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April 25, 2007


A new study suggests kids who are the best behaved come from parents who are religious. I can think of some exceptions, and probably you can, too. But does this square with your experience?

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This past Sunday I was privileged to preach at Valley View United Methodist Church in Overland Park, Kan., on the day the congregation was celebrating its Evening Care program.

ValleyviewIt seems to be sort of a theme this week here on the blog, but this is one more example of a faith community doing exactly what it should be doing -- caring for vulnerable people.

Evening Care started in 1979. Today its 150 volunteers provide an evening of care and recreation and education for more than 70 persons with developmental disabilities.

My stepson Chris, who lives in a group home and works at a sheltered workshop, has attended some Evening Care sessions. Chris was in attendance on Sunday and managed to hug pretty much the whole congregation, I think.

The one night a week that people with special needs come to Evening Care provides a time of respite for their family and other care givers. And it teaches everyone that even people with severe disabilities have much to offer the world. (Take note, Peter Singer.)

Religious communities, it seems to me, should be offering models that show that all human life is precious and deserving of dignity and respect. That's precisely what Evening Care does.

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"Religious communities, it seems to me, should be offering models that show that all human life is precious and deserving of dignity and respect."


You are quite right. And if you are trying to keep us from bickering, it appears to be working. We won't have anything to fight about if you keep posting like this.


Many thanks for the info on the Evening Care program, Bill.

During college I worked at a state school with developmentally disadvantaged youngsters and know first-hand about the challenges - and the rewards - of working with these young people.

It care be difficult to provide round-the-clock care for those with developmental problems and that's why programs such as Evening Care are so important ... just as are similar programs who help provide respite care for families caring for elderly of Alzheimers afflicted parents.

Churches and other institutions who see a need and use their resources to try to find a solution are to be commended. Given how fragmented society has become, it's only natural that churches step in and offer the support of an extended family.


The Evening Care program is great and please don't interpret this to be any kind of negative comment on it or supportive faith communities. Neither is it a comment on the worth of children with disabilities.

However, the experience of a middle-to-upper class white child with disabilities is quite different from that of a child who was not born to privilege. Nor is the experience the same for his caregivers.

I admit to not having been in a state home for several years, mainly because the experience is so difficult to deal with emotionally. But there's a reality in the number of children, both in state homes with disabilities and who languish outside of them in a sub-standard welfare system.

When Matt Blunt cut funding, it had deep impact on all these children. So I hope that everyone who is cheering on programs to minister to these kids is also voting for the funding to care for them.

Rich B

I think the Church is the perfect place for working with developmentally disabled.

My wife volunteered at a workshop like this for young adults in Lviv, Ukraine. The organization is Catholic, "Faith and Light." She did a great job and was well loved by all--in spite of her limited knowledge of Ukrainian.

We brought the kids by once. They were at first intimidated by the emotional outbursts by the folks. However, a couple of them took my girls under their wing and taught them how to do the crafts they were doing.

Even now, nearly a year later, my kids see people with disabilities differently than I did at their age. They know what disabilities look like, and they're not intimidated.

The point of the workshops in Faith and Light is to teach these folks that they are worthwhile human beings. I think the workshop taught my kids in a few hours what I could never have taught them on my own.

Dolores Lear

Well, I've been gone all day. I also knew a girl like Bill's stepson; she went to a workshop but lived with her parents. She is over 50 now, but does not work anymore. The work shop was a good help for her parents, that people in the past did not have. Pat had a difficult birth, and had some hip operations as a baby.
I do not know if all children like this are a result of genetics or birth damage. For Pat it was both. One leg is shorter and she has a corrective shoe.

None of these problems are caused by God or GOD, but by Body Birth by Fallen Humans. We have just recently relearned about High Tech Reproduction and correction of some genetic defects in a dish. With a High Tech Womb, we could prevent all these birth damage and genetic problems. As well as conjoined twins, and all other kinds of birth and genetic defects during the development of the fetus. Autism has become an epidemic of our time, with someone in America diagnosed every 20 minutes. Some of this is blamed on older fathers, since we live longer.

There is lots of hope for all, for those unborn and those already born, when Fallen Humans get over their rejection of stem cell science, and High Tech Pure-bred Reproduction in a High Tech Womb.
It is GOD's Way to make Pure-bred Humans. It is not possible by Body Birth. GOD joins the seed in both types of Human Reproduction. It is up to Humans which method they use High Tech for Eternal Pure-bred Physical Life, and Peace. Mis-bred Body Birth has defects, disease, divisions, war and physical death.

Rich B

I'm not sure that these "problems" are not from God, who/whatever is the ultimate cause of their situation. I have heard so many stories of people who have known God better because of their interactions with people with disabilities, including me. I don't want to downplay the extreme difficulties of the parents and family and the disabled themselves, as life is extremely hard--I can only imagine. But--selfishly--I have so much to gain from them.

When I talked to the leader of the workshops where my wife worked in Ukraine, she told me how much she learned from the workshop's participants over the years. These people taught her how to love unconditionally, be unafraid of her emotions, and approach those who were sad and needed help.

In my rare interactions with people with disabilities, I have learned how not to be afraid of kindness. When I have met people with disabilities, they often have treated me immediately as a friend, expecting only the best from me. They love me as I wish I could love strangers.

One priest in my denomination wrote an article about a woman in his parish who had Down's syndrome. Every Good Friday she would break down sobbing, and every Easter she would be alive with great, unrestrained joy. What a model that is for me to live up to, to understand deeply the meaning of these special days.

