 6, needed for a planet to keep their Eco System Alive.

All of this High Tech can be taught in Schools, using the Christian Bible as the reference and by using all other history, religious writings and myth, to find the Truth of Eternal Physical Human Life in the Universes.
The supernatural of religion and myth is High Tech Science. Religion, Science, Myth, and our past History are all about the same Life that was Colonized on Earth, 'in the beginning', and is in spaceships and on other planets in the Universes.

Proving our Earth was Colonized proves that there is Human Life in the Universe, and GOD is the source of it All, not Man Gods in Human form.
The Temple of GOD is LIFE, not temples made by Human Hands. Humans should Serve GOD/LIFE as Equal Caretaker Brothers/Sisters, not as Unequal Brother/Sister Killers.

Life as we know it is for the Living not the Dead. Our Atoms and Electromagnetic Force return to elements. They live forever.

United with Equal High Tech Birth, We Physically LIVE Forever -
Divided by Inequal Body Birth, We Physically DIE

Dolores Lear

Bill in today's K.C. Star article, tells about his Granddaughter's religion.
It is like many other Christian religions today, almost to a breaking point. Ever since the Protestant Revolution, the breaking point has resulted in so many different Christian religions because of a different interpretation of the Christian Bible. When will Christians Unite? Are all these divisions still considered Christian? If so why divide?

What is the Truth of all religions? Is there is one GOD or many Gods? Is there is one GOD in many Human forms?
As I say above there is a High Tech answer to Unite Humans, of all these divisions of all religions, back to the One True GOD of the Universes.

Are we ready to Unite and overcome all the lost High Tech knowledge recorded in all religious scripture and myth? Are we ready to Overcome Body Birth Genetic Impurity? Are we ready to acknowledge that Jesus is in a Pure-bred Physical Body and will return with our High Tech Ancestors, also in Pure-bred Physical Bodies that Live Forever? Are we ready to be Born Again/'regenerated' into High Tech Pure-bred Physical Bodies and go to a new planet, they have Colonized like they did Earth 'in the beginning'?

Dolores Lear

Another article in today's K.S. Star.
Billy Graham, 4/28/o7.
"Q. what proof do you have that heaven actually exists?"
"A. By the time you read this, Easter will have passed, but what took place on that first Easter is the reason we can know heaven exists. Think about it a moment. How could we ever know - really know - that there was life beyond the grave? The only way wwe could be sure would be if someone actually died and entered eternity, and then came back to life on this Earth and told us about it. Otherwise we'd only be guessing. And this is what happened with Jesus. - On the third day after his death he came back to life, and not in the same form he once had but in a new and glorified body that would live forever. - Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many rooms...I am going there to prepare a place for you". (John 14:2). Put your faith and trust in him today and you, too, can know that heaven is real and someday you'll go there."

I also say Heaven, another Balanced Planet like Earth was in the beginning, is where those Saved at Judgement Day will go with Jesus and our High Tech Ancestors.
It is real like Earth is real. We have ruined our Earth, so when we are again Born Again,'regenerated'in Pure-bred Bodies like Jesus. We will be like the Adam and Eve Colony, and hope the new Colony will keep their High Tech Caretaker Lifestyle, and not 'fall' to Body Birth reproducetion like Cain and Abel, that ruined our Earth with a Killing Lifestyle.
Life is for the Physically Living, not the Dead.


Are there any secular humanist tracts you'd like to lump in with mythology? How about anything by Friedan or Marcuse? Yeah, I'd put them in with mythology, as long as we understand that myths teach us what is wrong as well as right.

Just Thinking

"Jeynes reported that students with high levels of biblical literacy tended to have considerably higher grade point averages overall than students with low biblical literacy rates."

That's the problem with statistical correlation: it does not imply causation. Perhaps this should be rephrased as "students who are better educated were also better educated in the Bible." Or how about, "Students who were more curious tended to be more curious about the Bible as well."

Or, it could just be that people who read the Bible become smarter. But my experience is that many people who read the Bible lose their common sense about the justice and mercy of God, to the point where they might even think that God would send someone to a place with eternal fires of everlasting punishment and torment because they weren't spritzed or dunked in juuuust the right way or at all.

Sometimes reading the Bible just makes you stupid, and knocks the sense that God actually did give you right out of your head, as you struggle to find ways of feeling special, specially chosen, or capable of dispensing God's grace by little incantations that YOU do or that YOUR church does.


Interestingly enough, one state Planned parenthood's choice for sex-education is a porn actress. I think they are thinking of all the business they will get when kids start imitating their superiors and needing abortions later on. Go sex ed!


