Nov. 22, 2006
Nov. 24, 2006

Nov. 23, 2006


When you've had it up to here with family and football today, you might want to take a break and read the transcript of an interesting panel discussion on religious voters in the recent midterm election, sponsored by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public LIfe.

* * *


Yes, yes, I know you're all too busy celebrating my oldest sister's birthday today with turkey and all the fixings to read blogs, so I'll let you off the hook today.

ThanksWell, sort of.

How about if we all just fill out the alphabet by listing things for which we're especially thankful today.

I'll grab a few letters to start by giving thanks for:

* K -- my sister Karin, whose birth my sisters Barbara and Mary and I are celebrating today. And, yes, that's how Karin spells her name because, like me, she's half German and half Swedish.


* O -- Oboe music. (And my granddaughter Olivia).

* C -- My grandson Cole.

* J -- My grandson Jacob.

* L -- My granddaughter Lucy.

That leave's y'all 21 letters to fill in. Try for no leftovers.

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here.

PS: If you're looking for some free -- and high quality -- Christmas seasonal music in the Kansas City area, try the 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 18, choral "Chrismas Candlelight Concert" at Faith Lutheran Church, 67th and Roe, in Prairie Village.


Dolores Lear

My thanks for:

* B -- Brian, my Grandson

* N -- Nikki, my Great Granddaughter.

* S -- Shannon, my Grandaughter

Happy Thanks Day to All.

Joe Barone

Only Bill Tammeus would suggest that we interrupt the Thanksgiving holiday or a birthday party to read a religious tome! Bill, we all love you! Happy Holiday.

Dave Miller

* A -- Apple Computer! They told me yesterday that my laptop had gone on the fritz too many times. They apologized, and will send me a spanking new laptop, with more bells and whistles than the one I have, which I bought refurbished three years ago. WOOHOO!! FREE!! Thanks, Apple! I see why you're rated #1 in customer care!

* B -- Bill. It's been said many times, but not enough. Thanks for all the work and expertise you put into this labor of love, Bill. You've given birth to a community here.

* C -- Oh, yeah. That's for Cole.

* D -- My beautiful, capable, caring wife, Deb.

Note: these are in _alphabetical_ order, not in order of priority or importance!

* Y -- You. All of you who have been a part of the community here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kansas Bob

I think that 'G', 'J' and 'M' are still left so that I can give thanks to our Father for my

...Grandchildren Jordan and Malia!

Dave Miller

Oops. Sorry. "B" is also for Brian. Didn't mean to leave your grandson out there, Dolores! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too!


F - Faith

For it is Faith - whether it is in a higher authority or with each other, that brings us to this diverse community of thought.


Would this work in today's world?

I think most of us view Thanksgiving to be a very secular celebration - based on the shared meal, the desired comity of the Native peoples with the early Settlers.

So here is the text of the actual proclamation made by Abraham Lincoln creating the first Thanksgiving Day amid the horrors and pain of the Civil War. I have long admired Lincoln's eloquence, remakable always in it's brevity.

So for dicussion today -


Dolores Lear

P. is for Pilgrim.

For those that do not get the K.C. STAR newspaper.

Hope this is appropriate for a Thanks Day.

Judge is a political cartoonist for our paper.

Today he has a picture of two Indians standing on the shore, and some Pilgrims in a rowboat coming from their ship.

The comment: The Indians speaking to each other. "Ever consider a wall?"

Guess we can give Thanks there was no wall.




Thanks for commenting on the cartoon. And a hearty Amen to the sentiment expressed!


Somone else cooked the dinner, so I am thankful not to have a turkey carcass to deal with today.
But, I read a book all day - "The Faith Club" - three women who got together after 9/11 to honestly discuss their faith traditions (Christian, Jewish and Islam) over several years - it is a great read and one of the authors, Suzanne Oliver, is from KC originally. I am thankful that all three kids were home for the holiday, that I didn't get all nuts about how messy the house is and that Thanksgiving dinner is such a reliable meal- impossible to mess up. Not shopping - it's a crowd thing not a ethics thing, but I do feel rather righteous - sitting home on this Friday. So, I'll grade papers, make a nice soup for supper and just play cozy with my family.

Mary Behr

Having difficulty getting this posted. I keep hitting the wrong key and it disappears. Yikes. (I still use that word of yours, Bill--and I agree with the others, I am thankful for you. Have been since 9/11 contact.

Anybody pick S? Support. Continued loving support of family and friends after the death of my husband in June.

J - Joy. Surprisingly there is still room in my life for quiet joys.

S again. Support of family and friends when my granddaughter miscarried. Recognition that this was a real loss. She named the child "Halle" which means: Little, unexpected gift. (even this brief time on the Earth has changed us all in as yet unknown ways) She chose to keep the "prayer" baby blanket I had started and will now complete including prayers for her whole grieving family. I offered to give it to another baby in need. She already has one of my "prayer" shawls I made for her when facing difficult medical challenges. I know, Keith, that is a Jewish thing? But this is different. A "Prayer Shawl Ministry" and I believe it includes other knitters than Christians. There was a Jewish prayer in a book on this. Many of those I've given are used for comfort and courage and peace. My sister, uses it when she prays.

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