So many of these people have been models of godliness for me. Maybe they are a product of sin in some abstract sense, but in *my* sinfulness I have come to understand God better by them.

I want to thank God for these people.

Dolores Lear

Rich B. said "I'm not sure that these 'problems' are not from God, who/whatever is the ultimate cause of their situation."

Rich, your humanity is great.
But who do you really think makes all the defective people, if not the parents or God? I wonder how other people feel. If the blame is not addressed, besides saying the parents were sinners, as it has been said in the past, then who or what was to blame?
Who do people blame for defective people? This needs to be addressed. Is it impossible to accept that the sex act causes Mis-bred Body Birth? Or just keep blaming God or parents? Do people still think defective children are the spawn of Satan? The ultimate cause of defects, is Body Birth.

We do know how to reproduce by High Tech now, to correct these problems, so why not examine if this would overcome all the defects, caused by Birth by Body?
We need to use our resources for High Tech Life 'regeneration', instead of for nuclear bombs and Death.

Rich B

I think seeing these people's situations as "problems" and "defective" is myopic. Perhaps they were created because of *my* sin, and if so, then thank God, because they help save me.

With this in mind, I still struggle with the idea whether this is cruel on God's part. These people's and their families' lives are very difficult.

On NPR this morning they aired a story from "Story core" of a couple talking about their daughter who died at age 8. She had a difficult genetic disorder, where she couldn't talk and they had to feed her till her dying day. They talked about how her soul filled the house, her laughter spoke more than any words, and their lives had been changed so much by her life.

I'm still crying about that story.

Dolores Lear

The basic word about the girl was genetic. Genetics are a result of the defective genetics in the seeds used to make Humans.
With High Tech reproduction or the God-like reproduction, like the Gods that looked like Humans used for Adam and Eve, High Tech Humans can make perfect genetic humans. Only Body Birth without the control of genetics and physical defects in the seed, makes imperfect people.

We are all born in sin, or body birth, until we use our High Tech for Life instead of Death.
When you can accept the inherited Body Birth Sin, is not God or ourselves that are to blame, it takes a load off your mind, but you still hate to see all the results of Body Birth, even our own. We need to develop a High Tech Womb instead of nuclear bombs.

The people I know with a daughter with genetic and physical defects, also were inspiring.
I just wonder how many people do not have the strength or faith to do this.
Our first experience was with my Great Granddaughter, who now has a pig valve in her heart, but not damaged physically or mentally otherwise.
We have heart trouble and arthiritis in our family genetics, which is usually the cause of death in our families.
So Life as we know it goes on until .... we understand what makes Mis-bred Body Birth.
Then it will make us guilty if we still reproduce by Body Birth. I am too old, so do not need to worry. I did not know this, until it was after my childbearing days.

Rich B

What is the standard for "perfect"? The Bible does not define this. We are told to be perfect as God is perfect. Is God the standard? That would mean that God was generated somehow.

Dolores Lear

With the loss of High Tech knowledge, Fallen Humans called our High Tech Human Ancestors, Gods and Angels, that reproduced the 'perfect' Adam and Eve Colony.
Fallen Humans lost their High Tech knowledge of High Tech Reproduction when they made Humans by Body birth.
At least that is what I say when the Higher 'Being' God, banned Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, where I say they had their Lab.

The GOD that created the atom and electro-magnetic force that together make Life as we know it, is the only GOD that I now acknowledge and is not Human. GOD should be Served by Balanced Elements, not worshipped in temples made by Human Hands.

In the past it was said we should not have pagan temples made by Human Hands, and we are still at it. We should be about our Fathers/HTAs business of taking Care of our planet and the Life on it, not killing each other.

So the God that is perfect and made perfect humans, is our High Tech Higher 'Being' HTAs. We are Lower 'Beings' because we make Mis-bred humans.

The High Tech Womb makes Higher Human 'Beings'.
The female womb makes Lower Human 'Beings'.

The Higher 'Being' that made Adam and Eve travels in Space in fiery chariots. We now have the High Tech to understand all this, as we also travel in space in fiery chariots.
With a High Tech translation of the Christian Bible, all the supernatural can be explained with High Tech.

I also say there are two Man Gods on Earth. Our HTA are the Peace God. The Noah/Atlantis Society were the Killer Gods. Atlantis also had a High Tech like we do today and killed like we do.
The Bible need to translate all these mysteries with a High Tech understanding.

Hope this did not confuse you, and can help you understand about GOD and the Man Gods. We have been caught up in Ancestor worship. All the praying has been mental conversation with our HTA, and does not need to be done in public. Like Jesus said, go into your closet to pray, not stand on street corners so others can see you.

Sorry if I confuse you. It works for me, as I always felt Jesus was my brother, not God, though I belonged to a Lutheran Church for 50 years, before I had this experience, to understand a High Tech explanation to the Bible.

Dolores Lear

I forgot to comment on your statement that God was generated somehow.
To be pefect like God is to be like our HTA. I do not know how those Humans evolved up to High Tech Humans. We are in the process today with joining the seed in the lab. In time we may also have the High Tech Womb and the female can return to being equal with the male. She lost her equality when she gave Body Birth. We also know how to Colonize a planet today.

I am glad to know about our High Tech Ancestors/God, but I have no idea how GOD began, that is not Human. I call this GOD the Source Of Life. No one has ever seen this GOD, but many walked and talked with the Man Gods/Angels and Jesus.
GOD is the One GOD of religion. The Trinity Gods were Humans until Christianity said God was in three 'persons' but included the Holy Spirit instead of the Mother. The Holy Spirit cannot be a person.

Many mysteries to be solved with High Tech.

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