"The stats on the unwanted pregnancies are lower when schools offer these classes. That is if they include contraception and not just abstinence."


Kids today are waaaaay past the birds and bees stuff. Today, homosexuals and lesbians are demanding that kindergartners be instructed in the value and positive aspects of homosexuality so those little ones who are gay can grow up well adjusted. Barbara Wa Wa just had a show on some poor little kids who believe they're boys in girls' bodies or visa versa.

What we won't do today to make sure we're politically correct.

Dolores Lear

There are humans born with mixed up genetics that do not 'feel' they are boys when they look like boys, or visa versa for females. Some like Donna, with our High Tech, get operations to change their gender. With the population explosion, it makes more mixed-gender genetic Humans to deal with, including Homosexuals, and Bisexuals. Heterosexual was not how Adam and Eve were 'in the beginning'. Humans started out on Earth as Asexual Clones. Reading the Bible story about Adam and Eve proves it with our High Tech knowledge today.

This is not to be politically correct but mixed-up gender problems is one of the results from Body Birth. Others are killing, greed, Inhumanity, Inequality, orphans, homeless, starving, etc. Plus ruining the Balanced Eco System set up at Colonization.

It is time with our High Tech knowledge to understand we are descendant from High Tech Humans that overcame all these Body Birth problems, and made Pure-bred people in a High Tech Womb. They advanced to where they made Pure-bred male and female Clones like Adam and Eve. They learned to be a 'Peace' Humans Species, that are needed on Planets and in spaceships, to keep Human Life in the Universes.
They did Colonize this type of Peace Human Life on Earth. Why the new Colony 'fell' back to Body Birth may not be known, but with our High Tech Knowledge today, this knowledge can be proven.

We also can prove what Mis-bred Body Birth does to a Planet, when Clones Inbreed. Inbred/Mis-bred people became a Killer Species with all types of flesh lust, and these Killers end up with their planet covered with Nuclear Bombs that will blow up their planet unless our High Tech Ancestors rescue us.
Humans have the Free Will to go through this Learning Lesson, so they can go on to a new planet, and become part of the Space Brother/Sister Clone Society, called Heaven by Fallen Humans.

No matter how much Humans love pleasure sex, it 'is' the Major Original Sin of Clone Humans, that causes all the rest of the other minor sins, that is Killing our Home planet.
Agape Love is the Only Way to have Eternal Pure-bred Physical Life After Birth.

Life is for the Living, not the Dead.

Dolores Lear

"God is in His Holy Temple and all is right with the world. Let us all be silent before the Lord."

I remember hearing this in Church when I was a member, and thought it meant the church building was the temple of God. I think other people also believe this.
On the web. "The Temple of the People: It's Music" A hymn book has 13 songs.
1 song:
God is in His Holy Temple - 3 times
Let all the earth be still
Let all the earth be silent - 3 times
Be silent before him - 3 times.

Psalms 11:4. KJV. "The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord's throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men."
All of Psalms has all kinds of High Tech hidden in its meanings. But calling church buildings the temple of God has misled people all down through time. Many hymns help form doctrine, or were a result of misunderstanding doctrine.

In the past, it is said pagans worshipped in temples made by human hands. It is still happening today. The Temple of GOD is LIFE. Humans are supposed to be the Caretakers of LIFE on a planet, not be busy worshipping and working for temples made by human hands.

Psalms is full of High Tech information. We need a High
Tech translation of the Christian Bible.


So how would YOU respond, Ron, if your three-year-old insisted that he was really a little girl? Or if your little girl insisted, from the time she was small, that she loved women and planned to marry one? And made traditionally male choices in looks and attire?

I'm no fan of Walters, but the show focused on families struggling to deal with very young children that felt they were born the wrong sex. It would seem important that we, as a society, recognize this and respond kindly and humanely.

If that is political correctness.....well, some of us believe it is simply Christian.


First: My comments to Dolores: Genetic technology no matter how good it is will never fix the issues of our rebellion against God. Because it well known that behavior has multiple components: Genetics, environmental factors, skill of parenting, group dynamics, diet, exercise, practice in problem solving, and actual choices made. Technology, like sex, money, and ablity to effect others is a good servant but a poor master. I suggest by focusing purely on genetics you are missing the really important part of spirituality... That our spirit is our core self, not our genetics, which is in fact just a part of our thin physical outer shell. Also missing is the middle part between our core and our physical outside, our minds, in particular what we spend our mental energy and time on. I know of many, many examples where the person was disabled physically by "bad genetics" but yet was able to change lives by thoughfulness.

