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August 23, 2005


Ruth  Stokes

Glad that you are telling about good things the Muslims do.

A few weeks ago an insane man was in a median of a busy street. A cop (Christian) wrestled with him to get him under contol. Somehow they got in traffic. A cab driver (Muslim) stopped to help. A car ran into them and killled all 3.

A lot of TV was devoted to the mass for the hero and they also showed the long funeral procession. He also got big writeups in the paper. Yes the cop was a hero and deserves the praise. But he is paid to do a job that has potential dangers. On the other hand law enfocement is not the responsibily of civilian cab drivers. He did it to help.There was very little said about the Muslim. One person wrote a letter to the editor praising him and happily the widow of the cop expressed appreciation of the cab drivers's courage and thanked him.

I like what our Barry Goldwater said when a far right preacher maybe Farwell - griped about Reagan appointing Sandra O'Connor to the Supreme court beause she was not good enough on Christan values. "I think every devout
Christian should line up to give Farwell a well deserved kick in the ass"

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