Jan. 17, 2006
Jan. 19, 2006

Jan. 18, 2006


The mayor of New Orleans is catching some heat for saying Pat Robertson-like things. Good.

* * *


If you're in the Kansas City area, you might be interested in a two-day (Jan. 31-Feb. 1) conference called "The Anatomy of Reconciliation: From Violence to Healing." It will be at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral in downtown Kansas City, and one of the speakers will be Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking.

* * *


Robert Schuller's son is taking over leadership of the Crystal Cathedral. Can you build a dynasty out of glass?

* * *

What? You expect me to be here blogging away for you on my birthday?


The best you're going to get from me today are two pictures I've shot. One is from Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico, where I'll be teaching a seminar again this summer. For details on that, see my Jan. 7 blog entry. The other is a picture I took that's on the cover of my book (as you know, because you own several copies, right?).

So just enjoy the summerish and winterish scenery today. I'll be busy because I have cake to eat before I sleep and cake to eat before I sleep. Or maybe just big birthday cookies.

Lakebookcover Grflowers_3

To read my latest Kansas City Star work, click here.

Today's religious holiday: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.


Patty Miller

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILL! Enjoy your cake or cookies, maybe a little ice cream, AND all the people who can celebrate with you.
Our gift is not in the mail; it's right here - THANK YOU for your friendship and blog every day.
Patty and Craig

Kansas Bob

My wife and I love the Schullers - father and son. I find it wise to transition the way they have been over the last several years and am glad to hear that the mentorship will continue.

Their church service airs locally at 7am on cable and 8am on UPN - breakfast with the Schullers is a great way to start your Sunday morning ... we usually watch over breakfast before church.

Ruth Stokes

Of course happy birthday.
It amazes me where you find
time to do all this reading and
then to come up with such good comments.


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