It is not that I am ignorent (spelling yes-genetics no), I have multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees in life sciences, especially in biochem and ethology (socio-biology). My Brother and Sister-in law are professors and run a university genetics reasearch program and are considered leaders in their specific fields. My mother was a Biology teacher and was on the faculty of the MU bio-chem research team. My father studied agro-genetics at MU. I was a lecturer for the US War College. Even my wife is a high school biology teacher.

As important as science and technology is and as strong as my personal interest in it (and career), it must be recognized that the real order of things are spiritual>mental>physical>genetics NOT the other way around. Also, that freewill>genetics, NOT the opposite.

The source of our sins IS from our most innerself, our hearts desires, our values, our extra sense of insight, priorities, and focus. Our sexual choices REFLECT our inner spirit, virtues and vices, we are not robotic slaves to sex, unless we chose to let it.

Sex is not the source of all sins...rebellion against the Universal Laws (which existed before the physical was) IS.

Not only is your theology inverted and backwards, but so is your science. Sexal reproduction is a good thing genetically, because it ensures biodiversity, for all living creatures, from biodiversity comes the ablity to survive changes in environment, and adaptablity for the future. Cloning is not a good idea in long run, because it leaves the living with a dead end, because life on earth is a dynamic and everchanging thing, and monogenetics will with certanty lead to extinction, because some minor thing can entirely wipe out the species. For example, the bubonic plague, while it reduced europian populations by a big fraction, did not kill everyone, some got sick and survived, others were completely resistant. If we were a population of clones we would not have the biogenetic diversity for survival to be possible. The fact that europians did survive is purely because of sex.

It is well known that purebreeding leads to inbreeding and undermines the genetic base of future generations, NOT the other way around. Anyone that has had to deal with animal or plant breeding knows, for example dogs or cats knows each breed, has its issues as a result of the purebreeding inbreeding. Endangered species get into a death spiral when the breeding population falls below a certain number, because the genetics base is not wide enough for adaption and too inbreed accelerating the population decline from lack of viable individuals.

Lastly, I say there is nothing wrong with sexual love. Sex does not automatically equal sin. Sex within the boundries of marrage is a good thing. Good sex is more than just a physical thing, it forms exteremely powerful bonds of mental and spiritual unity, in a trinity, Man, Woman, God. This profound intimacy provides stablity for optimum functional families. I know this sounds old and outdated, but marrage is more than the bonds of man and woman, each needing each other to complete what they must meet in life, but also a unquie intimate bond with God who is the giver of all life. Native Americans understand this bond, that is why they refer to God as "Grandmother". Or that Christ referred to God as "Papa".

Cloning also means NO children. Going through the trials and difficulties of "growing up" makes us stronger and wiser, if we are willing to learn, spiritual progress... Also as anyone that has raised children knows, children teach us so much as they grow in stages, in effect a new chapture of lessons in our Book of Life. If given the choice between "perfect" genetics and children, I would not trade any of my children for all the worth of the physical world. You might. But not me. No thank you.

Rev. Wm. Yaeger


"So how would YOU respond, Ron, if your three-year-old insisted that he was really a little girl? Or if your little girl insisted, from the time she was small, that she loved women and planned to marry one? And made traditionally male choices in looks and attire?"

I'd hide their pacifier or take away their teddy bear for a week.


Oh, I would also find out who has been filling her head with crazy ideas and have him or her arrested.


Rev. Yaeger/The Priest,

I won't pick on your science (with which I generally agree).

I think that when you write "Not only is your theology inverted and backwards, but so is your science," you've missed the point Dolores makes consistently in her posts, and recommend you read further in her postings and web site. She speaks of a consistent faith and beliefs, not of the research sciences in the terms you speak of (Please pardon me, Mary and Sir Winston.)

I also don't believe that family connections to the sciences give one any great or special knowledge. One of my brother-in-laws is a former pediatrician and now a practicing radiologist, the other an orthodontist, yet my daughter, nieces and nephews still got all the usual childhood illnesses, and I still have lousy teeth and can't develop color film in the lab. Sometimes, "inverted and backwards" is in the eye of the beholder.


"Oh, I would also find out who has been filling her head with crazy ideas and have him or her arrested."

The point is that no one has been "filling the babies' heads with crazy ideas". There very much seem to be biological factors that we don't understand, although there are some theories out there regarding hormones in the womb.

Your answers are flip. This is a serious issue to those who face it.
He lives!!!!! The Jew has been resurrected. : ) Very nice to see you blogging, Keith.

Dolores Lear

Keith. Welcome back. Always appreciate your remarks. Especially today. Thanks.
Hope you are back.

