Jan. 19, 2006
Jan. 21-22, 2006, weekend

Jan. 20, 2006


The mayor of New Orleans says he's sorry for blaming God. (So far God hasn't commented.)

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Here's how the Christian Science Monitor suggested people respond to the news that one of its freelance reporters is being held captive in Iraq.

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GRAVOIS MILLS, Mo. -- The moon -- a full, fat, shiny melon -- rose so bright through the barren trees that the shape of its blotches was visible without binoculars.

We stood in silence on the deck of the lake house we were calling home here last weekend. Stood and stared at this glowing ball of lunar rock, hung in the winter sky like an ornament.

But then we did get out the binoculars and looked again. And like a trillion people before us, we were struck dumb by the sight.

No wonder people have worshipped the sun. No wonder they have attributed divinity to the stars and the moon and have called the earth itself divine.

It's hard to look at the miracle of the world, to immerse yourself in the particularities of the cosmos, without coming to imagine some larger purpose, some source of energy and matter that is beyond what we can comprehend. At least it's hard for me.

Make it a point to stand outside on a clear winter's night and watch the moon and the stars. You may have to go to a rural area like we did at the Lake of the Ozarks to avoid urban light pollution. But it's worth the trip. Here are a couple of photos I took that evening.

Lake44 Lake18To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here.


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