William. Welcome back. Always appreciate your remarks. Especially today.
First. "behavior has multiple componets"
It does because Body Birth Life has many componets.
In High Tech Pure-bred Asexual Clone Caretaker Life there are no componets of generations of Body Birth genetic disease families, or heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, transexuals, pedophiles, guns, killers, prisons, war, etc., because the Clones Live Forever and do not reproduce by Human Bodies.
There are no components of Inequality, Inhumanity, no Body Birth diseases or defects, greed, orphans, spouse and child abusers, starving or homeless people, etc. I think religion teaches this too.

On a High Tech Pure-bred Planet where Humans have a Clone Helpmeet, Equality in all things, travel in space, colonize planets, and have Peace and no war, sounds more like Heaven than anything I heard in pagan Man God religions. If this new knowledge had not been given to me, I would agree with Ron the most, because I was also a LCMS member.

To me being Pure-bred Clones, who also have the Spirit element, as they are also made of atoms and the electromagnetic force/spirit. They also use the Spirit/EMF element for space travel.
Clones are more important, to Eternal Human Life than the the Fallen Human sex act for reproduction or pleasure, and death.

William, I hope you will keep posting, to give me new ideas to work with. I like the word components. I'm sure We will all end up at the same place, and hope no one gets offended by what I say about a High Tech Pure-bred Godlike Life After Birth. I still love Jesus and look forward for his return. I think some religions even teach, we will be Gods like Jesus when we get to heaven. I say that is Pure-bred.
Thanks again.


Dear Keith\Dolores:
Yes I have read and studied Dolores works. I for one find them interesting. I agree with her on many points and I am sorry I didn't start with that. Has/is/will the Earth be visited by other than terresteral sourced intelligent life? I would say the evidence is there to say yes. Has ours and other plants had their genetics altered by them? I say there is plenty of evidence to say yes as well. For example, I don't have any other better explanation for bannas, or the sudden exponential jump for mankind in the appearence of Homo Sapens, or for that matter the Basque language. I believe the Bible indicates the extraterrestical intervention did occur: "The Sons Of God" was actually...er, us. That we as spiritual beings of light at first played with and altered life on Earth, became obsessed with our own physical creations, this turned into an addiction, and became trapped in them. The legions about half-man, half-animal, giants, cyclops, even half-man half-plant creatures reflects this transistion. Racial memories of dragons and other fantastic beasts, presist in our subconsious collective mind. I have heard no better explaination about their universality in all cultures and peoples.

I am not saying that her faith or beliefs is inconsistant, or for that matter not without some significiance into what I discussed above. My choice of words "inverted and backwards" does not mean that I think that they are regressive or ignorant. And I am sorry if that is what is inferred. What I am saying is that she is missing the big picture to the point of not understanding what is a subset of what, what is most important, our true origin/home from which we came, where we are now, and our future return as the Prodigical Children of God.

Delores: I have not written what I have written to be negative review. Rather, orientation and mapreading to higher ground to see farther, if you want it. I am not saying that I am anyone special, I could be wrong on everything, just an old soal that has suffered much and traveled far.

What I am saying is your search for God is a rightous one. I believe you want to know who we really are... All I am saying is simply that we are divine spirital beings! It is true as you may have intutited that we traded our birthright for a mess of porage and a ride on the wheel of mortality, have not had a clue as to get off, or even that we need to get off this eternally entertaining deathride.

It is the genious of Christianity, universally applicablle to all men, by unearned favor to us, ...Christ's personal example. By the doing the hard, wild, different and seeminly impossible that changes everything: That there is a way to get off and it does involve making that leap (faith) and connecting the dots one at a time (belief).

Dolores Lear

Thanks again for outling this spiritual thinking. I think all knowledge on Earth is interesting and useful. But I do not want to live in a Spirit world, or at least so far, all the spirit teachings are not what my spirit is seeking. I still am looking forward to a combined Physical/Spiritual Pure-bred Eternal Life After Birth, and High Tech colonization and reproduction answer this question for me.
I think we are now in a world with a Physical/Spiritual body, only we die physically. I accept that we can stay Alive Forever in a High Tech Pure-bred Body of Physical and Spiritual, with High Tech 'regeneration' to keep us that way, with everlasting Peace. I think we have that High Tech knowledge today, only we have used most of it for nuclear bombs, instead of for Eternal Physical Life.

My husband and I had a close relationship, that had nothing to do with flesh lust, It was loving and peaceful, I guess the Agape Love of Jesus, and that is the Love I want in an Eternal Physical Body, with my male Clone.

I know there is a lot out there about the Spirit realm, but so far it has all the bad physical realm to live in. So it does not appeal to me.
Anytime you feel like it, post some more about it, to see if I can find why it appeals to so many.

Jesus' Agape Love.

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